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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 7

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 7

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor'''


New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Primary Commentary Regarding Dr. Ben Carson

:'Dr. Ben Carson will be totally researched by his opponents, pundits and by both the Left and the Right during his rise in the electoral process right up until the Primaries. Should he succeed in obtaining the nomination, he will then be scrutinized even further by the Democrat Party Political Machine. If there is any hint of impropriety in his past, if any of his statements, whether from published sources or his spoken word are found to be untrue, he will be attacked and smeared in an attempt to destroy his credibility.'

:Reference & Documentation


The Great Pi Conspiracy

:'Is Free Energy Just Pi In The Sky? '

:The Great Pi Conspiracy

:The Great Pi Conspiracy, Part 2

:The Real Value of Pi With Mathematical Proof by Mark & Scott Wollum

:The Great Pi Conspiracy Part 1 Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - February 5, 2015

:The Great Pi Conspiracy Part 2 Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - October 6, 2015

:Harvey D. Norris - November 4, 2015

:' "Actually I have my own theory of pi in formulation today as a document. I am repeating the resonance tests of the 666 machine after restoring balance. So I will be sending you this link twice once now and once again in the future as they say with my mathematical proof attached as a web posting to groups with links attached from yahoo groups. Meanwhile puzzle yourself over this pi predicament and the ramifications thereof. Likewise the article notes that NASA would have to have noted a deviance of the actual pi value, where here apparently they are talking about a one thousandth, (.001) deviance. The proof of the deviance uses something called Keplar triangles. It also challenges the assumptions based on calculus whereby infinitesimal divisions of the observation can lead to a proven limit. This mathematical problem should keep you busy for awhile, and is probably indispensable for making further observations or assumptions. As Tesla would say."'

:'''Sincerely Yours 'Harvey D Norris'

:[1]: '" I have discovered something that may not be "obvious" to the outsiders in electrical science. When an inductor has a q of pi, it should exibit the same energy movement in time as that producing heat, or what is termed "real power" to the environment. If the primary system has a q higher then pi, (the 666 machine appoaches 2pi) more energy is being transfered displaying itself as real magnetic field volumes moving through space and producing secondary induction effects then that wasted as heat on the transfer agent." [HDN]'

:[2]: '"Since apparently little or no research has been conducted concerning source frequency tuned air core transformers, many facts get glossed over. These might be overlooked until we employ these processes in triplicate vs inputs initially split in time three ways by the 3 phase source of ferromagnetic emf. In a nutshell the development of the three phase air core transformer contained an unforeseen possibility whereby the secondaries themselves being adjacent in space could have mutual induction between them, introducing a third parameter beyond the first two employed in the primary/secondary coupling. This showed the result of each secondary action being "more" opposite in time then what their respective mutual induction with their primaries would dictate. In fact schemes of line coupled cooperation agreements between secondary phasings can be shown whereby 97% of the induced voltages initially separated three fold in time at 120 degrees of time separation are now made to appear only 3% off what would be obtained if no difference in time existed between those seriesed inputs! Later we learn that the wings of this communist circuit are themselves in unity and force the central element to partially oppose its primary source of emf, essentially using two phases to force an action to oppose the natural action of lenz law on that central phase by interphasal line connections, and now this central line coupled secondary will act to charge its own source of emf." [HDN]'

:[3]: '"In concordance with the most remarkable discovery of the 21st Century I must admit hearing Lyndon LaRouche many years ago in New York City attending a presidential gig and was an active Labor Party member during my university days at the University of Akron. As Sherlock Holmes would say the game is afoot Watson. Here is the first stationary demonstration of the conversion of time into energy, via LOCALIZED relativity effects. The magnetic fields do the work of distorting the time input to the primary. As for now I will end these incessant replies and soon make proof of my claims."' Sincerely Obstinant '[HDN]'

