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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research V11

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research V11

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor




We live in an age of materialism, where everything is fixed, already structured, and set in granite, allowing no novelty of fact or novelty of theory whatsoever. Welcome to the age of Dogma and totalitarian materialism, at least for the people of the United States. Russia has long since shed her totalitarian skin, notwithstanding, yet remains socialist to the core. Welcome to the new feudalism, replete with heavy taxation, and restructured market economies, dependent upon central planning, fiscal restraint and the evaporation of capitalism. The control paradigm never does the same thing twice, it can’t afford to, it must restructure, reformulate, and yet renew its agenda of absolute control. In this regard The Control Paradigm has the advantage, for it is immortal, immutable and outside the scope of human understanding, not subject to human intuition.

Anyone who attempted to refute the new feudalism has experienced swift retribution. Educators, who attempt to teach “intelligent” design as an alternative to the materialist viewpoint, are fired from their teaching positions. Science professionals who share their worldview regarding “creationism” find that they are soon without a job, and are not wanted by the management of the companies that they work for. Americans are soon to find out that they are not allowed the freedom to present, teach or share their personal perspective, ideas or worldview as an alternative to the materialist viewpoint. In essence, the war between Site:LRP:Intelligent Design and The Darwin Fallacy is the war between the virtual and the observable world of influence and control. In this regard Site:LRP:The Ambiguity Factor and Site:LRP:DOGMA play a dominant role of suppression.

Most thought provoking individuals realize that they have lived on a privileged planet, strategically placed within the galactic sphere, among trillions of spinning formations, enabling the permissibility to view the entire construct of the Creation, as far as the human mind can fathom. We now know due to modern physicists, that the hidden factor demonstrates an irrefutable immortality within the construct of the Creation. Broken symmetry has revealed hidden aspects of the virtual world that lay silently just beneath the observable nature of this construct. Modern physics has also revealed the immortal nature of Energy as the fabric of the Universe, structured as LIGHT and working to sustain this Creation as a continuous precursor relentlessly engineering its sustainability. So what went wrong, and when did it happen? And why is it still happening?

To answer all those questions, one needs to view both sides of the equation dealing with the virtual and the material (matter) world. Einstein who postulated the equivalence of energy and matter framed his theory delineating general relativity from special relativity. Maxwell structured and delineated his equations as known and unknown variables, fully anticipating the integration of the construct of the Creation. Dirac stated that it would be impossible to remove the negative side of the equation, since it would be like removing the negative of (any reference can be substituted or articulated as an example of equal opposite sides). The point all these physicists recognize is that a relationship exists between the virtual and the real observable world, and cannot be dismissed without it affecting the other half of the equation. The equations only make sense when they are balanced. And as Hotson discovered when they are not, science has had to resort to “fudge” factors.

Tesla had reached a point in his life when he realized that he had reached the limits of his understanding, kind of like climbing the mountain of empirical theoretical physics only to realize that the theologians were already sitting on the mountaintop waiting for their arrival. Physics via Quantum Mechanics has finally reached the level of understanding in support of the already established faith and belief of the Theologians. The empirical world has met the quantum world, faith and reason have come full term, knowledge having accelerated to the point where the knowledge of the Creation has become the knowledge of the Creator.

'Hotson on Dirac by Tom Bearden'

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (Part 1) by D. L. Hotson

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (Part 2) by D. L. Hotson

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (Part 3) by D. L. Hotson

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'MSNBC's Larry O'Donnell Admits He's a Socialist'

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'The Thrive Movement - The Movie'



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Everyone in Government knows what the problems are, but they don’t agree on how to solve them. What we have is a Government divided against itself, and a leadership that has chosen sides, in order to promote an agenda that is alien and inimical to all. Antony C. Sutton once informed me that “Government Lies – Get over it.” But I don’t believe that Dr. Sutton could ever have anticipated what is happening within the United States today due to Government inaction. Dr. Sutton understood the Hegelian Dialectic and how those in power have used it throughout history, to control populations, conquer enemies and to topple empires. But even he did not anticipate an internal coup d’état within the borders of the United States.

Am I overreaching? Am I over the top? Well then let us look at the facts:

President Barack Hussein Obama has consistently Lied to us, since he first assumed the Office of the Presidency. Obama's past and his Agenda are one and the same, he will never change - His platitudes and promises are meaningless. The Democrat Party and their own Political Platform largely support him, because they agree with him - enabling his agenda to move forward. Obama's policies are a direct threat to the US Constitution and our form of Government. It is obvious to all that Obama manipulates the News Media - but they don't care. The News Media is definitely biased in Obama's favor. In fact voting for Democrats is alien to the political philosophy of the preponderant majority of Americans living within the United States. Has America destroyed itself?

If Obama is a mere puppet (figure head) as many suggest, then who is pulling the strings?

Private Bankers are the driving force behind all Governments. They hold the Key because they hold the purse of the nations they invest in.

Meet George Soros a Private Banker Extraordinaire who believes in Socialist Causes and who is funding Obama and his Agenda:$1-million-to-support-obama/

So Who is George Soros Really?And what is his connection to the Rothschild Dynasty? <pesn type=" str=" Why did they allow him to break the Bank of England? Was it a back-handed way of funding him, and thus promoting his leftist Agenda worldwide? ["></pesn>

Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Lectures on the Illuminati

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Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

Free download - Pawns in the Game