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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXXIII

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXXIII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


EPIC MISTAKE! Justice Dept. staffer accidentally calls wrong office – Issa’s – asks them to leak IRS docs to media

EPIC MISTAKE! Justice Dept. staffer accidentally calls wrong office – Issa’s – asks them to leak IRS docs to media!

Oskar Freysinger (Member of Swiss Parliament) Regarding Islamic Encroachment Wlithin Europe

"Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament gave a passionate speech

filled with truth that no politician in Washington, DC has yet to give from

the floor of Congress. He calls out Islam for what it is: A dogma that is

gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is granted

the space to do so. Video courtesy of Walid Shoebat." (Source: Youtube)


Obama’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Homeland Security Advisor Resigns – Heads to Texas Freedom Outpost - September 9, 2014

DHS Wants to Tag Us Before They Bag Us: The Enhanced Drivers License Freedom Outpost - September 5, 2014

Something to Think About

'Ever wonder how American Defense Policy is made which keeps leading America into illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared perpetual Wars?'

:In this article you will be informed how Quasi-Governmental Top Policy-Makers use sophisticated Psyops to Mind-Kontrol

:and deceive Americans into supporting these crimes against humanity which they would never otherwise support.

:Quasi-Governmental Psyops deployed to Steal our Future Veterans Today - Preston James - August 24, 2014

'It’s high time Americans learn how sophisticated quasi-governmental Think-Tanks and Defense Policy Boards (TTs/DPBs) steal their future by creating sophisticated Psyops and disseminating them through the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace'


YES! Trey Gowdy Vows to Get the Benghazi Answers & Expose Barack Obama The Political Insider - September 9, 2014

'Author of "Dumbing Down of America'

'The End of Representative Government...'

'The Beginning of Global "Governance"'

Charters Kill True Choice News With Views - Charlotte Iserbyt - September 9, 2014

Obama: The Worst US President of all Times? News With Views - Servando Gonzalez - September 9, 2014

DHS Wants to Tag Us Before They Bag Us: The Enhanced Drivers License Freedom Outpost - September 5, 2014

The Fourth (4th) Amendment No Longer Recognized in New York Bullets First - Tony Olivia - September 4, 2014

Obama The Fraudulent President

Homeland Security Bombshell: President Barack Obama is not eligible to work in the US Freedom Outpost - Dean Garrison - September 8, 2014


Obama To Resign January 2015

Obama To Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations National Report - September 2, 2014

Devvy Kidd Provides The Appropriate Documentation, References, the Smoking Gun Devvy Kidd Website

'"According to several senior-ranking White House officials, President Barack Obama will resign from office on January 1st 2015, after learning that a so-called “Smoking Gun” story regarding the Benghazi scandal will soon be revealed. Those sources claim Obama will announce his resignation shortly after the midterm elections in November.'

'"The decision to resign came after reporters from Fox News were allegedly contacted in August by a survivor of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, who came forward with shocking video evidence that Obama, then- White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew, and then- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that an attack on the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya was “imminent,” and intentionally ordered key security personnel to leave the facility and travel eight blocks away.'

'"Sources at Fox News say that the unidentified survivor allegedly recorded a video teleconference on his cell phone in which Lew gave the orders, while Obama and Clinton watched on. “You don’t want a guy like Mitt Romney deciding your budget,” Lew supposedly states in the video, which Fox News has not yet released. “We need to win this thing, and that means we need to make some sacrifices. Let me be clear, no one will be harmed in this. We’re sacrificing a few buckets of paint, that’s all. We just need a little nudge in the polls.”'

'"The sources at Fox say the network was prepared to air the video on August 23rd, but House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) convinced them to hold off on releasing the footage. White House sources say two unidentified reporters from Fox News joined Issa in a private meeting with Obama this past weekend, on August 30th, and agreed to not reveal the video if Obama agreed to resign. White House senior staff negotiated with Issa and the reporters so Obama could stay in office until the end of the year, and that he would announce the resignation in November, shortly after the midterms. Why they agreed to those terms is unclear."'

Don't hold your breath -- all of this depends on what happens in November [Leslie R. Pastor]

Money Morning Interview with Jim Richards

Money Morning Interview with Jim Richards

Message: New Energy Congress


It took a long time to convince the New Energy Congress members that there actually was a “control” paradigm within the United States, if not the entire world. Many did not want to believe it, so I had to provide the appropriate proofs necessary to overwhelmingly convince those members who were genuinely skeptical of my “novelty of fact.”

I began with Antony C. Sutton as my reference, followed by actual suppression cases by inventors and their inventions, such as, Nikola Tesla, John Bedini and Tom Bearden. I also provided examples of these matters, in the course of my on-going investigation while at the NEC from 2005 to the present (2014). And while many did not recognize or rather preferred to not recognize the suppression by the Skull and Bones Society, preferring to stay within their comfort zones, due to “cognitive dissonance,” I continued to provide ample evidence via the Obama Presidency and his Administration.

Most Americans especially from my generation have refused to examine the evidence, even though they know intrinsically that something is wrong with our political leadership within all three branches of our government. Cognitive Dissonance is not the only problem hindering most Americans, the situation is even more acute, for they have also been poisoned by the very water that they drink since it is laced with chemicals to lower their IQs, and food that is genetically engineered to make them sterile after several years of consumption. They have also been dumbed down within our school systems, and radicalized by terrorists who left the streets of the 1960s, 70s and 80s to become professors within our universities, colleges and high schools.

Our entire way of life, culture, and freedom has been changed to fit the globalist model of the “control” paradigm, and most of our young people don’t even understand that a change has taken place. What they do understand, is that they are not prepared to do anything with their lives, because they were deliberately dumb-down, and were not given the resources to compete effectively in the job-market.

If we don’t show them, if we don’t help them, if we don’t care, then nobody else will. We need to provide them with the appropriate tools and answers that will demonstrate the truthfulness of our revelations.


Site:LRP:Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

Site:LRP:Energy Compendium


Star in a Jar


Health Supreme

Curated Health Supreme Sepp Hasslberger

Salt Water Powered Car Gets Approval in Europe

Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

Salt Water Flow Cell Car Gets European Approval


Two (2) Sentences Worth

'These two short sentences tell you a lot about our government and our culture:'

[1] 'We are advised to not judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics.' (Funny how that works).

And here’s another one worth considering.

[2] 'Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What's interesting is the first group "worked for" and "paid taxes" for their money, but the second didn't.'

Profound isn't it...Think about it.....Pass it on.

Bush Debt: $1.3 Trillion

Obama Debt: $8+ Trillion

'Government Creates Inflation - Not the People who Work for it.'

Money, Money everywhere - And Not a Dime to Spend

Site:LRP:The Money Paradigm

'''Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Compendium

Obama - The Lying Sack of Sht

Obama - The Hope and Change Agent

Death by Government

Death by Government - R. J. Rummel

Death by Government - Youtube


Thirty-Seven (37) Lies Americans Tell Themselves To Avoid Confronting Reality Natural News - Mike Adams - September 7, 2014

FoundUps vs StartUps Michael J. Trout