:[4]: '"It is said that one should study algebra before that of calculus. Of course calculus is a spectacular tool and has its uses. But in the study of air core transformers the subject is exclusively more or less tied to Tesla coils and radio circuits at high frequency. These theorists by not enduring the "school of hard knocks" have little or no realization of the real actions of circuits vs the ideal actions cited in electrical textbooks. Particularly true in this case is the "algebra" of study concerning the less spectacular "source frequency air core transformer". It is here where we find some important correlation of pi as a energy gate. As every astute electrical engineer is aware, an inductor has an inductive reactance that causes the amperage as the effect of energy flow from the cause of the source of emf to lag behind in time. Because of this the cyclic waves of each voltage and amperage measurement do not coincide in time and the voltage times the amperage measurement is termed the apparent power which should always be a higher value then the true power measured as the heat loss on the inductor or the I^2R measurement. Now a reactance borrows and returns energy from the source, so what happens in series resonance? A cancelling reactance is added in series and the circuit should then obey ohms law, if other factors are ignored. Now to accomplish the higher current demanded from ohms law compared to the current derived from impedance alone, an internal voltage rise occurs in the circuit. More amperage and more voltage in the circuit also means expanded magnetic and electric field values then that found in the reactive state. But at series resonance VI= I^2R and all the apparent energy input as VI will go into the heating of the wires as the I^2R heat loss. So where did the energy for the expanded energy transfer in time contained in the oscillating magnetic and electric fields come from? Now that energy flow does not come from the source as borrowed and returned energy any more, instead the energy is borrowed and returned amongst the reactive entities themselves. WHEN THE Q FACTOR IS PI, or when the energy in the fields has gone up 3.14 times from its reactive state, now the energy transfer between those fields in time will EQUAL that dissipated as heat. What this means is that if the air core transformer primary of the system is designed higher then pi with secondary components also displaying q factors higher then pi then the REAL secondary heat power out will exceed the REAL primary wire connected input. This initially may contradict the theorists who state that more power outputted then imputed is impossible. But then we discover an incredible thing: the 3 phase primary system has its time circle contracted by ~17%! The situation is analogous to having a circular spinning generator with long "loss-less" delivery wires where the relative velocity differences between the center and the sender having a relative time compressed by relativity has the shown effect of converting me time into energy." HDN '

:[5]: '"It is on the 33rd move that the double wind 64 wind chess knight magic square code pattern emerges, based on the outside squares of seven and nine, compared to the central square of eight, making for 64 square winds on the construct. On this square half of the connections between windings in series can be rerouted for each oscillation between uniform and magic balanced state." HDN'



:'Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances'

:Site:LRP:Multiple Dimensions in Space-Time Exist - Harvey D. Norris Provides Proof - Is Immediately Censored

:Site:LRP:The Study of TIME & The TIME Factor

:Multiply Connected Space-Time Exists Enabling Instantaneous Relocation


:'The Control Paradigm (Control Groups CFR U.S. Foundations Secret Societies (Masonic Orders The Russell Trust Association Yale Secret Societies) have conspired to bring about the fall of the United States, by controlling the direction and perspective of the people of the United States. Their ultimate goal to comfortably merge the United States into the New World Order of global socialism under a global world dictatorship, and to accomplish their ends, they have dumbed down their offspring, taken over their schools, universities and manipulated their curriculum, structuring them into the followers of educators who transitioned from their previous roles as agitators, community organizers, radical revolutionaries of Marxist-Leninism and Maoism. Our children and grandchildren no longer learn about American History (the U. S. Constitution American Revolutionary War and early American History (1680 - 1880). The Obama Presidency is the ultimate result of that Conspiracy.'

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Compendium

Site:LRP:Foundations: Their Significance & Their Ultimate Goal

Site:LRP:Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association


Site:LRP:The New World Order

Site:LRP:China & The New World Order

:'The U. S. Government (Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Communists, Liberals, and Conservatives) lied to us, the people of the United States about “planned obsolescence, technologies and their ultimate goals.” They literally gave away the store, via NAFTA, GATT, sending our jobs, technologies, including factories, US Corporations overseas, to Communist countries (China, Russia, South America) and our manufacturing bases to Mexico, Canada, Europe. After realizing that the people of the United States became aware of the Federal Reserve Scheme via the negative algorithm of the US monetary system, they enabled first Soviet Russia and now Communist China to control the American Debt System, placing all of the people of the United States into immediate and extreme debt to foreign countries. They indeed intend to destroy the United States as articulated by allowing Obama, Soros and the Secret Societies to continue unimpeded and unencumbered without opposition. America why are you allowing this to be done?'


