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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 10

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 10

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor'''


New Energy Congress

Image:NewEnergyCongressShieldBanner95x95 byKevn.jpg

New Energy Congress


New Energy Congress in the News



Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD (Main20)

Congress:Top 100:Complete List

Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies


Congress:Technology Criteria

New Energy Congress: Validation Service







Congress:What Membership Entails


Congress:Bylaws (rd)

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Category:New Energy Congress


ISIS Attacks Don't Occur In Switzerland - Because They are Armed

:What will happen if a country tried to invade/declared war on Switzerland?


:ISIS Attacks Don't Occur in Switzerland - Because They Are Armed

:ISIS Attacks Don't Occur in Switzerland - They are Armed!

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Trump - Cruz

:'The Paris Attacks by ISIS have changed the face of the American National Elections and require serious significant answers from American Conservatives in the Republican Party. Donald Trump---the non-traditional candidate is speaking his mind openly, foregoing political correctness---appealing directly to the American Electorate---and they like it! Trump has openly suggested that he will select Senator Ted Cruz as his VP. Senator Cruz significantly states his knowledge of Foreign Policy and openly espouses attacking ISIS directly---again appealing directly to the American Electorate---and they like it! A Trump/Cruz ticket would be a formidable challenge.'

:Trump - Cruz Ticket

Trey Gowdy

:'Trey Gowdy News Letters'

:Chairman Gowdy’s Opening Statement at Immigration Hearing


Obama Reality Check

:False Flag Alert! Obama Caught Smuggling in Refugees on UPS Planes? (Video)


:Bombshell: Obama Rejects Intel On Known Islamic Terrorists Leo Hohmann - - November 20, 2015


:Postman Signed Affidavit Obama Was Foreign Student With A Foreign Passport

:CommmieBlaster: Ayers and Obama

:What the Mailman Knows About Ayers and Obama

Muslim World Reacts to Obama's Speech


Deception & Revelation

:'When one combines cognitive dissonance, ideological subversion techniques, subliminal suggestion, false flag reports, structured thinking and subliminal behavior modification techniques, you have the perfect recipe for thought control, subjugation, and group think----a real-time Orwellian “New World Order.” -- Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation'

Donald Trump

:Donald Trump: We've Got to Knock the Sht out of these People Referring to ISIS

:Donald Trump: 'We Gotta Take Back The Internet, And Knock The Sht Out Of ISIS'


:Trump wants Ted Cruz for his Vice President

Marquis de Lafayette


:Marquis de Lafayette

:'Marquis de Lafayette, a French Noble came from France during the American Revolutionary War of 1776 to help our fledging nation survive by providing the necessary military skills requisite to winning the war against the British Empire – the most powerful military force in the world at that time.---We Remember!'

:'Our hopes and prayers, condolences and best wishes are with the French people during these trying times – Viva la France! The People of the United States are one with you! And we apologize for Obama’s apparent lack of open support.'

:Benjamin Franklin and the King of France

:Benjamin Franklin and the French Salons

:Benjamin Franklin and the French People

:Benjamin Franklin and Marquis de Lafayette


:Marquis de Lafayette's Second Voyage to America


:John Hancock Facts - American Revolutionary War

History and Political Trust Deeds of the United States

Key Documents that Inspired and Informed the Struggle for Independence

General Online Resources

Documents For The Study of American History

Core Documents of American History

The Avalon Project - Yale University

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

Major Document Collections

The American Constitution - A Documentary Record

18th Century Documents : 1700 - 1799

Wake Up Call to all State Governors!

:President Barack Andrew K. Dart

:'We are a Republic as stated in Article 4: Section 4 of the US Constitution. We are not an Obama Monarchy. The original States created the Federal (Central) Government. The Federal Government answers to the States, its Representatives, and to the People. The States can defy the President if and when he acts like a tyrant or dictator. The States have the ulitmate power -- they can nullify all laws, Executive Orders that violate the US Constitution. They can call for the Impeachment of Obama -- When they deem his actions in violation of the US Constitution. Remember - We are a Nation of Laws and NOT Men - The US Constitution is the "law of the land." All Office Holders are required to take the 'Oath of Office' and if violated can and must be removed from the Office that they hold as the People's Representative. '

