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The Obama Administration - It's A Matter Of Trust

One Voice Movement – Obama Interferes With Israeli Election – Jeremy Bird

One Voice Movement – Obama Interferes With Israeli Election – Jeremy Bird

Andrew K. Dart - Analysis of Obama, the Obama Administration

Andrew K. Dart Analysis of Obama, the Obama Administration

White House Interferes In Israeli Election

White House Interferes In Israeli Election

Former Obama Campaign Aide Now Works to Oust Netanyahu New York Times - February 27, 2015

Jeremy Bird

:WASHINGTON — "Jeremy Bird, the architect of the grass-roots and online organizing efforts that powered President Obama’s presidential campaigns from Chicago, is advising a similar operation in Tel Aviv. But this time it is focused on ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel."

:"His consulting work for the group V15 — an independent Israeli organization that does not support specific candidates but is campaigning to replace Israel’s current government — has added yet another political layer to the diplomatic mess surrounding Mr. Netanyahu’s decision to address a joint meeting of Congress next week on Iran."

'Meet Obama Organizer Working to Boot Netanyahu'

Obama's organizer doing his best to boot Benjamin Netanyahu from office in Israel.

Meet Obama Organizer Working to Boot Netanyahu Aaron Klein - - February 4, 2015

"TEL AVIV – Jeremy Bird, the national field director for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, specializes in the revolutionary tactics infamously pioneered by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky. WND has found that Bird was schooled by a key figure in Alinsky’s organizing movement and that he has since been involved in scores of progressive political campaigns seeking to fundamentally transform the U.S."'

Jeremy Bird


Meet Obama Organizer Working to Boot Netanyahu Aaron Klein - - February 4, 2015

Jeremy Bird - V15

Jeremy Bird - V15

Senator Charles Ellis Schumer (D) NY

Please Remember Senator Schumer Pushed For The Election of Barack Hussein Obama To Be President of the United States

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Schumer


Obama Campaign Merges With George Soros Daniel Greenfield - Front Page - Janurary 25, 2013


'Senator Schumer’s Speech on Obama, Israel & Jews at Temple Beth Shalom, Boca Raton, Florida on September 7th, 2008, urging South Florida to support Obama.'

'Pay close attention to Chuck Schumer’s speech and you will learn why we have a no drill (oil) policy within the United States. Schumer doesn’t want oil. He wants solar, wind, and nuclear, all of which are ineffective and worthless as an alternative, if we wish to remain a strong and viable country. In the short term the United States and Canada are the leading suppliers of coal and oil. In the long term, we are innovators and will develop other alternatives technologically superior to oil, such as water gas, (ocean, sea water, etc). Nuclear power is far too dangerous, as is being demonstrated in Fukashima, Japan. Democrats like Schumer, Reid, Durbin, Pelosi are a plague on the people of the United States. It is they who are targeting the Tea Party and the American People for destruction. What are you going to do about it? I suggest you vote them out of office, before they destroy us and our country.'

Lee M. Zeldin
For US Senate (R) NY"></pesn>

NASA Scientist Warns "California Has One Year Of Water Left"

NASA Scientist Warns


Trevor James Constable

Creating Water From Air

Etheric Weather Engineering

Etheric Weather Engineering - Trevor James Constable

The United States Has Oceans of Fresh Water - The Great Lakes

Gov. Jesse Ventura

Gov. Jesse Ventura:

New York News

:New York has now passed a commonsense bill prohibiting biotech companies from suing farmers whose fields become contaminated with GMOs


:New York legislators pass bill to protect farmers from biotech industry lawsuits (Monsanto)

:(NaturalNews) "On February 11, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that would protect farmers from being sued by biotechnology companies in the case of genetically engineered (GE) crops accidentally growing in their fields. In contrast with conventionally..."