Site:LRP:The Money Paradigm

The Real State of The Union

:Article and Data Provided by Janet Lee Meisinger & Gary Schornack

:[1] The National Debt. 'Why aren’t politicians talking about the whopping $18.1 trillion and rising that our government owes to foreign countries, private corporations and its retirement programs? Not only is the U.S. the largest debtor nation in the world, but according to Forbes, “the amount of interest on the national debt is estimated to be accumulating at a rate of over one million dollars per minute.” Shouldn’t the government being on the verge of bankruptcy be an issue worth talking about?'

:[2] Black Budget Spending. 'It costs the American taxpayer $52.6 billion every year to be spied on by the sixteen or so intelligence agencies tasked with surveillance, data collection, counterintelligence and covert activities. The agencies operating with black budget (top secret) funds include the CIA, NSA and Justice Department. Clearly, our right to privacy seems to amount to nothing in the eyes of the government and those aspiring to office.'

:[3] Government Contractors. 'Despite all the talk about big and small government, what we have been saddled with is a government that is outsourcing much of its work to high-paid contractors at great expense to the taxpayer and with no competition, little transparency and dubious savings. According to the Washington Post, “By some estimates, there are twice as many people doing government work under contract than there are government workers.” These open-ended contracts, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, “now account for anywhere between one quarter and one half of all federal service contracting.” Moreover, any attempt to reform the system is “bitterly opposed by federal employee unions, who take it as their mission to prevent good employees from being rewarded and bad employees from being fired.”'

:[4] Cost of War. 'Then there’s the detrimental impact the government’s endless wars (fueled by the profit-driven military industrial complex) is having on our communities, our budget and our police forces. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense is the world’s largest employer, with more than 3.2 million employees. Since 9/11, we’ve spent more than $1.6 trillion to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When you add in our military efforts in Pakistan, as well as the lifetime price of health care for disabled veterans and interest on the national debt, that cost rises to $4.4 trillion.'

:[5] Education. 'Despite the fact that the U.S. spends more on education than any other developed nation, our students continue to lag significantly behind other advanced industrial nations. Incredibly, teenagers in the U.S. ranked 36th in the world in math, reading and science.'

:[6] Civics Knowledge. 'Americans know little to nothing about their rights or how the government is supposed to operate. This includes educators and politicians. For example, 27 percent of elected officials cannot name even one right or freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment, while 54 percent do not know the Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war. As one law professor notes':

:::'Only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government. Fewer than half of 12th grade students can describe the meaning of federalism. Only 35% of teenagers can identify “We the People” as the first three words of the Constitution. Fifty-eight percent of Americans can’t identify a single department in the United States Cabinet. Only 5% of high school seniors can identify checks on presidential power, only 43% could name the two major political parties, only 11% knew the length of a Senator’s term, and only 23% could name the first President of the United States.'

:'A citizenry that does not know its rights will certainly not rebel while they are being systematically indoctrinated into compliance.'

:[7] Asset Forfeiture. 'Under the guise of fighting the war on drugs, government agents (usually the police) have been given broad leeway to seize billions of dollars’ worth of private property (money, cars, TVs, etc.) they “suspect” may be connected to criminal activity. Then—and here’s the kicker—whether or not any crime is actually proven to have taken place, the government keeps the citizen’s property, often divvying it up with the local police who did the initial seizure. The police are actually being trained in seminars on how to seize the “goodies” that are on police departments’ wish lists. According to the New York Times, seized monies have been used by police to “pay for sports tickets, office parties, a home security system and a $90,000 sports car.”'

:[8] Surveillance. 'Not only is the government spying on Americans’ phone calls and emails, but police are also being equipped with technology such as Stingray devices that can track your cell phone, as well as record the content of your calls and the phone numbers dialed. That doesn’t even touch on what the government’s various aerial surveillance devices are tracking, or the dangers posed to the privacy and safety of those on the ground. Just recently, a 243-foot, multi-billion dollar military surveillance blimp drifted off, leaving a path of wreckage and power outages in its wake, before finally crash landing.'

