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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - February 2

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - February 2

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor'''


New Energy Congress

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Senator Charles Ellis Schumer

Violator of the 501 Torah Code

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 501 Torah Code

Islamic Invasion of the West

Obama and the Muslims

:Obama and the Muslims Andrew K. Dart

Obama's Speech at Baltimore Mosque

:Obama's speech at a Baltimore mosque Andrew K. Dart

Disguised as the Displacement and Acceptance of Refugees

:Illegal immigration is a threat to national security Andrew K. Dart

:Welfare programs encourage illegal immigration. Andrew K. Dart

:Where the Muslims go, Sharia law follows. Andrew K. Dart

Suppose there was an ideology. Suppose the adherents of that ideology believed:

Homosexuals and transsexuals should be executed.

Women should be punished for the crime of being raped.

The word of a woman is worth half that of a man in a court of law.

Western culture, including pluralism, tolerance, freedom of expression, the rule of law, etc. is an abomination.

Men can beat their wives for such transgressions as refusing sex or leaving the house without permission.

Men can divorce their wives by saying three times "I divorce you."

Women should not be permitted to drive.

Girls' genitals should be mutilated to ensure that as adults they do not experience sexual pleasure.

Anyone who strays from the ideology should be put to death.

Anyone who disagrees with the ideology is inferior and should be subjugated, and subject to harassment, extra taxes, and other punishments.

The teachings of the ideology take precedence over the United States Constitution and federal code.

Suppose that adherents of that ideology were responsible for 99% of terrorist attacks worldwide, including some 27,000 documented terror attacks since 9/11, 169 just last month. [...] How many adherents of that ideology should we take?


'How to Stop the Collapse of Western Civilization. [W]hen you flood the country with illegal immigrants who bring a great deal of crime, a great deal of social disruption — we have to carry them on the social roles that are already overstuffed due to the Cloward-Piven strategy that I know so many of you know about. And when we do all of this just in exchange for votes for one party, we're now talking about a criminal enterprise that would rather rule over the ruins than be part of governing a successful and happy republic. That's just true. If you look at the European invasion, this latest invasion of Muslim immigrants that are coming up, so-called families of people trying to seek, you know, asylum, when 98 percent of them are military-age men who are screaming about jihad, and you put 750 Muslim refugees in a German village that holds just 105 people. One hundred and five people in a village in Germany have been forced to accept 750 Syrian refugees, and people in Bavaria are talking civil war in Germany. That's happening this week. That's happening today.'

:Information provided by Andrew K. Dart and his website:


Andrew K. Dart

:Trump and Sanders: The Founders' Worst Nightmare. 'As many European and American intellectuals have lamented, no serious socialist or communist party has ever succeeded in the United States. There is a reason why Bernie Sanders comes from a tiny state and represents a caucus of one. Our Constitution's separation of powers and federalism raises too many barriers for any movement to take over all of the levers of government and impose an ideology on the United States. Even if they get too carried away by the latest intellectual fad or passionate anger, the American people have the handbrake of the Constitution to stop them from making a catastrophic mistake.'

:Ever Looked at Ted Cruz's Resume? 'Say what you will about Ted Cruz, but the Senator from Texas is the only man in the current presidential field who has spent his entire life defending the United States Constitution. He went to the Senate promising he wasn't going there to make friends, but instead pledged to rattle the cages of the establishment.'

:America is a Nation Headed For a Fall. '[W]hen was the last time America decisively WON a war and achieved all of our objectives? If we don't count small excursions like Grenada, that would be WWII. We may have the best military in the world, but our ridiculous rules of engagement and meddling politicians have become more of a problem for our troops than the enemy. Additionally, the rule of law no longer exists in America in a meaningful way. Well-connected Democrats like Hillary Clinton can break the law with impunity while Republicans like Scott Walker and Rick Perry have to face politically motivated prosecutions. Meanwhile, our government openly encourages illegal aliens to laugh at our laws while liberal judges ignore the Constitution and base every ruling solely on their ideology. Justice is supposed to be blind, not just politics by another means.'

:Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End. 'When precisely did Chelsea Clinton complete her transition from a White House kid whom journalists agreed to treat as off-limits to a public figure deserving of the full scrutiny of the press corps? The unsettling answer to the question appears to be, "Not yet." The soon-to-be 36-year-old occupies the status of an American princess — Diana on the Potomac, if you will. The press covers her, of course, attempting to ask her substantive questions, but mostly she exists to grace the covers of magazines — Fast Company and Elle most recently — and be treated to lighter-than-air puff pieces.'

