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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research DNA

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research DNA

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor





Is DNA the next big thing in Technology?

DNA Could Be Backbone of Next-Generation Logic Chips

Is DNA the next Internet?

Beyond the Cloud: DNA is the Next Storage Frontier

DNA the Ultimate Hard Drive

The Living Internet Inside of Us

What is DNA?

DNA is a Language, Complete with an Alphabet!

'The DNA Code'

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'''The Encode Project:'''

'''The Encode Project Consortium of 2012:'''


Quantum Computing in DNAIs DNA a Quantum Computer?DNA ComputingDNA as a Quantum Computer –VideoScholarly Articles on Quantum Computing




The modern science of physics has finally caught up with God via our knowledge of broken symmetry, precursor engineering and Overunity Asymmetric Systems. Energy has to originate from a ‘power’ source – it is not spontaneous and it does not self-originate. It follows precise and precision structures that we identify as laws or activity analogous to a well thought out and reasoned form and function having purpose and direction.

Man does not “Create,” he merely discovers what is already pre-existing, learning from the process of an already created form, modifying its usage via adaptation or copying its original first principles, and restructuring it as technology. Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla utilized ‘first principles’ derived from the fabric of God’s originating ‘handiwork.’ They came from the “Christian Age.” The Age of Discovery based on the originating Creation that preexisted, predating the machinery of the industrial age.

God supplied the most important factor that man forgets to equate within his limited capability to reason. God supplied the “Information” that has no material base, and yet without ‘information’ the entire system of the construct of the Creation ceases to exist (in any form). The prime example is the DNA structure. Just four (4) sequential code links provides all the data structure that can fill all the libraries of all the Universities ever built. Man the ‘measure of all things’ would not exist if God did not Himself exist. My only argument with God – is that He allows ambiguity within His equation of sole fide. For without ambiguity man is not free to choose well from evil, right from wrong, or Heaven from Hell. Man in this regard is truly ‘justified by faith.’


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'''The Encode Project:'''

'''The Encode Project Consortium of 2012:'''

'Let us examine the 'evidence' from 'first principle' discovery:'

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Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer

Do You Legally Own Your DNA?

DNA – The Design Code (God) Created in all of our Cells

DNA - God’s Code Book

The DNA of GodGod’s Signs in the DNAHarvard Cracks DNA Storage, Crams 700 Terabytes of data into a single GramThe Data Bank of Life in DNADNA Confirms the Book of Genesis

The Human Genome Project

Gene Drive Technology Can Quickly Change Entire Species