:[9] Police Misconduct. 'Americans have no protection against police abuse. It is no longer unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later. What is increasingly common, however, is the news that the officers involved in these incidents get off with little more than a slap on the hands. Moreover, while increasing attention has been paid to excessive police force, sexual misconduct by police has been largely overlooked. A year-long investigation by the Associated Press “uncovered about 1,000 officers who lost their badges in a six-year period” for sexual misconduct. “Victims included unsuspecting motorists, schoolchildren ordered to raise their shirts in a supposed search for drugs, police interns taken advantage of, women with legal troubles who succumbed to performing sex acts for promised help, and prison inmates forced to have sex with guards.” Yet the numbers are largely under-reported, covered up by police departments that “stay quiet about improprieties to limit liability, allowing bad officers to quietly resign, keep their certification and sometimes jump to other jobs.'”

:[10] Prison Population. 'With more than 2 million Americans in prison, and close to 7 million adults in correctional care, the United States has the largest prison population in the world. Many of the nation’s privately run prisons—a $5 billion industry—require the state to keep the prisons at least 90 percent full at all times, “regardless of whether crime was rising or falling.” As Mother Jones reports, “private prison companies have supported and helped write ‘three-strike’ and ‘truth-in-sentencing’ laws that drive up prison populations. Their livelihoods depend on towns, cities, and states sending more people to prison and keeping them there.” Private prisons are also doling out harsher punishments for infractions by inmates in order to keep them locked up longer in order to “boost profits” at taxpayer expense. All the while, the prisoners are being forced to provide cheap labor for private corporations.'

:[11] SWAT Team Raids. 'Over 80,000 SWAT team raids are conducted on American homes and businesses each year. Police agencies, already empowered to crash through your door if they suspect you’re up to no good, now have radars that allow them to “see” through the walls of your home.'

:[12] Oligarchy. 'We are no longer a representative republic. The U.S. has become a corporate oligarchy. As a Princeton University survey indicates, our elected officials, especially those in the nation’s capital, represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average citizen.'

:[13] Young People. 'Nearly one out of every three American children live in poverty, ranking America among the worst countries in the developed world. Patrolled by police, our schools have become little more than quasi-prisons in which kids as young as age 4 are being handcuffed for “acting up,” subjected to body searches and lockdowns, and suspended for childish behavior.'

:[14] Private Property. 'Private property means little at a time when SWAT teams and other government agents can invade your home, break down your doors, kill your dog, wound or kill you, damage your furnishings and terrorize your family. Likewise, if government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property.'

:[15] Strip Searches. 'Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood, forcibly take our DNA, strip search us, and probe us intimately. Accounts are on the rise of individuals—men and women alike—being subjected to what is essentially government-sanctioned rape by police in the course of “routine” traffic stops.'

:[16] Fiscal Corruption. 'If there is any absolute maxim by which the federal government seems to operate, it is that the American taxpayer always gets ripped off. This is true, whether you’re talking about taxpayers being forced to fund high-priced weaponry that will be used against us, endless wars that do little for our safety or our freedoms, or bloated government agencies such as the National Security Agency with its secret budgets, covert agendas and clandestine activities. Rubbing salt in the wound, even monetary awards in lawsuits against government officials who are found guilty of wrongdoing are paid by the taxpayer.'

:[17] Militarized Police. 'Americans are powerless in the face of militarized police. In early America, government agents were not permitted to enter one’s home without permission or in a deceitful manner. And citizens could resist arrest when a police officer tried to restrain them without proper justification or a warrant. Daring to dispute a warrant with a police official today who is armed with high-tech military weapons would be nothing short of suicidal. Moreover, as police forces across the country continue to be transformed into extensions of the military, Americans are finding their once-peaceful communities transformed into military outposts, complete with tanks, weaponry, and other equipment designed for the battlefield.'

:'These are not problems that can be glibly dismissed with a few well-chosen words, as most politicians are inclined to do. Nor will the 2016 elections do much to alter our present course towards a police state. Indeed, it is doubtful whether the popularity contest for the new occupant of the White House will significantly alter the day-to-day life of the average American greatly at all. Those life-changing decisions are made elsewhere, by nameless, unelected government officials who have turned bureaucracy into a full-time and profitable business'

Obama Debt - Fiscal Budget

:Obama's Proposed 2012 Budget Andrew K. Dart

:Obama's Proposed 2013 Budget Andrew K. Dart

Obama Proven The Most Lawless & Disgraceful President in U.S. History

:'Speaker of the House Paul Ryan states that we need a Republican President so that we can pass legislation that can fix and solve our problems (immigration, lack of borders, taxes, budget and fiscal policy) and rebuild the country. He is of the opinion that we cannot accomplish any of this until Obama is replaced, due to Obama's intransigence and unwillingness to work with Congress. President Barack'

:Obama's Intentional Destruction of America's Economy Andrew K. Dart

:President Obama Evidently Hates America Andrew K. Dart

:President Obama is Weakening America's Defenses Andrew K. Dart

:Obama Acts Like a Third World Dictator Andrew K. Dart

:'Obama is alleged to have signed an Executive Order allowing Criminals to work for the U. S. Government. If this is true it would be the most outrageous thing that he has done and would endanger the entire Criminal Justice System process of the United States.'

