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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research May 2016

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research May 2016

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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George Soros Financing Dump Trump Movement

:George Soros Financing Dump Trump Movement

:Billionaire George Soros funds $15M effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

:Here's Who's Funding Anti-Trump Movement

:Who is George Soros, And Why is He Attacking Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

:Report: Soros Money Funding John Kasich's Prsidential Bid

:It's No Secret Who is Behind the Protest/Riot at the Trump Rally (Goerge Soros)

:Site:LRP:George Soros

:The Obama/Soros Relationship

Go-Alongs & Do Nothing Party vs Cognitive Dissonance & Liberal Leftists

:'Donald Trump is a reaction to the inactivity of the Republican Party and the activity of the very active Democrat Party. All Americans are fed-up with what they have experienced during the past ten (10) years of political ineptness of the US Congress and activism of their profligate Whitehouse occupier. Documentation: The Liberal Leftists have reacted to Donald J. Trump via a variety of schemes of suppression involving tampering with social media and the distribution of information pertaining to the agenda goals of the ‘novelty of fact’ political candidacy of the maverick Mr. Trump. While New Yorkers love, admire and respect him, the liberals (Manhattan) do not. Trump is well versed in ‘political correctness’ having dealt with the political machinery of New York City for most of his youth and adult life. All New Yorkers admire and respect him, for he exudes success like no other. We want the United States to be successful, for our families, our children, and ourselves, all of which is reflected in the accomplishments demonstrated by Mr. Trump.'

:Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance

Donald Trump on US Foreign Policy

:Donald Trump on US Foreign Policy

:Donald J. Trump Foreign Policy Speech Transcript Donald J. Trump

:Video Presentation/Documentation

:'Obama and Google/Youtube Have Conspired to Block Youtube Viewing on Peswiki when I attempt to establish Donald J. Trump's Video of his Speech'





:Cruz and Fiorina, A Dream Ticket For Globalists

:'And of course Ted has called the Council on Foreign Relations a “nest of vipers,” but his wife worked there for five years helping to write the North American Community. As well, his mentor at Princeton was none other than Robert George, CFR and UNESCO. Hmmm….if CFR is a “nest of vipers,” why has Cruz accepted George’s endorsement and his wife’s five year tenure at CFR?.......'


:by Kelleigh Nelson

Electronic Voting

:Major Media Articles Reveal Major Electronic Voting Machine Problems

:'MSNBC' – A 2011 article titled "It only takes $26 to hack a voting machine" states, "Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois have developed a hack that, for about $26 and an 8th-grade science education, can remotely manipulate the electronic voting machines used by millions of voters all across the U.S. The electronic hacking tool consists of a $1.29 microprocessor and a circuit board that costs about $8. Together with the $15 remote control, which enabled the researchers to modify votes from up to a half-mile away, the whole hack runs about $26."

: - 9/28/2011

:'Christian Science Monitor' – A 2015 article states, "Computer security experts have warned for years that some voting machines are vulnerable to attack. In Virginia, the state Board of Elections decided to impose an immediate ban on touchscreen voting machines used in 20 percent of the state's precincts. When state auditors investigated [they found that] while using their smartphones, they were able to connect to the voting machines' wireless network, which is used to tally votes. Other state investigators easily guessed the system's passwords — in one case, it was 'abcde' — and were then able to change the vote counts remotely without detection."

: - 4/16/2015

:'Washington Post' – An article titled "A Single Person Could Swing an Election" describes the test of a team of cybersecurity experts. The article states, "The experts ... concluded in a report issued yesterday that it would take only one person, with a sophisticated technical knowledge and timely access to the software that runs the voting machines, to change the outcome."

: - 6/28/2006

:'Christian Science Monitor' – An 2012 article is titled "Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? Yes." It shows how easy it continues to be for voting machines to be manipulated. The article states, "Rapid advances in the development of cyberweapons and malicious software mean that electronic-voting machines used in the 2012 election could be hacked, potentially tipping the presidential election or a number of other races. For a savvy hacker, the time and access needed to infect a machine is so small that it could be done while in a voting booth."

: - 10/26/2012

:'Miami Herald' – An article titled "CIA expert: Electronic voting not secure" presents the troubling results of CIA cybersecurity expert Steve Stigall. "Computerized electoral systems can be manipulated at five stages, from altering voter registration lists to posting results. Stigall said voting equipment connected to the Internet could be hacked, and machines that weren't connected could be compromised wirelessly. The [Election Assistance] Commission has been criticized for giving states more than $1 billion to buy electronic equipment without first setting performance standards. Numerous computer-security experts have concluded that U.S. systems can be hacked."