:The Peace of Submission. 'During the Cold War, the Soviet Union funded "peace movements" throughout the west — because for the Soviets "peace" meant "the absence of opposition". In our time the new peace movement is Islam. And so we are told today, from the podium of a mosque with "extremist" "links", that the very word Islam means "peace". Actually, it means "submission" — ie, the absence of opposition. The only difference between then and now is that instead of being chanted by scrofulous hippies protesting outside a Nato air base the old line's being peddled to us by the President of the United States.'

:Sanders has. '"Bernie has no social skills, no sense of humor and he's quick to boil over," said Chris Graff, who covered Sanders for 25 years as Vermont's AP bureau chief. So he's pretty much the same angry leftist you keep seeing yelling at the screen'.


Jesus of Nazareth

:'Jesus is not a Catholic, He is not a Protestant, and He is a Jew, of the Tribe of Judah, born in Bethlehem, in a Manger. He demonstrated His purpose and reason for His birth He came to fulfill the Scriptures (Pentateuch Torah Tanakh) and the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. By being born in a Manger, He demonstrated His true purpose. Animals brought to the Manger were selected for one purpose only, to become sacrificial animals in the Temple. Jesus came to die, to become a sin offering, a sacrificial offering, for the descendants of Israel first, and then for the entire world. Jesus is precisely who He states that He Is:“Before Abraham was I AM.”


:The Shroud of Turin - Evidence it is authentic by J. Michael Fischer, adapted from the original article by John C. Iannone

:Sid Roth's It's Supernatural - Hank Kunneman

News With Views


:News With Views

:Obama Seeks To Harm America, Again!

:'History proves that President Obama’s plan to slap a ten-dollar tax on every barrel of oil imported into America or developed here to use the money for transformation is both is both fool-hearty and wasteful. Once again, one of the big chiefs of overbearing nanny goat government is threatening to use unconstitutional bullying to dictate the activities of “We the People.”.......'


:by Ron Edwards

:A Day Late and A Dollar Short

:'Even if PIE is successful in 2-3 years (which is very unlikely due to majority of Republicans who voted for and enabled passage of the communist ESSA) even if funding ceases from the federal level, the multi-billion dollar corporations, whose lifelong school-to-work/non-academic Skinnerian/TQM workforce training agenda must be implemented at the local level, will pick up the multi billion dollar tab and get tax-exemptions for doing so.......'


:by Charlotte Iserbyt

:Arms Wide Open and Eyes Wide Shut

:'Anyone who has been the least bit interested in the presidential race has been subjected to numerous political headlines, political analysis, political polling and political posturing (ad nauseam) over the importance candidates have placed on capturing the “evangelical Christian” vote particularly as we saw in Iowa.......'


:by Lydia Goodman

:Boyan Slat: Cleaning up 300 million Tons of Ocean Plastic

:'Today, we find plastics in the tissue of birds, fish, whales, turtles, dolphins and just about every creature that feeds in the world’s oceans. Plastic debris constitutes a biological nightmare whose consequences reach decades into the future.......'


:by Frosty Wooldridge

:Trump's "Trump Card" - Get USA Out of the United Nations

:'In my humble opinion, Donald Trump, if he wants to "make America great again", should jump on this one ... should support Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers bill to get the USA out of the United Nations. Support for H.R.1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015, could hand him the Presidency on a silver platter.......'


:by Charlotte Iserbyt

:Financial Scandals Follow Socialist Millionaire Sanders

:'A Republican activist named Skip Vallee produced a 60-second television advertisement entitled, “Bernie’s Golden Parachute,” describing the nature of the $200,000 severance package and making the point that while Sanders was planning a presidential run “on a theme of railing against golden parachutes and excesses” on Wall Street, he took “his own golden parachute” through his wife’s curious dealings with the cash-strapped college.......'


:by Cliff Kincaid

:Trump the only one that can save America from invasion

:'What you’re seeing is a complete breakdown of the rule of law in America. What you’re witnessing: the colonization of America by other countries. Further, you’re watching Obama and your senators and House members aid, abet and assist this assault on the United States.......'


:by Frosty Wooldridge

:Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

:'Yes, she’s beautiful, but clearly a statist mentality ignorant of the crucial role of ideology in history. This comes through repeatedly in her interviews, which naturally are gratefully acknowledged by the elites who ardently rave about Megyn Kelly and put her mug on Vanity Fair’s cover. All this fawning by Madison Avenue and the corporatists has made her think she's a real powerhouse for truth, liberty and justice.......'


:by Nelson Hultberg

:Voter Fraud? Thank Howard Baker

:'There is ample proof that twelve Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents. This is also the case in many counties in Ohio. Across the country, there are at least 160 counties spread over nineteen states that have more registered voters than residents.......'


:by Kelleigh Nelson

:America Has Not Learned Her Lesson from Barack

:'This should be a wake-up call to all those who deny that America is a Christian nation. Today, 78% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, these politicians are attempting to appeal to the majority of Americans during their campaigns and, in-between, do the devil’s biddings at every step.......'