:Obama Introduces New Executive Order… This Should Terrify Every American

:Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Criminals to Work for the Government

:Obama to Remove Check Box Asking Potential Government Employees If They Were Former Criminals

Electronic Voting and Election Day Issues

:Site:LRP:Is Your Voting Process Secure & Legitimate?

:Site:LRP:Is Your Voting Process Secure & Legitimate

:Can Electronic Voting Machines Be Tampered?

:Can Electronic Voting Machines Be Hacked?

:Can Electronic Voting Machines Be Rigged?

:Can the Votes be Switched in Electronic Voting Machines

:Can Electronic Voting Machines Switch Candidate Results

:Diebold Voting Machine Scandal 2012

:Electronic Voting and Other Election Day Issues Andrew K. Dart


New Mexico is the second state to ban civil asset forfeiture

: Janet Lee Meizinger

:'Theft of property has always been a crime – until the ‘gummit’ liar lawyers/poli-tick-shuns perverted the real law! Janet Lee Meisinger, Colorado'

:'Gov. Susana Martinez (R) signed HB 560 on Friday, which states that property can only be seized if a person is “arrested for an offense to which forfeiture applies, the person is convicted by a criminal court of the offense, and the state establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the property is subject to forfeiture.” In other words, property seizure is only permitted if a person is guilty of a crime. The bill, which received unanimous approval in the state legislature, was first introduced by Rep. Zachary Cook (R).'

:New Mexico Is The Second State To Ban Police From Seizing Innocent People’s Property

:Police In New Mexico Will No Longer Seize Your Property Without Finding You Guilty Of A Crime

This is How it Happens

:Janet Lee Meisinger


:'"Last night while you were sleeping the Senate voted to steal $150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund. I joined 34 of my colleagues in a vote to prevent this raid. I would like to thank Senator Rand Paul for leading the fight to protect to Social Security from the thieves in Washington, who seem to think that if they steal from the American people at night while they are sleeping that they will get away with it. I was proud to vote with Senator Paul on his point of order that would have protected Social Security, and I ask you to help me shine a light on what Washington has tried to hide from you in the darkness of night.'

:'If everyone who sees this message shares it, it will reach millions of Americans. As someone who has been fighting for years to reform our broken government in Washington, I know it is exhausting, I sympathize with your frustration, and I understand your impatience. But don’t give up. Washington wants you to give up.'

:'Just remember, a vote to raid social security in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to perpetuate an unsustainable spending addiction isn’t a sign of strength. It is a sign of weakness.”'

Janet Lee Meisinger

:'"North Carolina’s House Bill 318 stop state contractors from hiring illegals instead of Americans,…stops sanctuary cities from protecting violent illegals…stops illegals from using fraudulent documents, etc. In other words – it enforces our laws. Like Arizona the states are starting to protect themselves and their citizens from law breakers. The email below includes a link to the North Carolina bill. Everyone needs to send it to their state legislators and insist it be passed in each state. This is what happens when a country does not protect its borders and people. Chaos enters and law disappears." Janet Lee'

:Illegal Invader Warriors Threaten NC HB 318


:Illegal Immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

:Americans For Legal Immigration PAC

:'Copy of HB 318 to email, mail, and hand to as many of your state's lawmakers as possible.'



:'"There are hundreds of bills passed by the state legislature that do nothing for we the people. Some are even unconstitutional. They are a waste of legislative time and resources. Thanks to former Colorado Senator Tupa for making it easier for us to nix stupid legislation."'