:Altered States - Twisted Truth - How GMOs Took Over The Food Supply (Part 1) Drucker


:Altered States - Twisted Truth - How GMOs Took Over The Food Supply (Part 2) Drucker


Judicial Watch

'Judicial Watch announced today that it submitted six Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the Department of State seeking information about Hillary Clinton’s and other State Department employees’ uses of secret email accounts to conduct government business.'

Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton

Weekly Update: Clinton Email Scandal Breaking News

'"Nothing to see here but wedding plans, family vacations and yoga routines. That's the malarkey that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters during her 20-minute press conference held at the United Nations on Tuesday, March 10. Revelations she exclusively used a "private" email account for her official business during her time in office have erupted in the past few days, raising legal questions and security concerns. So far, we are being led to believe that Clinton turned over 55,000 pages of correspondence to the State Department for review, which accounts for 30,000 of the 60,000 emails she supposedly had in her account(s?). What about the other half? She claims these included mundane personal items like those yoga classes, and, in classic "limited, modified hangout" fashion, put out more false talking points suggesting that she "chose not to keep her private, personal emails that were not federal records." Notice she did not say she deleted the "private, personal emails" or how and who defined which records were personal vs. official."'

National Rifle Association

Beck To NRA - It's Norquist or Me

'"American Conservative Union member Grover Norquist has attracted much criticism and opposition over the years because of his links to Muslim activists – the Center for Security Policy says he pals around with “the Muslim Brotherhood,” for example."'

Hillary Clinton - Email-Gate

Hillary Clinton's Secret Email Servers Andrew K. Dart

Hillary Clinton (OF-109) Email Scandal

Fox News Network on Hillary Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton - Candid-Gate

Hillary Clinton Had Email Troubles of Her Own Andrew K. Dart

Lies About the Benghazi Terrorist Attack Andrew K. Dart

Democratic Party - Socialist Platform

Liberalism in General Andrew K. Dart

Republican Party - Criticism from the Right & The Populace

Criticism of the Republican Party From the Right Andrew K. Dart

Republicans in Name Only - RINOs Andrew K. Dart

Government Hostility Toward The Right Wing

Government Hostility Toward the Right Wing Andrew K. Dart

The Work of Andrew Breitbart Continues

Untimely Death of Andrew Breitbart - But His Work Continues Andrew K. Dart

Politics & Religion



Religion & Politics



God and Man at Yale

William F. Buckley and Skull & Bones


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God and Man and Government

Theocratic Government

Secular Government


Western Government

Eastern Government

Middle Eastern Government


European Union Government

Israeli Government

Islamic Government


The American Government

The Russian Government

The Chinese Government


Republican Government

Democrat Government

Socialist Government


Antony C. Sutton's Three Forms of Socialism

Antony Sutton's Three Forms of Socialism

Antony C. Sutton - FDR

Antony C. Sutton - Hitler

Antony C. Sutton - Bolshevism


Antony C. Sutton - The Academic

Antony C. Sutton D.Sc., University of Southampton, England.

Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.,

Antony C. Sutton - The Academic

Antony C. Sutton - Cal State

Antony C. Sutton - UCLA

Antony C. Sutton - Yale


Antony C. Sutton - International Bankers

Antony C. Sutton - International Bankers

Antony C. Sutton - Standard Oil

Antony C. Sutton - I. G. Farben

Antony C. Sutton - I. T. T.

Antony C. Sutton - Bankers Love Socialism

Antony C. Sutton - George Soros and The Bank of England

George Soros - Lord Rothschild - Bank of England

Antony C. Sutton - Hegelian Dialectic - Mechanism of Control

Antony C. Sutton - Hegelian Dialectic - Mechanism of Control

Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy Henry

Antony Sutton Archives ClerNFO

American Buddha Online Library

Terminator Seeds

Terminator Seeds

Terminator Seeds Grow Once Then Must Be Replaced

Terminator Seeds - Suicide Seeds

Terminator Seeds - Suicide Seeds - Leslie R. Pastor

Terminator Seeds - Terminator Technology - Leslie R. Pastor





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