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Impeachment of Obama

:'When is the Congress going to do its duty and take hold of its responsibility to Impeach Obama for "high crimes and misdemeanors?" There is enough evidence for a trial in the US Senate. When is the House of Representatives going to enact a Bill of Impeachment? Millions of Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East, Israel is being threatened by Iran with Nuclear extinction. Obama is conducting secret meetings with Iran without the advice and consent of the US Senate. Obama is lawless, a present danger to the people of the United States. Shame on you Schumer for compelling your landsman to financially support and vote for a hater of Israel. Schumer don't you know that you have committed an evil act via the 501 Torah Code bringing about the potential destruction of Israel by your hands. Didn't you learn anything from the Madoff Scandal that destroyed the wealth of countless individuals killing them in the process?'


:Grounds for the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama Andrew K. Dart

:Calls for Obama's Impeachment Andrew K. Dart

:The Rising Clamor For Obama's Impeachment Andrew K. Dart

:President Barack Hussein Obama Andrew K. Dart

:President Obama Evidently Hates America Andrew K. Dart

:Barack H. Obama is No Friend of Israel Andrew K. Dart

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:Islamists and the Imposition of Sharia Law Andrews K. Dart

Senator Charles Ellis Schumer (D) New York

:Confesses to Not Understanding The US Constitution

:The Supreme Court Andrew K. Dart

:Schumer Confesses to Not Understanding Constitution Henry Mark Holzer | Wednesday, July 27, 2005

:Schumer: Dems have enough votes to thwart Keystone oil pipeline. NY Post - Geoff Earle - January 4, 2015

:Schumer: Obama Should Veto Keystone Jobs Even if Dems Get Every Amendment We Want. The Washington Free Beacon - January 4, 2015

Senator Charles Ellis Schumer (D) NY Hates TEA Party

:Schumer to Poison TEA Party

:Schumer Calls for Using IRS to Curtail Tea Party Activities.

:Schumer Calls TEA Party Racist

:Schumer's Plan for Beating TEA Party - More Government

:Schumer's Plan to Abolish TEA Party

Why Harry Reid Chose Chuck Schumer

:Why Harry Reid Chose Chuck Schumer

:Schumer is a Big Fundraiser

:Schumer and Conservative New Yorkers

:Senator Harry Reid (soon to be retired) Andrew K. Dart

TEA Party

:The Republican Establishment vs TEA Party Candidates Andrew K. Dart

:Biased News Coverage of Tea Party Events Andrew K. Dart

America and Israel

:America and Israel

:Roots of the US - Israel Relationship

:Israel & The United States: The Special Bond Between Two Nations and Two Peoples

Obama and Israel

:Obama and Israel

:Obama & Israel Discover the Networks

:Israel and America: Our Common Problem: Is Obama

America and Israel Have a Common Bond

:America and Israel have a Common Bond

Tom Bearden: Israel Saved Our Bacon

:Tom Bearden: Israel Saved Our Collective Bacon

:Email Highlighting Lt. Col. Tom Bearden's Caliber and Character

A Deeper Spiritual Bond

:God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

:Moses - Mt Sinai - Patriarchs

:Jesus - Jerusalem - Israel




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