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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 8

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 8

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


New Energy Congress

Image:NewEnergyCongressShieldBanner95x95 byKevn.jpg

New Energy Congress


New Energy Congress in the News



Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD (Main20)

Congress:Top 100:Complete List

Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies


Congress:Technology Criteria

New Energy Congress: Validation Service







Congress:What Membership Entails


Congress:Bylaws (rd)

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Category:New Energy Congress


Fourth (4th) Republican Debate - 2015

:Fourth (4th) Republican Debate - 2015

:Fourth (4th) Republican Debate (Videos) - 2015

God's Creation Mathematics

:God's Creation Mathematics

:Math from a Biblical Worldview Christian

:Why Mathematics? It is the Language of Creation The Imaginative

:Shapes, Numbers, Patterns, And The Divine Proportion In God's Creation Fred Willson, M.S. -

Francis S. Collins - The Language of God

:'"Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project is one of the world’s leading scientists. He works at the cutting edge of the study of DNA, the code of life Yet he is also a man of unshakable faith in God and scripture."'

:'"Dr. Collins believes that faith in God and faith in science can coexist within a person and be harmonious. In The Language of God he makes his case for God and science. He has heard every argument against faith from scientists, and he can refute them. He has also heard the needless rejection of scientific truths by some people of faith, and he can counter that, too. He explains his own journey from atheism to faith, and then takes readers for a stunning tour of science to show that physics, chemistry, and biology can all fit together with belief in God and the Bible. The Language of God is essential reading for anyone who wonders about the deeper questions of faith: Why are we here? How did we get here? What does life mean?"'

:The Language of God - Francis S. Collins


:Reference - Documentation - Revue





Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research DNA

The Human Genome Project

Gene Drive Technology Can Quickly Change Entire Species

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Aging and Immortality

Site:LRP:Intelligent Design and The Darwin Fallacy

Hebrew - The Language of God

:Hebrew - The Language of God

:'The purpose of language is to communicate Information, concepts, data, documentation and references. Language transfers via uniform transmission information cognizable to all, who hear, read and reference its meaning as an understandable unification pertaining to laws, education, and information recognizable as a common unification identifying all who partake of its structure. Language identifies its participants via a commonality pertaining to culture, custom, and uniformity.'

:The Hebrews - A Created People

:Abraham - A Called Out Chaldean from Mesopotamia

Janet Lee Meisinger - Colorado - Oath of Office

:We the People In Colorado Janet Lee Meisinger

:Successful Common Law Courts in Colorado JLM

:Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform J A M & JLM

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm IS NOT Absolute/YOU CAN FIGHT BACK

:'''Constitution: Fact or Fiction : The Story of the Nation's Descent from a Constitutional Republic Through a Constitutional Dictatorship to an Unconst 1st Edition 'Dr. Eugene Schroder along with other farmers and ranchers did extensive research into what went wrong in America which they documented in Constitution:Fact or Fiction... Every American needs to read this book and learn that we the American people were declared to be 'the enemy' in FDR & his accommodators' Trading With the Enemy Act.'

:'This will explain why those in D.C. continue to pass legislation to economically destroy America from within while ending the people's natural rights which were secured by our American founding documents.'

:'I am thankful to have been able to serve on the first Colorado People's Grand Jury in 1995 in which we heard the testimonies of Colorado Senator Charles Duke, Dr. Eugene Schroder's and other researchers' exposing the intended destruction of America by 'insiders'.'

:'All Americans Need to Read this Research'

:'Janet Lee Meisinger'

:December 7, 2011

Site:LRP:Janet Lee Meisinger's Report on The Bundy Ranch and the BLM

Political Trust Deeds

Yale University – The Avalon Project

Major Document Collections

The American Constitution - A Documentary Record

Organic Law

:'"The U.S. Supreme Court has held that when a politician takes his oath to "support the Constitution," he not only swears to uphold that document, but all the founding charters of our country, which together are called the "organic law."'

:(1) Cole v. Richardson, 405 U.S. 676 at 682, 92 S.Ct. 1332 at 1336, 31 L.Ed.2d 593 (1972), citing Ohlson v. Phillips, 304 F.Supp. 1152 (Colo. 1969).

:(2) 1 U.S.C.A 17-23 (West, 1988). The Ordinance was originally approved while the nation was still under the Articles of Confederation, but was repassed by Congress while it was formulating the First Amendment so that it would remain in effect under the new Form of Government. Annals of the Congress of the United States, Wash. D.C.: Gales & Seaton, vol. 1, pp. 56 (Senate), 660 (House).