:Janet Lee Meisinger


:'Ron Tupa, who represented parts of Boulder County for 14 years in the state Legislature, keeps track of actions in the state Capitol from his Gunbarrel home for use on his DigitDemos website. Jonathan Castner/for BizWest'

:Site:LRP:Janet Lee Meisinger's Report on The Bundy Ranch and the BLM

:“Frost & Frost Trucking Co. v. Railroad Comm'n 271 U.S. 583 (1926) Page 271 U. S. 594 '“It would be a palpable incongruity to strike down an act of state legislation which, by words of express divestment, seeks to strip the citizen of rights guaranteed by the federal Constitution, but to uphold an act by which the same result is accomplished under the guise of a surrender of a right in exchange for a valuable privilege which the state threatens otherwise to withhold. It is not necessary to challenge the proposition that, as a general rule, the state, having power to deny a privilege altogether, may grant it upon such conditions as it sees fit to impose. But the power of the state in that respect is not unlimited, and one of the limitations is that it may not impose conditions which require the relinquishment of constitutional rights. If the state may compel the surrender of one constitutional right as a condition of its favor, it may, in like manner, compel a surrender of all. It is inconceivable that guaranties embedded in the Constitution of the United States may thus be manipulated out of existence.”'

:HALE v. HENKEL 201 U.S. 43 at 89 (1906) '"The "individual" may stand upon "his Constitutional Rights" as a CITIZEN. He is entitled to carry on his "private" business in his own way. "His power to contract is unlimited." He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no duty to the State, since he receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of his life and property. "His rights" are such as "existed" by the Law of the Land (Common Law) "long antecedent" to the organization of the State", and can only be taken from him by "due process of law", and "in accordance with the Constitution." "He owes nothing" to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights."'

:'"... this Court has held that the plaintiff generally must assert his own legal rights and interests, and cannot rest his claim to relief on the legal rights or interests of third parties. E.g.,"' Tileston v. Ullman, 318 U. S. 44 (1943). See United States v. Raines, 362 U. S. 17 (1960)

:'This is why ‘the STATE’ which is a fiction – cannot bring a case against one of the people since a fiction cannot be harmed.'

:'To read the rest of the case against the Feds and State – click on the title of the article below. Janet Lee Meisinger'

:Ambush in Minnesota by Feds and State Beeman - - November 3, 2015

The Conservative Review

:The Conservative Review - 2016 Presidential Candidates Conservative


:Ted Cruz - Profile - 2016 Election

:The Twenty Best Quotes From Ted Cruz - October 27, 2015

:Why Ted Cruz Mentioning “Bolsheviks and Mensheviks” Is Relevant

Ted Cruz


:Andrew K. Dart's Analysis of Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas - Declared March 23, 2015

:New York Times vs. Ted Cruz Andrew K. Dart


:'''Why Republicans Need to Nominate Ted Cruz '"For years, the most conservative elements of the party have complained about nominees such as Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, seeing those Republican leaders as pragmatists who didn't deeply hold conservative principles and weren't worthy of the label "Republican." According to those conservatives, the GOP loses when "squishy" Republican nominees don't offer voters a sharp contrast, and because of that, millions of conservative voters sit at home, unexcited with the choices offered."'

:'''Has a YUUGE Pick for Speaker. '"Yesterday [10/12/2015] on the campaign trail, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was asked who he would want to be Speaker of the House. Unlike Chris Christie, who said it doesn't matter, Cruz put forth a name that conservatives could love."'

:'''Willingness to Fight: Ted Cruz Has Earned a Second Look From Us All. '"I like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a lot as a Senator, but I have never been a huge fan of his candidacy for President — at least until now. Generally speaking, I prefer governors to Senators, and I have an especial wariness for first term Senators. Additionally, I have questions about Cruz's ability as a coalition builder and I know that he is a polarizing figure, even within the conservative movement. However, episode three billion in the GOP Failure Theater tour, this time featuring Planned Parenthood failure theater, has pushed me into the camp that makes me want, more than anything, to see a Presidential candidate who is willing to fight and show the cowering squishes who run this party how it is done."'

:'''Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington. '"When I lay my head on my pillow at night which candidate winning the White House will cause me to sleep the most peacefully? Who is most likely to remain true to their promises to We the People fight to repeal ObamaCare, end the invasion of our borders, defend life and traditional values? Who believes in Conservatism enough to throw a lifeline of inspiration to those drowning in the treacherous deep dark sea of Obama's welfare state America? Who will pray as the song says, "Lord lift us up where we belong" as Americans? Currently, I believe that candidate is Sen Ted Cruz."'

