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The Return of Jesus Christ – The Rapture – The Removal of the Church

:The Jewish Jesus

:'Discovering The Jewish Jesus'

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - The Four (4) Blood Moons




The Mystery of The Shemitah


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2014-2015 Jewish Holiday Eclipse Schedule


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Perry Stone - Hosts Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz, and Bill Salus


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History of Jesus of Nazareth


:What Did Jesus Do From the Age of 12 until 30 Before His Ministry?

:How many promises and prophecies Did Jesus fulfill during his lifetime?

:How Many Days Between Christ's Resurrection Till He Ascended Into Heaven?

:What did Jesus do from the time of his Resurrection Till His Ascension?

:What does it mean God Knows the End from The Beginning?

Genesis - Jerusalem - Revelation

:What is the correlation between Genesis, Jerusalem and the Garden of Eden?

:Jerusalem - The Center of the Garden of Eden

:Why is Jesus Referred to as the Second Adam?

:Why is Jerusalem the Centerpoint of the Earth?

:Why can't we find the bones and ossuaries of the Patriarchs and Prophets?

:Anchorstone International - Newsletter 04 July 1993

:Where was Noah's Home and Burial Place?

:The Village of Eight and The Anchorstones - Noah's Ark Stones

:'Noah's home near the village of Kazan'

:'Ron Wyatt speaking to a tour group in 1991. View is from Noah's home down to the village of eight.'


:'Ron Wyatt showing the group a tombstone in front of Noah's home.'


:'Mrs. Noah's tombstone as Ron filmed it in 1977. The tombstone has a crude carving of a boat shape on a wave, with a rainbow above and eight people walking away. The second person, who is next to largest, has her head down and eyes closed, representing Mrs. Noah.'


:'The remains of Noah's home. The walls were partially standing when Ron found this in 1977, but the local residents broke down the walls looking for gold.'


:Source Documentation and Reference - Kevin Fisher - Ark

:Noah's Ark - Index of Pages

:Revealing God's Treasure Kevin Fisher

:'Ronald Eldon Wyatt provided serious and significant research regarding his discoveries of Biblical significance pertaining to Jesus Christ, the Ark of the Covenant and many historical Biblical references pertaining to Israel. It would be interesting to compare the Blood found by him and the Blood found on the Shroud of Turin: Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Ronald Eldon Wyatt.....


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