:(3) Northwest Ordinance, Sec. 14, Art. III, 1 U.S.C.A 21. (West, 1988). Schools were required by the federal government to teach religion in those states admitted into the Union under the Northwest Ordinance. The constitutions of states admitted as late as 1875 (Nebraska) contained almost identical language, requiring the teaching of Christianity in the public schools. Commended by the U.S. Supreme Court in Church of the Holy Trinity v. U.S., 143 U.S. 457, 469. See discussion in Barton, Myth, p. 37-39.


:What Constitutes "Organic Laws?"

:What Constitutes

:Fundamental Documents

Jesus IS The Reason for the Season


:'It was a Christian who decided to verify the Biblical findings of the Bible. A Seventh Day Adventist, by the name of Ronald Eldon Wyatt decided in the late 70s, early 80s to examine the fabled “Noah’s Ark located in the “mountains of Ararat” in Turkey. His success at verification led to similar successful findings of additional verifications, locations of Jesus Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection sites. Seventh Day Adventism came to light, via the recent Carson/Trump presidential election campaigns.'

:'The Shroud of Turin and its verification became the focal point of the actual discovery and verification of Jesus’ resurrection as indicated by the imprint left within the burial cloth as He scanned through the Shroud, all of which is documented and available to those who are interested and diligently seek the knowledge.'

:'Jesus is Jewish, having been born a Jew, in the land of Judea, the city of David, in a manger in Bethlehem. His life and legacy is that He came for the redemption of mankind, to the Jew first and then for the rest of humanity. Christian Carols for centuries have proclaimed the good news of the Gospels as recently as our lifetimes in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.'


:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Ronald Eldon Wyatt




:When A Jew Rules The World - Joel Richardson



:Revealing Jesus as Messiah

:Revealing Jesus as Messiah - Stuart Sacks





:Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Brutally Beheads Christian Convert - October 12, 2012

:EGYPT Imprisons Obama Muslim Brotherhood: Takes Action Against Terrorist Conspirators Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton! - December 27, 2013

:Egyptian Legal Authorities Charge Obama And Hillary Clinton: Criminal Conspiracy With Muslim Brotherhood. Political Vel - December 26, 2013

:Jeb Bush Profited From Firms He Favored In Office Jerome R. Corsi - - November 6, 2015

:Limbaugh - Carson is Victim of Electronic Lynching Chelsea Shilling - - November 7, 2015

:The Window of Opportunity to Protect Vaccine Freedom Is Closing Dr. Mercola - - November 8, 2015

:Need to Know News G. Edward Griffin - November 6, 2016

:GAO Report Reveals Obamacare More Corrupt and Fraudulent than thought

:Fraudulent Birth Certificate and SSN of Barack

:JVIM Global News

:Interesting Information from Minds

:IMF Chief: Prosecute Bankers, not just Banks, for Malfeasance

:Iceland & Banks

:Iceland convicts bad bankers and says other nations can act February 02, 2015

:Iceland Imprisoned Its Bankers and Let Banks Go Bust Zero June 11, 2015

: Andrew K. Dart

:Abuse of Power by Ordinary Cops Andrew K. Dart

:Cops Under Fire for Senseless Murder of Cattle Rancher Douglas Ernest - - November 9, 2015

:Muslim Majority

:Detroit Suburb Elects First Muslim Majority City Council In America

:Muslim Majority Brings Sharia Laws

Breitbart News

:Breitbart Newsletter

:Breitbart News Roundup, November 9, 2015

:'Conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin says no conservative in Congress should vote for the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which he referred to as a “destroy-the-Constitution deal” that would enable President Barack Obama to take “us to the fast track to hell.”'

:Mark Levin: 'Destroy the Constitution' - TPP Deal Will Allow Obama to Take US to 'Fast-Track to Hell' Tony Lee - - November 9, 2015


Judicial Watch


:Judicial Watch Tom Fitton

:Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet - November 11, 2015

:Judicial Watch - Weekly Update Tom Fitton


Hillary Rodham Clinton

:'Hillary signed a State Department Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement'


:'Crickets from the Mass Media - Crickets from the Liberal Media - Crickets from the 4th Estate'

:Hillary signed a State Department Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement

:'As the nation’s chief diplomat, Hillary Clinton was responsible for ascertaining whether information in her possession was classified and acknowledged that “negligent handling” of that information could jeopardize national security, according to a copy of an agreement she signed upon taking the job.'

:'A day after assuming office as secretary of state, Clinton signed a Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement that laid out criminal penalties for “any unauthorized disclosure” of classified information. Experts have guessed that Clinton signed such an agreement, but a copy of her specific contract, obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute through an open records request and shared with the Washington Free Beacon, reveals for the first time the exact language of the NDA.'

