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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 9

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 9

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Trump BACK OFF on the ATTACKS on Dr. Ben Carson

:'It will only backfire on Trump due to the fact Dr. Carson is well-liked.'

:'By attacking Carson, Trump is also perceived as attacking the voters themselves'

:'Trump needs to provide "substance" to His Campaign--Explaining How He will Govern'


:Shooting in Paris Shopping Mall

:Paris Attacks Live Updates

:BBC News - Paris - France [ISIS Terrorist Attack]

:'State of Emergency - In Place'

:'Around 100 People Are Killed in Paris Concert Attack'

:Paris Attacks: Dozens Dead and Bataclan hostage stand-off

:Sid Israel Roth 'It's Supernatural'

:1000 Almost 1,000 Jewish People Saved in One Day! Sid Roth. org

:Fox Business News - Lou Dobbs

:'Rand Paul - We Should Audi the Fed!'


:Media Fails to Report the Obvious

:Violent Black on White Crime Andrew K. Dart

:The Islamic terrorist attack at the University of California Merced -- just another Andrew K. Dart

:Political Insider News

:Muslims Tried to Push Fundamentalist Teachings On Catholic Schools, Catholics RESPOND!


:BreitBart News

:BreitBart News

:Dr. Mercola News

:Mercola Vaccine & Medical News Dr. Mercola

:News -

:Federal Judge Rules Against NSA Phone Surveillance Bob Unruh - - Nov 10, 2015

:Al Quaida Muslim Terror Boss Caught on Migrant Boat Leo Hohmann - - Nov 10, 2015

:Will 2017 Be A Jubilee Year? Joseph Farah - - Nov 8, 2015


:News With Views

The Alinsky Affect Taking Hold in America

:'"Properly informed or schooled Americans would not entertain the fool-hearty concept that one is xenophobic because they simply want people to obey our laws and immigrate into the United States legally. Also, perhaps American voters would not have twice elected an individual who literally wants to bring tens of thousands of American hating muslims into our country to try and change our American culture into a bastion of rights inhibiting sharia law......."'


:'by Ron Edwards'

Campus thuggery spreads as college Marxists shun 1st Amendment

:'"Well, so much for the First Amendment. Tossing sanity to the wind, college kids behaving as Marxists at so-called places of higher learning around the nation have broken free their classroom constraints to wander their various respective campuses, bullhorns in hand, and call for a stop to such offenses as wearing politically incorrect Halloween costumes, or for the forced removal of journalists covering – gasp – news events......."'


:'by Cheryl Chumley'


:Personal Libety News

:Nit-Picking Carson's Past Over Obama's Liberty News Desk - Nov 9, 2015

:Why Are There So Few Conservative Reporters? Sam Rolley - Personal - Nov 9, 2015

:Uneasiness Looms Over U.S. Voters, Poll Shows David Lauter - Tribune Washington Bureau - Nov 9, 2015

:Does The Bell Toll For The Fed? Ron Paul - Personal Liberty - Nov 9, 2015


:Richmond Times Dispatch

:Rep. Dave Brat: Congress Must Address Americans' Real Concerns David Brat - - Nov 7, 2015

:'A year ago, no one would have thought this was possible.'

:'The newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has verbally agreed to change the way leadership distributes power and authority in Congress. Before, many key deals would be pre-negotiated between House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and passed with the support of fewer than half of the Republicans. Speaker Ryan has promised to put an end to this top-down approach.'

:'Ryan has said there will be no more backroom deals and late-night votes on 1,000-plus page bills members haven’t even read. He has promised that bills that we vote on will have gone through the committee pipeline for weeks — rather than hours — and that members will have had ample opportunity to voice their opinion and offer amendments.'

:'“When we do not follow regular order — when we rush to pass bills a lot of us do not understand — we are not doing our job,” said Ryan.'


:The Obama Administration - Immigration Policy

:'The Obama administration has released an updated welcome guide for new immigrants in the U.S. featuring detailed sections about obtaining public benefits including food stamps, welfare, and Obamacare.'

:'“You or members of your family may be eligible for other federal benefits, depending on your immigration status, length of time in the United States, and income level,” the guidebook reads.'

:'Titled the “Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants” the publication is available in 14 languages: Arabic, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese, and two varieties of Chinese.'

:'The guide offers detailed information on the expectations and rights of a permanent resident, tips on settling in the U.S., employment advice, and available public benefits. It also highlights reasons to become a citizen.'


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:Dr. Ben Carson - Gifted Hands


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