: - 3/25/2009

:'Note: The Herald strangely removed this article from their website, but it is still available here.'

:'MSNBC' – A 2009 MSNBC article describes five county officials, including the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers, who were accused of blatant election corruption. "These alleged criminal actions affected the outcome of federal, local, and state primary and general elections in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Clay County Circuit Court Judge Russell Cletus Maricle, 65, and school superintendent Douglas C. Adams, 57... caused election officers to commit acts of extortion, mail fraud, and bribery. Clay County Clerk, Freddy Thompson, 45, allegedly ... instructed officers how to change votes at the voting machine."

: - 3/21/2009

:Note: MSNBC strangely removed this article from their website, but you can read how the defendants were all found guilty and convicted in a federal jury trial on the FBI website at this link.

:For a treasure trove of media articles revealing elections corruptions on a grand scale, click here.


:Is Heaven An Entitlement?

:'The 2011 survey described the different methods used to ask the question among the different ages , ethnicity, education, locations etc. but in a May 2015 Gallup study found that 61% of respondents said it is morally acceptable to have children outside of marriage. On March 28, 2016 a Salem, Oregon couple got married at the hospital because the baby came before the wedding.......'


:by Bette Freauf

DNA Storage Data

:'DNA Storage Is Coming, And It's Going To Revolutionize The Way We Share Data '


:DNA Data Storage

Scientists discover the location of the Soul within the Human Brain

:Scientists discover the location of the Soul within the Human Brain

:'Scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul.'


:'"A pair of world-renowned quantum scientists says they can prove the existence of the soul. American Dr Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose developed a quantum theory of consciousness asserting that our souls are contained inside structures called microtubules which live within our brain cells. Their idea stems from the notion of the brain as a biological computer, "with 100 billion neurons and their axonal firings and synaptic connections acting as information networks". Dr Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, and Sir Roger Penrose have been working on the theory since 1996. They argue that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects inside these microtubules - a process they call orchestrated objective reduction. In a near-death experience the microtubules lose their quantum state, but the information within them is not destroyed. Or in layman's terms, the soul does not die but returns to the universe. Dr Hameroff explained the theory at length in the Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary Through the Wormhole, which was recently aired in the US by the Science Channel. The quantum soul theory is now trending worldwide, thanks to stories published this week by The Huffington Post and the Daily Mail, which have generated thousands of readers comments and social media shares. "Let's say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state," Dr Hameroff said. "The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it can't be destroyed, it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large. 'If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules and the patient says "I had a near death experience".' In the event of the patient's death, it was "possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body indefinitely - as a soul".'

:Dr Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose

:Dr. Monroe and Dr. Langhani



Miracles? Here's One For The Record


:Muslim Ruler's Daughter Arrested for Her Christian Faith

:'Don't believe in miracles? Ask this Muslim-turned-Christian'

:'Conversion followed 'miraculous' vision'

:Muslim Ruler's Daughter Arrested For 'Christian Faith' Leo Hohmann - - April 29, 2016

Sid Roth - It's Supernatural


:Weekly Broadcast Preview

:Miracle in Toronto - March 2016

:Archived Rambsel/Roth Interview - ELS - Bible Code

Robert Heidler


:Robert Heidler


:Robert Heidler - Sid Roth Inteview

The Compendium Group

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:New Book: The VIEW FROM 4-SPACE

:by Antony Sutton, D.Sc.,

:Dauphin Publications

:ISBN: 978-1-939438-37-9



:'"Dr. Sutton apprised me that the paradigm extends even to the field of “Energy.” He sent me his first edition book, “The View from 4-Space,” substantiating that The Control Paradigm extends to the very fabric of the 4th Dimension. With the help of Thomas Eugene Bearden I learned that most inventors are denied funding if their inventions provide significant ‘overunity’ aspects inherent within them. Funding is only provided to favored companies having access within The Control Paradigm. Many do not realize that significant suppression techniques are applied to real Overunity technologies that reach fulfillment protocols.'

:'Overunity is real but it resides within the dimension of 4-Space, necessitating the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, and the physics of Dirac, Prigogine, and an understanding that you are now delving into the realm of the Creator Himself. The work of Bearden and Bedini have interesting side effects known as ‘precursor engineering’ dynamics, in which physical reality itself is affected. Dirac discovering the truth inherent within Quantum Mechanics was immediately suppressed and was told that he could not divulge specific components of his discovery. His discovery of negative energy and the reversal of the timewave, verified the initial completed Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell."'

:'Leslie R. Pastor'

:New Energy Congress - 'Member'





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