:'''The exceptional campaign timing of Ted Cruz's ferocious floor speech. '"During a speech from the Senate floor on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in direct terms on an arcane topic. "What we just saw today was an absolute demonstration that not only what [McConnell] told every Republican senator, but what he told the press over and over and over again was a simple lie," Cruz said. "We know now that when the majority leader looks us in the eyes and makes an explicit commitment, that he is willing to say things that he knows are false."'

:'''Is Ted Cruz Too Smart to Be President? '"People who question Ted Cruz's "electability" are missing the point. The question isn't whether or not he can win, but what happens to us if he doesn't."'

:'''Ted Cruz: 'I Was Not a Community Organizer'. '"Ted Cruz is trying to put the comparisons with President Obama to rest once and for all. "Unlike Barack Obama, I was not a community organizer before I was elected to the Senate," Cruz said during a Sunday appearance on CNN's State of the Union. The freshman Senator turned Republican presidential candidate has come in for criticism from some in the party who see that résumé as too similar to that of Obama's."'

:'''5 Reactions to the Announcement that Ted Cruz will Campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination. '"Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the establishment (both the Democrat-Media Complex and the old, bloated, sputtering GOP crony capitalists) telling us who our candidates should be. I support Ted Cruz for President."'

:'''Ted Cruz knocks Obama, 'photo op foreign policy' in blistering speech. '"Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, said Wednesday [2/11/2015] he hasn't seen a "seriousness of purpose" in confronting the Islamic State terrorist group, as the White House sent a request for the authorization for use of military force to fight the group to Congress for consideration. In an approximately 30-minute speech at the Center for Security Policy's "Defeat Jihad" summit, Mr. Cruz also methodically picked apart recent comments from the president on religion, free speech and terrorism that have come under fire."'

:'''The Time Is Right for Cruz Control. '"These times call for someone who does not fear the media, the Democrats, oor the Washington/New York Republican establishment. We need someone who will plant a flag and draw a line in the sand, and mean it. These times require someone who realizes that the biggest threat to the country today is Washington — a realization that for too long America has been held hostage to "how Washington works," when it's Washington that should operate in light of how America works."'

:'''Ted Cruz and Climate Change. '"If this is the best liberals can do to disparage Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator has a great chance of being our next President."'

:'''I keep finding a new reason to love Ted Cruz every day. '"In an era of Oligarchs and partisan mush, Cruz is a beacon of hope. The Framers would be proud. We need a Constitutional conservative with some testicular fortitude in the White House in 2016. I see only three viable contenders at the moment: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or Scott Walker."'

:'''Yes, Ted Cruz Can Be Born in Canada and Still Become President of the U.S '"Since our last article we published garnered such a big response, I thought I'd put forth another article on Ted Cruz that also looks at his eligibility. Now before anyone gets the idea that we are endorsing Senator Cruz in a bid for the nomination for Republican Candidate for President of the United States, we here at CH2.0 will entertain any well written, thoroughly researched articles that purport his ineligibility."'

:'''Ted Cruz: The Export-Import Bank is a 'Corrupt Crony-Capitalist Fiasco'. '"Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) encourages his fellow Republicans to kill the Export-Import Bank in a USA Today editorial, in which he describes the bank as a "corrupt crony-capitalist fiasco" that does a good deal of deliberate harm to American companies."'

:'''Ted Cruz's Dad Slams Obama, Lois Lerner, And Eric Holder With The Bible. '"Cruz cited an Old Testament passage in which Jethro discussed choosing the right leader with his son-in-law, Moses. God spoke through Jethro, he explained, and "gives four qualifications: able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness." Expounding on those concepts, Cruz concluded that the guideline is still relevant in today's political culture."'

:'''Ted Cruz and Mike Lee being vindicated on shutdown. '"The GOP establishment is loath to admit it, but the government shutdown is turning out to be a brilliant political chess move on the part of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee."'