:The Clamor for Obama's Resignation or Impeachment Andrew K. Dart

:Grounds for the impeachment of President Obama Andrew K. Dart

:List of Obama's Scandals Andrew K. Dart

:Obama Acts Like a Third World (Marxist) Dictator Andrew K. Dart

:'The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.' -- US Constitution - Article 4 Section 4

Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet - November 18, 2015

:Judicial Watch


:Judicial Watch Forced Out Email Showing Clinton Blamed Benghazi on “Al Qaeda-like group” on Night of Attack --

:'Judicial Watch announced that on November 2, 2015, it obtained documents from the Department of State confirming that, at 11:00 on the night of the deadly assault on the U.S....' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch: Email Reveals Top Aide Huma Abedin Warning State Department Staffer That Hillary Clinton Is “Often Confused” --

:'Judicial Watch released more than 35 pages of emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin revealing that Abedin advised Clinton... ' READ MORE

:FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S. --

:'The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nearly 1,000 active probes involving the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside the United States, dozens of law enforcement officials disclose in a letter to President Obama...' READ MORE

:ISIS Terrorist Released in Plea Deal Months Ago in Illinois --

:'The Paris terrorist attacks bring to mind the frightening case of an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) operative arrested in Chicago last fall and released earlier this year to serve probation in Illinois for a state crime that secretly drew federal...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch In The News

:Huma: Hillary 'Often Confused'

:Judge rules for Clinton on emails

:The pursuit of justice?

:Judicial Watch Sues For Clinton's Emails With Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Katie Pavlich - - March 5, 2015

:Judicial Watch Obtains New Documents Showing IRS Targeting Came Directly From Washington D.C. Katie Pavlich - - May 14, 2015

:Judicial Watch: A Terrorist Attack On the Texas-Mexico Border is 'Imminent' (Updated) Bryan Preston - - August 28, 2014

:Judicial Watch - Bulletin

:Judicial Watch - Investigative Bulletin

:Federal Judge Reopens Hilary E-mail Case: Judicial Watch, Judge Napolitano


BBC News

:BBC News

:Paris attacks: Police in deadly swoop on apartment in northern suburb BBC News

:Paris attacks: Explosions and gunfire heard

BreitBart News

:BreitBart News

:BreitBart News Network

Western Journalism

:Western Journalism

Western Journalism News

:Western Journalism - News

Conservative Byte

:'Take a Bite Out of Liberalism'

Conservative Byte News

:Conservative Byte - News

News With Views

:Open Letter to State Legislators: The Other Side of the Article V Convention Issue

:'Under the planned North American Union, Canada, the United States, and Mexico will surrender their sovereignty to a Parliament set over the three countries. The United States will need a new Constitution to transform us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the North American Union.......'


:'by Publius Huldah'

:Ben Carson Compares ISIS to America's Founders

:'The SDA church does not believe in combat. When conscripted, they serve in other capacities. I have no problem with this, except I wonder how an SDA member could lead the nation as "Commander in Chief.".......'


:'by Kelleigh Nelson'

:When Paris Comes to America This Will Happen

:'I firmly believe one of the reasons we haven't seen more hits on 'soft' targets here in the U.S. is because we're armed. But, a few of those killers in Paris blew themselves up believing they were going to Allah's heaven to be with 72 virgins or some other such crap. There's not enough police, sheriffs or other law enforcement in any one place to either stop Muslim killers or at least minimize the killing by killing them.......'


:'by Devvy Kidd'

:Transpacific Partnership

:'According to the November 5 press release by Public Citizen (PC), the director of PC's Global Trade Watch, Lori Wallach, remarked: “Apparently, the TPP's proponents resorted to such extreme secrecy during negotiations because the text shows that the TPP would offshore more American jobs, lower our wages, flood us with unsafe imported food and expose our laws to attack in foreign tribunals.”.......'


:'by Dennis Cuddy'

:Trans-Pacific Partnership - Wal-Mart is Hurting America

:'The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. The focus of this trade agreement is between the countries of US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. The TPP also contains a chapter on intellectual property covering copyright, trademarks, and patents.......'


