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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXIX

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LXIX

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



The Golfer-in-Chief

But before you continue - Ask yourself: "Why are Obama's Personal Records SEALED?"

Why Did Obama Seal His Transcripts? WorldNetDaily - Jack Cashill - August 15, 2012

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues Western Journalism - Steve Baldwin

Obama Paid $5 Million To Seal His Records - February 24, 2013

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research ObamaCare Documentation

'''[[Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Obama Documentation|Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Obama


Andrew K. Dart provided significant answers regarding Obama, his Presidency and Obama's determined intent to destroy this country, via bankruptcy ($18 Trillion Debt), the destruction of the Military, the Middle Class and his funding of Middle East Islamists, who are killing innocent men, women and children (Christians). And why isn’t the House of Representatives controlled by the Republican Party filing Articles of Impeachment against Obama’s significant “high crimes and misdemeanors” according to the Constitution of the United States?

The Clamor For Obama's Impeachment Andrew K. Dart

Documentation Provided by Andrew K. Dart Andrew K. Dart


Site:LRP:The Pandemic Control Paradigm (H1N1 - Swine Flu & Bird Flu - H5N1)

Honolulu, HI—A Harvard trained expert in public health and emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, claims the 2014 Ebola “outbreak” smacks of scientific fraud and commercial crime. In a 24-minute Special Report prepared for public broadcasting on Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel, Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author and filmmaker, with co-host investigative-journalist Sherri Kane, claims the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has defrauded people after drug industrialists loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a bioweapons laboratory refrigerator.

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'Robert Gallo - The Man That Created Aids' ',or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=21c0595ad86507f8&biw=1366&bih=581'

Creator of the AIDS Virus

Media conspiracy to bury CDC whistleblower story protects vaccine makers at the expense of human life Natural News - Mike Adams - August 27, 2014

Natural News EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell email from CDC whistleblower reveals criminality of vaccine cover-up as far back as 2002 Natural News - Mike Adams - August 26, 2014



Land of Canaan

Abram Abraham

Abraham the Friend of God

Isaac son of Abraham

Jacob son of Isaac became Israel

Abraham's Covenant with God

Video: Charles Missler on Abraham - Introduction

Video: Charles Missler on Abraham's Call

Video: Charles Missler on The Walk of Abraham

The Eight Covenants of the Bible Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum



'The Founding Fathers, the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were neither Hebrews, Jews, nor Israelites. Abraham was a Chaldean from Ur, Isaac was his son and Jacob was Isaac’s son. Abraham left the god of his fathers (Ur of the Chaldees) and became the friend of God, and left his original beliefs. None of this information has significance unless and until one recognizes the message hidden in the details of the information provided. The language of the Torah (Bible) is written in Hebrew lettering and provides information related to the origination of the text (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).'

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Bamboo Structure Generates Water Tree of Life

Architecture and Vision

Warka Water - Documentation


DOJ Admits 'Missing' IRS Emails DO Exist Video Documentation

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media Liberty Voice - Rebecca Savastio - December 2, 2013

Who is George Soros?'

George Soros Funding Indictment of Governor Rick Perry of Texas

George Soros Funding Indictment of Governor Rick Perry

Wow: Guess WHO is funding the group behind the indictment of Rick Perry… Young Conservatives - David Rufful - August 18, 2014

News With Views

Obama allowing Benghazi Libyans to train in U.S. as pilots, nuclear scientists NewsWithViews - Jim Kouri - August 18, 2014

Documentation: Judicial Watch: Corruption Chronicles - Obama Ignores Congress, Lifts Ban on Libyans Training in US Documentation: Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles

Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya: Did anyone expect a different outcome? NewsWithViews - Devvy Kidd - August 18, 2014



Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to Ten Years for Fraud

Kevin Trudeau TV Pitchman Sentenced 10 Years for FRAUD

Council on Foreign Relations

'The Group that created the largest Cartel in the world (the creators of the Federal Reserve System), the Group that created the largest Trust in the world (American International Corporation), the Group that fomented the Russian Revolution in 1917 and made of Russia a captive technical colony, is the same Group that gained control of the United States Government via their creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Group thus gained control of the entire planet, lock, stock and barrel. The Group thus became the “control” paradigm for every living member of the Global community of nations.'


Continuing the Inquiry

The Jekyll Island Duck Hunters Who Created The Federal Reserve Jekyll Island History

The Federal Reserve And The Men Who Created It - Paul Moritz Warburg Jekyll Island Club

'My friend, benefactor and mentor was my guiding light regarding this research. Without his detailed analysis, discoveries and revelations pertaining to his own documentation, I would never have proceeded to compile the appropriate data, let alone the myriad of references already collecting dust upon the shelves of university libraries. Antony C. Sutton provided an interesting clue via one of his emails regarding the Edward Mandel House publication of Philip Dru Administrator.'