:'“I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized retention, or negligent handling of SCI by me could cause irreparable injury to the United States or be used to advantage by a foreign nation,” the agreement states.'


:'Two days after the discredited Carson story, his claim of a West Point scholarship offer is still major news in the mainstream media. Two days after the huge Washington Free Beacon story there is still media silence. In the end this proves Dr. Carson’s point that the media treats Republican candidates differently than it treats Hillary Clinton.'

:Hillary Lied About Benghazi

:'Crickets from the Mass Media - Crickets from the Liberal Media - Crickets from the 4th Estate'


Obama vs Carson

:Obama vs. Carson

:The Non-Vetted Obama

:The Extreme Vetted Carson


:Liberal Media Evades Obama Clinton Lies - Targets Carson Life Story Truths


News With Views

Knife Wielding Muslim Attacks Students at Cal. Campus

:'"Last week, a lone 18-year-old Muslim at the University of California-Merced, ran around campus slicing people up with his knife. Campus SWAT teams killed him as he ran toward more victims. Faisal Mohammad, according to witnesses, smiled as he slashed his victims. He carried a Twitter account associated with ISIS, that just last week released a series of videos calling for lone wolf stabbing attacks......."'


:'by Frosty Wooldridge'

Christians' Lack of Discernment is Costing Us Our Nation and Freedom

:'"Why is it that so few people, Christians in particular, cannot see through the lies and deception of the enemy? Is it because they listen to the main stream media? Is it because they're so brainwashed with propaganda that they believe everything they are told? Is it because their pastors are still feeding their flock milk and Pablum, rather than graduating them to strong meat?......."'


:'by Kelleigh Nelson'

Finally They Admit, The Goal of Climate Change is to Destroy Capitalism

:'"At a speaking event with my friend Karen, she put to rest the theory of the oceans rising because of glaciers melting with her experiment with the glass of water and ice. You can do this at home. Just take a full glass of ice, fill it with water to the top and go shopping or work in the garden for a couple of hours – come back home and then tell me if the water is over-flowing out of the glass. Need I say more?......."'


:'by Dianne Kepus'

Putin’s Quagmire

:'"If, indeed, this is an ISIS bombing, not only is it one of the most devastating attacks since 9/11, it is also evidence that ISIS has placed Russia in its cross-hairs. If a terrorist attack, it would appear to be ISIS retaliation for Putin’s intervention in Syria and, more particularly, his direction of at least some bombardment against ISIS forces in that country......."'


:'by Attorney Jonathan Emord'

Dr. Ben Carson Won't Get My Vote

:'"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Friday that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his campaign......."'


:'by Devvy Kidd'


The Opposing View

:The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom Rabbi Nachum Shifren - - November 30, 2009

:The ADL Targets WND Joseph Farah - - November 21, 2009

:Jews Confirm - Big Media is Jewish Ted Pike - - January 28, 2006

:Martin Luther: On The Jews and Their Lies

:Martin Luther: The Jews and Their Lies <pesn type=["></pesn>

:Libel Against Luther The Reformation Society


Common Core

:The Cure for the Common Core

:The Cure for the Common Core Catholic Conference of Kentucky

:The Cure for the Common Core - Part 1 - Diagnosis Foundation for American Christian Education, Wednesday - August 12, 2015

:No Exit, No Voice: The Design of Common Core Williamson M. Evers - The Heritage Foundation - June 2015

:Building the Machine: The Common Core Documentary


:Parents Reject Common Core

:Common Core - Federalized Education Curriculum Andrew K. Dart

:Reasons For Rejection of Common Core Standards

:Liberal Indoctrination Within Our School System

The Common Core Standards


Get Ready For The Common Core Standards The Common Core - Barnes & Noble

Category Education - Common Core The Common Core - Simon & Schuster

David Coleman - The Architect of the Common Core Standards

David Coleman - Architect of the Common Core Standards

David Coleman - Common Core

David Coleman - Common Core

Who is David Coleman?

Who is David Coleman?

The Common Core Deception

The Common Core Deception

Common Core - A Trojan Horse For Education Reform

Common Core - A Trojan Horse For Education Reform Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum, California, Author, Former Teacher

:Foundation For American Christian Education - Facebook

:Common Core - Part 11 Dennis L. Cuddy - NewsWithViews - November 1, 2015


The Compendium Group

Site:LRP:The Technology Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 501 Torah Code

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Summer 2015 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Leslie R. Pastor - Compendium




:Education Andrew K. Dart



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