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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research IX

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research IX

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Feinstein's Assault Weapons Bill Dead on Arrival

European Union and European Banks Plunder (Steal) Their Depositors Funds,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43828540,d.dmQ&fp=f71130309f56a70f&biw=1252&bih=548

Soylent Green is a Reality

A Ketogenic Diet May be a Key to Cancer Recovery

When Will Government Alter its Dangerous Dietary Guidelines?



Orly Taitz Discusses Obama Fraud To Members Of US Congress At CPAC

"Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz is currently a VIP attendee at the CPAC convention. She personally talked to Members of the Judiciary Committee 'Congressman Loui Gohmert, Senator Jim Inhofe, Congressman Steven King' and retired Senator and current president of the Heritage Foundation 'Jim Demint'.

During the conversation with Congressman Gohmert Taitz was surrounded by multiple reporters, who took pictures and recorded on video tape the conversation. 'Taitz showed Gohmert Obama’s tax returns with CT SSN 042-68-4425 and SSNVS and E-verify, showing that Obama failed E-Verify and SSNVS', that he is using a stolen SSN. 'Taitz advised Gohmert that in January Department of Justice appeared before Judge England, stating that they represent the US Congress and on behalf of the US Congress they opposed the injunction of the certification of Obama’s electoral votes'. I asked, if he as a US Congressman and member of the Judiciary committee indeed felt that it is proper for Obama to use the SSN that was not assigned to him, whether he indeed directed the US Department of Justice to represent him and oppose the injunction. 'Gohmert stated in front of all the reporters that he did not know anything about this and that the Department of Justice never gave him any papers.'" 'They are Luciferians'


Obama a disciple of Saul Alinskyis friends with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn <pesn type=, and as a young man he came under the tutelage and mentorship of Frank Marshall Davis" str=" He is the most dishonest President in US History and his ObamaCare is nothing but a pack of lies ["></pesn>.

He is using the EPA as a weapon, recently shutting down the Hess Oil Corporation from operating within the US. If you wonder why Fox News hasn't been more vocal and less condescending towards the Obama Administration, his stacked FCC and the abuse of the Fairness Doctrine is to blame. Obama won reelection because of massive (government) funding from ACORN. Obama evidently hates America and is destroying it. Obama is not just a fraud but a determined destroyer, and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are man enough to expose him. Could it be that both political parties have their own agendas and skeletons to keep (hide)? 'They are Luciferians'

We have a flawed system, when it is apparent that “checks and balances” no longer exist between the three (3) branches of government. It is apparent that the Justice Department is in Obama’s pocket, and he is no longer subject to the “law of the land” by the actions taken and performed.

The Tea Party is and has been about preserving the status quo and standard of living for all Americans. Their peaceful demonstrations in Washington DC, unnoticed by the Media, was about preserving the integrity of our American institutions and limiting the size and scope of the Federal Government’s intrusiveness into the affairs of all Americans. They believe that they have been taxed enough already, hence the name TEA Party. Most would subscribe to a permanent flat tax of 10% across the board for everybody, rich and poor alike, with no deductions, provided the State, Local and Federal Governments lived within their means, downsized and eliminated waste, balanced the budget, curtailing all other spending other than allowed by the US Constitution. That would mean that the people would remain the inherent holders of the political power and all office holders would have to take an oath of office (loyalty) to uphold and defend the US Constitution while in office (in writing and orally spoken in a public forum). It would also mean the elimination of the Departments of Education Energy EPA Homeland Security (not needed because of redundancy) and any other Federal Agency not warranted/needed due to the resultant changes such as the Internal Revenue Service (not needed due to the taxes being taken out automatically and fixed at 10% indefinitely). Revenues would accelerate dramatically, industry would flourish, wealth would reemerge and our standard of living would explode with an ever increasing technological base. Central Banking and money would not be borrowed, but created as a public trust, a fixed currency publicly owned and controlled by the inherent holders of the political power. The only purpose for Central Banking would be to expand the money supply as needed, and to provide capital for developing businesses and entrepreneurs. The Central Banking system would be held in trust by the inherent holders of the political power (the American people collectively owning shares in the Central Banking system which would be given to them at its inception). The shares could not be traded, sold or given away, and merely retired if an individual died intestate. These shares would provide income from loans paid back to the Central Bank Trust, which would be recirculated by the inherent holders of the political power. In this manner, no one family or group could dominate and destroy our country.

'But all of this is mute, unless propagated by a people wiling to submit to God's law as a standard of legitimacy based on God's standard known as the Ten Commandments.' Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant

Cases in which Guns save lives

Obama and Gun Control

Carnivore, Einstein, Tempest, and Echelon

Homeland Security vs The Right Wing

Operation Gun Runner/Operation Fast and Furious

Zero Tolerance (Political Correctness vs Common Sense)

Oklahoma City Bombing Data

The USA Patriot Act and The Illusion of Homeland Security

ObamaCare is a Tax and nothing but a Tax

Obama’s Drones and Secret Kill List

Climate Conferences (Feudalism and Heavy Taxes)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Investigates Barack Obama

Lies About Energy Production

Occupy Wall Street Demonstration vs The Tea Party

Political Correctness Obscures Black Hate Crimes Black Racism Black Mobs


Pat Boone: "Obama Purposely Destroying America - Using Saul Alinsky 'Playbook'



'The Control Paradigm under the Obama Administration has begun: Google: "Hess EPA Closings" "Hess EPA"'

Google Articles:Hess:

'Rapid Dissociation of Water has been available for decades and can be used as an alternative fuel source for the past thirty years but suppressed:'


'''Water for Gas Documentation:

Stanley Meyer Documentation:!