:by Bradlee Dean

:Oregon Standoff Was A Predictable Reaction to Oppression

:'The issue is far from settled and this is what has given rise to the current conflict. When the government was reasonable in managing the unreserved federal lands, everything went fairly smoothly. But when government started clamping down on the ranchers’ legal contract rights to government allotments in the name of environmentalism, the smooth-running relationship between rancher and government evaporated and a land war has ensued.......'


:by Ron Ewart

:Obama’s $4 Trillion Federal Budget with Morphine Provision

:'I believe our solution is much more simple than the bow-and-arrow tactics of our friend from Sherwood Forest. We must reinvigorate Americans with the morality of a Biblically harnessed government and we sure could use your help to do this.......'


:by Jake MacAulay

:Why Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President

:'A minor point shows a GOP bias. There were a total of 186,874 GOP caucus votes. Cruz got 51,666, Trump 45,427, and Rubio 43,165 votes. Iowa has 27 delegates to distribute. The GOP rules read, “The proportional allocation shall be rounded to the nearest whole delegate.” Delegate means integer.......'


:by Ed Berry

:Megyn Kelly rewarded for her attacks on Trump with $10 million book deal

:'“Kelly may be hurting herself in the long run by lurching to the left on a news network that became successful thanks to conservatives and Republicans,” said political strategist Michael Baker. “I guess the $10-million smackers she’s getting for her book is worth losing viewers and their trust,” he added.......'


:by NWV News

:Indoctrination's knocking: Colleges nationwide scooping up Social Justice

:'Enough of the social justice already. It's not that the idea of "justice for all" is a flawed concept. It is, after all, part of our national flag pledge – "with liberty and justice for all." But where these training sessions go awry is turning "justice for all" into "justice for the few" or "justice for the select.".......'


:by Cheryl Chumley

:Does the Bible Support The Cause of LaVoy Finicum

:'It has happened again. Another murder of an unarmed citizen took place last Tuesday by entities posing as a government, otherwise known as the FBI and the Oregon State Police. What is happening in the collapse of America is that the civil government is not only wasteful beyond imagination it violates the Constitution which it swears to uphold at every turn. It has become highly incompetent in nearly everything it does. In fact I would.......'


:by Pastor David Whitney

:Ted Cruz, Common Core, Homeschooling and His Proposed S-306 Bill

:'Sen. Ted Cruz's S 306 uses these Title I school-wide federal funds to identify and follow the child. S 306 expands “portable” funding to every child, which means they will take “public school choice” with them into any private or religious school. This means every child is “At-Risk or becoming At-Risk” of not meeting Common Core.......'


:by Anita Hoge

:Is Donald Trump in Mortal Danger?

:'The GOP's charismatic presidential candidate Donald Trump's private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee, as a result of what's being called "engine trouble," by his campaign staff. But in light of some statements by several people -- such as two well-known GOP political consultants who advocate shooting Trump in his head -- a thorough investigation should be conducted, said political strategist Mike Baker.......'


:by NWV News

:Voter Fraud: We See Dead People Voting

:'Sharron suffered the devastation of election corruption when she almost defeated Harry Reid in 2010. Illegals voted for Harry Reid. There is evidence that Reid possibly stole the election from Sharron Angle using dead voters, people in prison and illegals.......'


:by Lloyd Marcus

:Clinton Corruption Leads to Russian Aggression

:'The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, calling her “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.” There was one big problem with the editorial. Her policy toward Russia laid the groundwork for the Russian aggression that the Pentagon now has to spend billions of dollars to prepare for. The paper somehow forgot to mention that.......'


:by Cliff Kincaid

:Supreme Court Ruled the Media Can Lie With Impunity

:'Thanks to my dear friend and retired attorney, who told me about a 1964 Supreme Court decision...this decision perfectly describes what is happening in the political realm today and has happened since 1964. Prior to '64, people could not and did not lie about others for fear of retribution, (i.e., being sued for libel or slander) but with this SCOTUS decision, all that has changed.......'


:by Kelleigh Nelson

:America Declines At The Rate Of Rejecting Christianity

:'That Carl Marx, John Dewey, Saul Alinsky influenced practice has helped change America into a mobocracy of dumbed down anti-Christian robots who are increasingly devoid of wisdom. It is as if wisdom has taken wing and flown back to the one who long ago shed his grace upon our now troubled republic.......'


:by Ron Edwards

:Michigan GOP 7th District Tells Rep. Walberg to Impeach

:'But what kind of country will exist in the wake of Obama’s two anti-American unconstitutional terms is beyond my imagination. I can only hope and pray that there are enough real patriots left in America to join the good people of Michigan, who are leading the charge for Constitutional Accountability. If not, the future for this country is indeed frightening.......'