Subject: Re:House/Dru

Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 9:27 AM


Re: Operation Fortitude South

The 1944 work is still under British secrecy rules.......and they are tough. I

checked a few years ago with the War Office and the operation was still under

wraps. Different culture. A British non disclosure oath is just that, non

disclosure in the States non disclosure lasts a couple of

months apparently.....and for the Clinton Administration disclosure can be

bought cheaply. I've no great love for Britain but my word is my word.

On Dru, I have nothing here at all. From a hazy memory and the fact I only

did a few appears to be a story of world conquest... It is

possible that some of my Dru notes ended up in Hoover Special Collections

among my Soviet files....because I did the Dru work on scraps of paper about the

time I was looking for Soviet orientation in the White House. Historically

its interesting but not interesting enough for me to take off a day to go see

the Hoover Librarians to get access to my papers. Again from memory it was

an extremely simple code device and if you read your Dru you will see the

awkward text.

All Best,


Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Antony Cyril Sutton - Documentation


Philip Dru Administrator

Banking History and Effects - Professors Carroll Quigley and Antony C. Sutton

The Common Core Standards


Get Ready For The Common Core Standards The Common Core - Barnes & Noble

Category Education - Common Core The Common Core - Simon & Schuster

David Coleman - The Architect of the Common Core Standards

David Coleman - Architect of the Common Core Standards

David Coleman - Common Core

David Coleman - Common Core

Who is David Coleman?

Who is David Coleman?

The Common Core Deception

The Common Core Deception

Common Core - A Trojan Horse For Education Reform

Common Core - A Trojan Horse For Education Reform Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum, California, Author, Former Teacher

Ronald Eldon Wyatt



''Ron Wyatt, an amateur archaeologist and a full time anesthetist spent his time and money determined to verify the veracity of the Bible. To the chagrin and consternation of legitimate documented archaeologists, Wyatt discovered the actual locations of significant Biblical sites. Ron Wyatt and his organization Wyatt Archeological Research confirmed the efficacy of the Bible, the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses. The stories were not allegorical, fictitious or hearsay (illusory) statements, they were in fact TRUE verifiable Historical Fact: Documentation & Reference Sodom and Gomorrah Noah’s Ark Red Sea Crossing Mt. Sinai

Ark of the Covenant'''


Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Ronald Eldon Wyatt

Ronald Eldon Wyatt Historical Video Documentation



Electrical Power From Water Fuel

'It has been a long time coming, but Blacklight Power Inc., has finally overcome significant obstacles bringing Dr. Randell L. Mill’s technology into the forefront. Dr. Mills has survived the naysayers, pundits, obfuscators, detractors, educated idiots, surviving the “control” paradigm, and a government determined to prevent any and all “novelty of fact” and “novelty of theory” applications from becoming part of the mainstream technologic community of inventive genius. Yes, there is a “control” paradigm, which has been significantly demonstrated in the life and work of Randell Mills. It was first noted via the direct assault against Drs., Pons and Fleischmann (University of Utah), when they attempted to provide proof that controlled chemically assisted nuclear reactions were possible at room temperature. Admittedly it did appear preposterous, nuclear implied radiation, and therefore absurd on its face. The attacks were vitriolic and ad hominem and did not follow the usual path of “academic inquiry,” developing into a gauntlet of abuse tantamount to an Inquisition by the Hot Fusion “Experts.” The “academic” community voiced their disdain in lockstep with their approved funding of Tokomak research grants, leading many to suspect that they were more interested in maintaining their research grants, than discovering better methodologies of energy transference. A device that could equal fusion reactions without the harmful effects of radiation, preposterous, and so it went, all funding for “cold fusion,” inquiry such as LENR/CANR was immediately halted. All US Patents that even hinted a parallel association were immediately vilified and forcefully reverted and subverted, BlackLight Power being the unfortunate victim within the skullduggery and treachery of the hidden forces working behind the scenes maintaining the paradigm at all costs, even to the extent of treason according to Antony C. Sutton D. Sc.,.'

Thomas Eugene Bearden Commentary on Blacklight Power and Randell L. Mills Tom Bearden Website

BlackLight Power

Electrical Power From Water Fuel

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power


High-Power-Density Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition (CIHT) Electrochemical Cell

SunCell – 10 MW Electric Generator Simulation


'''SunCell – Motive Simulation