:'by Diane Kepus'

:Telltale Signs of Media Bias

:'One of the telltale signs of media bias is the profound lack of checking value in media reporting today. Professor Vincent Blasi wrote extensively about the indispensable role of the First Amendment freedom of the press in checking government men and measures, i.e., in ferreting out corruption and abuse of power.......'


:'by Attorney Jonathan Emord'

:The Paris Attacks: More Than Meets The Eye

:'The Paris attacks, the refugee crisis, ISIS, a world on the verge of global war: it’s all a manipulated contrivance of the globalist elite to eviscerate freedom and usher in Huxley’s “Brave New World,” aka George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order.” Folks, get your eyes off of the Wizard and start looking for the man (men) behind the curtain, because that’s the real enemy.......'


:'by Pastor Chuck Baldwin'

:Why a vote for Carson is a vote for Rubio

:'This article is pro Republican. I write not to tell you who to vote for but to help conservatives understand how they must vote to win. For fair disclosure, I am a hat-wearing supporter of Donald Trump. For the first time since Reagan, Republicans have a chance to nominate a conservative presidential candidate who can win the final election. That candidate is Donald Trump.......'


:'by Dr. Ed Berry, Ph.D'

World Net Daily News

:Michael Savage News & Opinion

:Obama: Here's a Better Option on ISIS Joseph Farah - - Nov 18, 2015

:Obama: Delusional or Something Else - David Kupelian examines the president's stunning denial of reality David Kupelian - - November 17, 2015

Glenn Beck

:Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck News

:Glenn Beck - News


:Pro-Islam Bias in the Media Andrew K. Dart

:Islam is Not a Religion of Peace Andrew K. Dart

:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Islam

:Judicial Watch: Defense, State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance Judicial Watch - Press Room

:Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents

:Muslim CIA Chief Brennan Refuses to Take Oath Of Office With Bible.


Hacker Group Anonymous Targets ISIL

:Hacker Group Anonymous Declares War on ISIS



Terror in Paris

:Terror in Paris

:Terror in Paris - What We Know So Far CNN

:Paris Attacks - Latest Headlines - News

:Six Sites Targeted by ISIS - Nov 14, 2015



:France Goes To War With ISIS - Nov 15, 2015





Republican Presidential & Congressional Candidates

:Lindsay Graham Votes to Double Funding for Syrian Refugees - Why? Leo Hohmann - - Nov 16, 2015

:Why Actor Christopher Mitchum is Running for Congress - March 2012

:We Must Hold Our Public Servants Accountable Chris Mitchum

Missing Man Table - Chick-Fil-A

:Missing Man Table @ Chick-Fil-A


False Flag Report

:Press TV: Former US Marine Ken O'Keefe on Paris False Flag



:Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag


:The Corbett Report



Alternative Energy Workshop

Renaissance Charge - Rick Friedrich

:Indiana Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - Dec 1819 2015

:'We are having two days of meetings in northern Indiana at Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds on Dec 18-19 2015. This meeting will be the most practical we have had and will have a special focus on Farmers and people wanting to go off the grid (especially Amish and Mennonite people. Amish in Middlebury IN have wound our coils used in these motors for years.) Come learn about batteries, how to rejuvenate and keep your batteries, and about a practical alternative energy solution. Watch as we demonstrate motors of various sizes powering lights, air compressors, fans, generators while charging batteries at around the same rate as the batteries powering the motors are discharging (which is thought to be impossible). Some of these motors will also create heat at the same time as running these loads. We just had a similar meeting in Grand Rapids that was the best one so far. We have been doing these meetings all over the country and in Germany since 2010.'

:'Come for day one or two or both days. Add the motor for the Workshop.'

:'Ordering above gets you a ticket for the second day on Saturday which we are making the main day. You can add the first day and also the motor for additional cost. The first day will go over all the details about battery charging, all the battery chargers/rejuvenators, an introduction to the motor circuits, the most significant overunity demonstration. '

:'CONTACT: Rick Friedrich - 1-208-304-2954'

:Indiana Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - Dec 1819 2015

:Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds


:17746-D County Road 34

:Goshen, Indiana 46528


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History Repeats Itself

:Site:LRP:History Repeats Itself




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