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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LII

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research LII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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Russian TV - Liz Wahl Resignation


U.S. Satellites Detect Planes at Russian Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility Turner Radio Network - March 5, 20014

Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist Western Journalism - Kris Zane - March 5, 2014

Nancy Pelosi and the Hollinan Family of San Fransisco

Speaker Pelosi's Controversial Marxist Connections Accuracy in Media - May 24, 2009

Pelosi Dossier #1: Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Hollinan Clan Trevor

Pelosi Dossier #1: Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Hollinan Clan Romantic Poet's Weblog | Documentation

The Enemies Within by Trevor Loudon

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'Harvard Law School professor Cass Sunstein wrote a paper in 2008 that advocated that groups that criticize the US government be infiltrated and undermined.'

'Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange confronts Sunstein on this publicly and you can see what ensues. "I write so many papers, I can't remember what I say in them.'

'Assuming this paper even exists." Yes, it exists alright and you can read his paper "Conspiracy Theories" here:'

EPA Not Blowing Smoke - Decrees Nationwide Ban - On Woodstoves

Ukraine - Shooting War Begins

'The Ukrainians remember what Stalin did to their country in the ‘30s. '

'The Holodomor is still in their memory. Russia starved the Ukraine into submission,'

'killing 3,000,000 to 7,000,000 of their people by forcibly starving them to death.'

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Krauthammer's Impeccable Logic


2nd Amendment News

'"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."'

2nd Amendment News

Death by Government - R. J. Rummel

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - East (Control via Extermination)

History has shown and proven that when any nation gives up their weapons, they experience Death by Government.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D) on Gun Control

'Schumer: “I’ve had it up to here with the 2nd Amendment. Only Criminals and Terrorists should have guns in this country, not law abiding citizens.”' Dimwits

NJ Considering Bill That Would Ban Many Rifles Washington Times - March 3, 2014

Hillary Clinton Implicated In Benghazi Murders

Hillary Rodham Clinton Implicated in Benghazi Murder Western Journalism - Chris Zane - March 3, 2014


Hillary Clinton Implicated in Benghazi Murders


Actor Steven Seagal

Actor and Law Enforcement Officer Steven Seagal Calls for Obama Impeachment




Secret War Being Waged in Wisconsin By Democrat District Attorney Against Conservatives

Secret probe of Conservatives makes Wisconsin ground zero in First Amendment warLegal - M. D. Kittle - December 3, 2013

TheBlaze airs ‘Investigating John Doe’ (featuring Watchdog)

John Doe Investigation: Wisconsin Club for Growth sues to halt secret investigation Wisconsin State Journal - February 11, 2014

At It Again

Tea Party Activist Kevin Kookogey Fights IRS Over Targeting Scandal


Did you know that Liberal Senators are renewing their calls for Federal Agencies to clamp down on Conservatives?

Lt. Col. Allen West was asked if there are any Communists in the Government - He pointed to the Congressional Progressive Caucus. America's Trojan Horse. The FBI knew that McCarthy was right. He was confirmed by the Venona Documents. '''McCarthy was vilified by the very Communists he was exposing. Thus McCarthism is a good thing for revealing the truth. Communists, Socialists, Liberals have a penchant to conduct "double-speak" by constantly lying about the truth and their true intentions, which is subversion and subornation.

Site:LRP:Ideological Subversion Measures/Tactics To Subvert The United States Revealed

Impeachment Chronicles Michael Peroutka - News With Views - February 26, 2014



'A.C. Griffith, discussing the Covert Aerosol Program'


Site:LRP:Weather Engineering

The GeoEngineering Paradigm

Chemtrails - The Biggest Coverup of all Time