:by JB Williams

:Mass Immigration Means Losing Our Language, Culture and Country

:'With the Muslim rioting expanding in Europe, Americans continue thinking it won’t happen here. Americans remain clueless that by adding hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Mexicans, Central Americans, Chinese, Indians, Africans and others from around the world—we face incredible fragmentation of our civilization.......'


:by Frosty Wooldridge

:'End Justifies the Means' and Ted Cruz

:'CNN apparently messed with the voting for the 2016 Iowa Caucus by saying that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, when he had not. Ben Carson accused Cruz of dirty tricks by spreading the false rumor on Carson. [Link] Of course one must remember that Cruz is full of dirty tricks and the Secretary of State from Iowa as well as CNN, called his "mailers" fraudulent.......'


:by Kelleigh Nelson

:Have the Pulpits Failed America?

:'Don't blame Obama, your legislators, your courts or white house for America's destruction. The blame lies exclusively in the church house! Even more precisely, the pulpits have damned the nation! The pastors have become stupid, insensible and cowardly! They have scattered the flock, caused mass confusion and compromise! They have become dumb dogs! Lazy and apathetic to evil.......'


:by Pastor Butch Paugh

:They Asked, He Answered

:'America, can you imagine if 78% of those who claim to be Christians actually loved God (John 14:21) enough to obey Him (Titus 1:16 1 John 2:4), what this country would be like? I can! If only the American people would meet The Lord on His terms (Jeremiah 29:11-13).'


:by Bradlee Dean

:The Futility of the Oregon Armed Standoff

:'Anyone should know that the government can easily over power a smaller force as they did in Oregon and the smaller force will have gained nothing out of the confrontation. But a force of 10,000 or more raises the stakes to a whole new level where the government will think twice about a war where Americans are killing other Americans, albeit that didn’t stop them in the civil war.......'


:by Ron Ewart

Judicial Watch


:Judicial Watch

:Judicial Watch - Weekly Update

:Judicial Watch - News

:Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet

Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet


:Tipsheet 2/3/2016


:Judicial Watch Releases Independent Counsel Memo Laying Out Criminal Case against Hillary Clinton in Whitewater Land Scandal -- 'Judicial Watch released 246 pages of previously undisclosed Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) internal memos revealing extensive details about the investigation...' READ MORE

:Plans For Hidden IT Network To Help Clinton Skirt Rules Uncovered by Judicial Watch -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it recently received records from the Department of State disclosing plans by senior State Department officials to set up a “stand-alone PC” so that Clinton could check her emails in an...' READ MORE

:U.S. Rescues Illegal Alien Minors Then Puts Them in Abusive Homes -- 'It’s ironic that some of the illegal immigrant minors that the Obama administration claims to have rescued from “persistent violence in Central America” have been placed in abusive homes by the U.S. government. Some have even...' READ MORE

:Another $58 Mil for Failed “Green” Car Program -- 'A scandal-plagued “green” auto program that’s fleeced American taxpayers out of huge sums just got another$58 million from the Obama administration to support the development of advanced technology vehicles that meet higher efficiency...' READ MORE

:TOP SECRET: Hillary’s Email Evasions'

:Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton with an update on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server… Wall Street Journal

:TEAM Work

:Keep our investigators on the job uncovering the dirt.



:The Bundy Ranch vs the Bureau of Land Management Andrew K. Dart

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:New Book: The VIEW FROM 4-SPACE

:by Antony Sutton, D.Sc.,

:Dauphin Publications

:ISBN: 978-1-939438-37-9



:'"Dr. Sutton apprised me that the paradigm extends even to the field of “Energy.” He sent me his first edition book, “The View from 4-Space,” substantiating that The Control Paradigm extends to the very fabric of the 4th Dimension. With the help of Thomas Eugene Bearden I learned that most inventors are denied funding if their inventions provide significant ‘overunity’ aspects inherent within them. Funding is only provided to favored companies having access within The Control Paradigm. Many do not realize that significant suppression techniques are applied to real Overunity technologies that reach fulfillment protocols.'

:'Overunity is real but it resides within the dimension of 4-Space, necessitating the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, and the physics of Dirac, Prigogine, and an understanding that you are now delving into the realm of the Creator Himself. The work of Bearden and Bedini have interesting side effects known as ‘precursor engineering’ dynamics, in which physical reality itself is affected. Dirac discovering the truth inherent within Quantum Mechanics was immediately suppressed and was told that he could not divulge specific components of his discovery. His discovery of negative energy and the reversal of the timewave, verified the initial completed Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell."'

:'Leslie R. Pastor'

:New Energy Congress - 'Member'





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