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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Spring 2016 3

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Spring 2016 3

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant

Site:LRP:God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

:'Jerusalem Belongs to Judah, Anyone who countermands that will have to answer to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.'

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:'The Lion of Judah - The Lamb of God' | God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through Science '

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Information Science - DNA - Origin of Life



:Where Did the Information Come From?


Site:LRP:Intelligent Design and The Darwin Fallacy


Site:LRP:The Two Immortals

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Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet


:Tipsheet 3/30/2016


:Second Federal Court Grants Discovery in Clinton Email Case -- 'Judicial Watch announced that U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth granted “limited discovery” to Judicial Watch into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email matter. Lamberth ruled that “where there is evidence of government...' READ MORE

: Obama Administration Withholds Draft Whitewater Indictment of Hillary Clinton -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it is asking a federal court to order the National Archives and Records Administration to release draft criminal indictments of Hillary Clinton. In its motion for summary judgment, the National...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it has obtained State Department documents from February 2009 containing emails that appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...' READ MORE

:“Deeply Troubled” DHS System Blows Millions, Feds Want Extra $1 Bil -- 'Years after the U.S. launched an automated Homeland Security system essential to keeping the nation safe, it’s a malfunctioning flop that’s so far swallowed a mind-boggling $1.7 billion and needs an additional billion and several...' READ MORE

:Media Coverage

:BENGHAZI BUNGLE --- '“The House Select Committee on Benghazi has faced plenty of criticism from the left. Now it’s taking some heat from the right. Judicial Watch, a conservative government-transparency group, argues the committee has 'bungled' its investigation of the 2012 attacks in Libya by refusing to hold more public hearings and release documents it has collected over the past two years.”...'

:ONCE LOST, NOW FOUND --- '“The emails Judicial Watch found were a chain between Clinton and her State Dept chief of staff, Cheryl Mills just at the start of her tenure in February 2009. The Feb. 13, 2009, email from Mills discussed Clinton request for a secure BlackBerry to use in the State Department's offices.”'

:SMOKING GUN? --- '“On March 11, 2009, a State Department official whose name is redacted sent an email to another State Department official whose name is redacted. That email, obtained in a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, just might be the smoking gun in the Hillary Clinton email case.”…'


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