Educate Yourself

A Manhattan Style Project on alternative (water) fuel systems is long past due. It needs to be done so that the people of the United States are no longer held hostage to manufactured crisis by either friend or foe. If the United States refuses to conduct such a project, rest assured other countries are already doing so, and will leave us in the dustbin of history.

'SHOCK! Police Uses Water Instead of Gas for All Cars in Honea Path, South Carolina'


It’s time to take back your government, lawfully, prayerfully and constitutionally, asking God for guidance in this matter. It is apparent that the Democrats and the Republicans have lost their way. And it is apparent that they no longer represent the men and women who live in the real world of hard work and struggle, to make ends meet, put food on the table, and pay their substantial bills. Young people are saddled with perpetual debt, because they were told that an education will afford them a better life, that is a lie, it is no longer true for them, and many of them are squandering their lives in menial jobs, unable to work in their true capacity as engineers, physicists, biologists or inventors because of the dilemma that has been fostered upon them by the Obama (Democrat) Administration and by the Republican party. If you doubt me, talk to the young (intelligent) men and women who work as managers in local shops, food stores, restaurants, who can’t even pay off their obligations, and barely get by from day to day. It is a travesty that the American people aren’t even aware of their children’s plight. The Obama administration has squandered $6 trillion dollars on worthless and meaningless fraudulent (nowhere) goals, when they could have solved most of America’s real ills. We need to clean house. We need to vet every candidate, and have absolute power to remove them if they violate their oaths of office immediately, so that the damage can be avoided before it destroys us and our country.

The old guard in both political parties should be retired from office they have clearly lost touch with their constituents. We need new blood, fresh ideas and worthwhile goals that are indicative of a free and prosperous people. We should not limit ourselves to just two political parties, but look at Tea Party candidates and libertarians, who have significant contributions, such as (Libertarian) Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, who balanced his state’s budget and left it with a surplus. Liberalism (socialism) is a failed political philosophy, and needs to be permanently replaced with an open dialogue with the American people at every level of our society. The Control Paradigm needs to be examined carefully, thoughtfully, to ascertain the appropriateness of its structure and format. Our government needs to be streamlined, downsized and in some cases whole departments need to be curtailed entirely due to their negative impact on our nation’s well-being. Taxes should be limited to 10% of our incomes, and government should be compelled to live within their means period, just like each and every American family must do. The banking fraternity must be made responsible for their actions and limited in their ability to influence our government. They must be subject to our laws and to our US Constitution. In this manner they would not be permitted to form alliances with unscrupulous and hidden agendas. Money should remain a medium of exchange, and once again become a store of value, rather than be a tool of the banks to create dislocations in our economy via inflation and deflation cycles. Money should retain its measure of value indefinitely, so that goods and services can expand exponentially within a growing global economy. All taxation other than income taxes forever fixed at 10% should cease immediately, so that our economy can once again expand explosively and dynamically. Wealth is not a zero sum game, but is created in the minds of men and women via their original ideas and novel technologies that they produce through hard work and personal effort.

We need to undo the mistakes of the past, such as GMO foods, Geo-Engineering, and the deliberate weaponization of the global weather system. We also need to be aware that the real enemies of freedom are not the law-abiding citizens of our country, but those who consider themselves and their agenda superior to our US Constitution and our way of life because of it. We have many problems and we cannot solve them alone, without Divine intervention. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

China, Singapore Sling Capital Across Pacific To Buy U.S. Trophy Assets



New Jersey Mother Pressured To Turn Over Her Guns - Charged With Terroristic Threats After Reading the US Constitution At Tax Dispute Assembly

How America Is Becoming A Police State - WorldNetDaily

US Plans to Let Spy Agencies Scour Americans’ Finances - NewsMax

Obama Poised For Hostile Military Takeover of US - Part 1

Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

Why is Obama's DHS Buying Armored Vehicles For Use Within the United States?




Federal Judge Declares CA State Law Inadmissable Prepares Persecution of Medical Marijuana Card Holders Patricia Albright and Her Son Jordan Wirtz


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Kissinger: The Enemy is Man

GeoEngineering Exposed: E.L.Rothschild LLC Acquires A Majority Stake In Weather Central LP


Stanley Meyer reveals important information regarding Iraqi Oil. Meyer was the inventor of the water fuel car, for which he paid the ultimate price.

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Stanley Meyer Documentation:

Pakistan Runs Car on Water produced Hydrogen

Steve Meyer Stan’s Brother

Official Stanley Meyer Autopsy Report

News Clips