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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Summer - 2015 9

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Summer - 2015 9

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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David Herzog

:David Herzog

:David Herzog - The Glory of God

:David Herzog - Aligning With Heaven

:David Herzog - Breaking Generational Curses


The Future of Free Energy Is Here and Now


Rick Friedrich

:'Several years back I contracted with Rick Friedrich and John C. Bedini to build a thirty (30) Coil Monopole “Energizer” Motor. I paid the requisite fee to Energenx for permission to build it, since John held the original patent. I also paid Rick Friedrich a significant sum of money to build it for me, guarantying that it would be built properly (parts, schematics, tools, documentation). It took Renaissance Charge two years to finally build it, and only upon my insistence did they demonstrate it at the Energy Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2010. As expected the Thirty (30) Coil Monopole “Energizer” Motor worked according to the principals laid out by Tesla, Dirac and Prigogine. However due to the location of the demonstrator table, which was against the wall in the conference room, a lingering ambiguity factor remained as to whether the demonstration was genuine and from the original circuits (self-powering).At the time Rick Friedrich was unable to explain how the significant physics application worked which enabled the entire process to function enabling “free energy” as a primary by product. Many of the attendees did not realize, and more importantly did not recognize that the thirty (30) Coiler was an advanced form of the original Bedini School Girl Motor, proving that “energy” did not dissipate but merely changed its form, from positive to negative back to positive energy and from DC voltage to AC current powering the loads (air conditioner and the 22 (100watt) light bulbs) on the table.Significant changes have occurred since that time, primarily due to the schism (Bedini/Friedrich) and separation that developed between both gentlemen. I have no knowledge as to the whereabouts of my original thirty (30) coiler left in the care of Energenx /Renaissance Charge LLC. That information remains a mystery to me even to this day. According to Rick Friedrich I am the majority investor in the device, which cost me a significant amount of money. Others claim to have paid to build it, but they have never contacted me, nor informed me as to whom they are. That information would be nice to know.'

Rick Friedrich Youtube Demonstration

:'For those who have pestered me with questions of where they can get a demonstrator model of an actual “free energy” device that actually works and thus is provable I refer them to the following video:' [ Kits are Available: ]


:'Rick Friedrich and Michael Stroh formed a partnership enabling them to both demonstrate and explain the actual chemistry and physics applications that are inherent within the “free energy” devices provided at their Quantum Energy Conventions:'

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:'R-Charge and Strohmedia Convention Chicago 2015'


:'Rick Friedrich provided significant and appropriate information at the following Overunity website: Due to the primacy of the Bedini patents, it appears Rick Friedrich has advanced the science of the original physics format and has developed a newer model that captures the significant energy sequence and transference inherent within a Duopole version of the thirty (30) Coil system.'


:Rick Friedrich and Michael Stroh

:Hamburg Free Energy Convention - April 10, 2015



Blacklight Power Inc. - Randell L. Mills


Energy from the Vacuum



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