:'''Ted Cruz Just Made A HUGE Move Against The Muslim Brotherhood! Free Beacon Documentation



Dr. Ben Carson

:Ben Carson -

:Ten (10) Things You Don't Know About Ben Carson Derek Butler - - October 21, 2015

:Ben Carson: 2016 Election May Not Happen Bob Unruh - - September 29, 2014

:Ben Carson: Money's Flying In Sheryl Chumley - - September 29, 2015

:Obama is Trying to Destroy This Country Ben Carson - Video - CPAC

:Ben Carson: Bob Unruh - - October 20, 2015

:WND - Ben Carson to Obama: Come clean on 'secret' past... Facebook

:Ben Carson: - September 20. 2015

:Ben Carson Stands By His Views After Vicious Media Attacks Ben Carson - Video -

:Ben Carson: Obama Officials Acting Like Gestapo Joseph Farah - - February 7, 2014

:Donald Trump spills the TEA on Neurosurgeon Ben Carson

:Ben Carson:

:Dr. Ben Carson: A Plan To Rescue Healthcare From Obamacare



Rand Paul

:Rand Paul Would End Undeclared Wars - CNN

:'"I think what President Obama is doing [in Syria] is unconstitutional. The founding documents are clear: the declaration of war should be from the peoples' house -- from Congress. Even President Obama agreed with this when he ran for office in 2007, when he said no president should unilaterally go to war without the approval of Congress. He doesn't so much agree with that anymore. That's a real problem for me, I think the Congress should debate and decide whether or not we go back to war in the middle east." -- Rand Paul'




Jeb Bush

:'Jeb Bush's Son on Board of Directors of Soros Open Borders Organization'

:Jeb Bush's Son on George Soros' Board of Directors National Immigration Forum

:'Jeb Bush Jr is listed on the IRS form 990, page 7 as one of several Directors (#6) of this organization.'

:Site:LRP:George Soros



Hillary Rodham Clinton

:Hillary Clinton Introduction Page Andrew K. Dart

:Hillary Clinton Andrew K. Dart

:Hillary's Private E-mail Server Andrew K. Dart

:Explanatory Press Conference Andrew K. Dart [1 - March 10, 2015

:Explanatory Press Conference Andrew K. Dart [2 - August 18, 2015

:Hillary Clinton - Surrounded By A Cloud of Corruption Andrew K. Dart

:Benghazi Andrew K. Dart

:The Extreme Wealth and Greed Exhibited by the Andrew K. Dart


Judge Andrew Napolitano Regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton

:The Mistress of Deception Judge Andrew Napolitano

:'‘In violation of federal law and the U.N. arms embargo on Libya [Hillary Clinton] authorized the shipment of American arms to Qatar, knowing they’d be passed off to Libyan rebels, some of whom were al Qaeda, a few of whom killed Ambassador Stevens using American-made weapons. When asked about this, she said she knew nothing of it. The emails underlying this are in the public domain. Mrs. Clinton not only knew of the arms-to-Libyan-rebels deal, she authored and authorized it. She lied about this under oath.”' Judge Andrew Napolitano

:See more at:


Trey Gowdy

:Accuracy in Media - Trey Gowdy

:Trey Gowdy's Opening Statement - Select Committee on Benghazi


:Trey Gowdy on Hillary's Email Forfeiture


:FBI Just Announced MASSIVE New Charges For Hillary… This Could Land Her 10 YEARS In Prison

:You bet Trey Gowdy had something to say about FBI discovering Hillary’s TOP SECRET emails - August 12, 2015

:The FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Are Furious With Obama, And Here’s Why Randy DeSoto - Western Journalism - October 16, 2015

:Hillary Clinton's Email Server - The Angle Nobody is Covering


:Judicial Watch Panel: Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal - Tom Fitton


:Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Questions Hillary Clinton (C-SPAN)


:Trey Gowdy Opening Statement - Questions Hillary Clinton - Benghazi Attack - Full Documentation




:US & Israel – Friends or Foes?, Saudi Prince's Huge Drug Smuggling, EU Votes to Protect Snowden - November 2, 2015

:Islamic State addresses Obama, beheads more hostages - November 2, 2015

:World Chess Champion Totally Destroys Obama

:Trump Reveals Detailed Plan For Vets – This Changes Everything!

:This TOP Democrat Just SLAMMED Obama On This Huge Issue – Revolt Coming?

:Assessing Presidential Candidates on Climate Change

:Questions About Barack H. Obama Andrew K. Dart


The Compendium Group

Site:LRP:The Technology Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 501 Torah Code

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Summer 2015 - Compendium

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