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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXXII

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXXII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Game Changer Paradigm

'What Dr. Randy Mills of Blacklight Power Inc., has wroth is tantamount to Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Henry Ford's Automobile Assembly Line and Rockefeller's Standard Oil Monopoly System. He has single-handedly solved the following Gordian Knott. He has solved the Earth’s pollution problem, eliminated Cap & Trade, Global Warming, the need for Weather Engineering, Chemtrails, and taxation of the Middle Class, not to mention the elimination of Nuclear Power and thus no more three mile islands, or Fukashima’s. The Control Paradigm has been dealt a significant blow. Now it will be obvious to all that freedom is deliberately curtailed via taxation, not because money is needed for infrastructure. The Earth’s limited resources can now be re-allocated for non-energy uses. Coal and oil can now be restructured not as fuel resources, but manufacturing (chemicals, plastics, etc.,) and other non-polluting uses.'

I wish you great success Dr. Mills. RRN Interview Randell Mills - Sterling Allan

Black Light Power

Electrical Power From Water Fuel

What's New @ Blacklight Power Inc.

'Admittedly, I am an unabashed enthusiast regarding Black Light Power, as I am already well versed in the history of Dr. Randy Mills and his novel creation of the hydrino and his proof of life, via the lowering of the ground state of the hydrogen atom. Dr. Mills is a magnificent genius, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Antony C. Sutton for making me privy to the early beginnings of Black Light Power.'

'It’s easy to be a skeptic, just deny, denigrate and disparage, no proof necessary, neither vindication, nor verification just obfuscation and obliteration of the facts, including already allocated United States Patents deliberately taken away by well-placed alligators already embedded within the United States Government.'

'Fortuitously as a member of the New Energy Congress, I stood within the breach preventing those very significant obfuscators from successfully convincing Sterling D. Allan, and I argued that Black Light Power merited strategic mention by virtue of Dr. Randy Mills’ significant accomplishments. It has been a long time coming.'

'It is my hope that Dr. Mills and his legal team will seek out those alligators and exact the appropriate legal remedies that are merited with ample justification. For in my opinion as was similarly opined by Dr. Antony C. Sutton those alligators are traitors and have committed treason against the “inherent holders of the political power”, the people of the United States, and the United States Government.'

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power

'Because of Dr. Mills discoveries, Physics and Science Text Books will now have to be updated and rewritten.' [Leslie R. Pastor]

Black Light Power

V11llS5ZkJY Official BLP Demonstration Video, February 4, 2014

zGTUd68hu5M Blacklight Power Demonstration, June 2014, Part 1

rRnfuO6uQyU Blacklight Power Demonstration, June 2014, Part 2

GxuoMzm2HNE Blacklight Power Demonstration, July 21st 2014, Part 1

8TKgrOjac6Y Blacklight Power Demonstration, July 21st 2014, Part 2



Electrical Power From Water Fuel

'It has been a long time coming, but Blacklight Power Inc., has finally overcome significant obstacles bringing Dr. Randell L. Mill’s technology into the forefront. Dr. Mills has survived the naysayers, pundits, obfuscators, detractors, educated idiots, surviving the “control” paradigm, and a government determined to prevent any and all “novelty of fact” and “novelty of theory” applications from becoming part of the mainstream technologic community of inventive genius. Yes, there is a “control” paradigm, which has been significantly demonstrated in the life and work of Randell Mills. It was first noted via the direct assault against Drs., Pons and Fleischmann (University of Utah), when they attempted to provide proof that controlled chemically assisted nuclear reactions were possible at room temperature. Admittedly it did appear preposterous, nuclear implied radiation, and therefore absurd on its face. The attacks were vitriolic and ad hominem and did not follow the usual path of “academic inquiry,” developing into a gauntlet of abuse tantamount to an Inquisition by the Hot Fusion “Experts.” The “academic” community voiced their disdain in lockstep with their approved funding of Tokomak research grants, leading many to suspect that they were more interested in maintaining their research grants, than discovering better methodologies of energy transference. A device that could equal fusion reactions without the harmful effects of radiation, preposterous, and so it went, all funding for “cold fusion,” inquiry such as LENR/CANR was immediately halted. All US Patents that even hinted a parallel association were immediately vilified and forcefully reverted and subverted, BlackLight Power being the unfortunate victim within the skullduggery and treachery of the hidden forces working behind the scenes maintaining the paradigm at all costs, even to the extent of treason according to Antony C. Sutton D. Sc.,.'

Thomas Eugene Bearden Commentary on Blacklight Power and Randell L. Mills Tom Bearden Website

Electrical Power From Water Fuel

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power


High-Power-Density Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition (CIHT) Electrochemical Cell

SunCell – 10 MW Electric Generator Simulation


'''SunCell – Motive Simulation