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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 4-Space

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 4-Space

A Review by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


'Antony C. Sutton provided me with his first edition copy of his seminal work dealing with “The View from 4-Space,” asking me to review it on June 14, 1999. I had just sent him my “April 26th Package” dealing with my personal thesis pertaining to “Monopoly Power, World Socialism, World Economic Interdependence. (Part 1)” He answered it by sending me his seminal work regarding the discoveries derived directly from 4-Space via gated mechanisms recently discovered within the last 200 years albeit suppressed by orthodoxy and the rigid dogma of the “peer-reviewed” science community of the United States. Dr. Sutton personally asked me to review it, a truly seminal work into the world of 4-Space.'


The View From 4- Space -- a first edition copy which he autographed with a personal message:

'“To Les Pastor with warm regards from the author”' (signed) Antony C. Sutton.


The View From 4-Space – Antony Sutton – FTIR Publications – 1999 (a review by Leslie R. Pastor)


(1). Structure of the New Science Paradigm

(2). Conventional View of the Future

(3). Gateway to 4-Space

(4). Essential Elements of the Emerging Paradigm

(5). Present Anomaly is Future Technology

(6). Rotation, Vortices, and Vibration

(7). Water: Its Memory and Power

(8). Diamagnetism and the Life Force

(9). Life Energy, the Ether, and Weather Engineering

(10). Etheric Technology and Transducers

(11). Final Observations

Appendix A

Appendix B


We live in a materialist physical world of three (3) dimension.

These physical 3-Space "laws" do not embrace or explain every observation.

Is there another reality? Another dimension which originates these anomalies (inconsistencies) not explainable in 3-space terms?

There exists an alternate paradigm with its own set of laws and conditions.

This we call 4-space and the view from 4-space is awe-inspiring, to say the least.

So starting from 3-space effects, which are truly anomalies in 3-space, there exists an equally real but not observable, 4-space to explore for causes.

This dimension has the seeds of, and is the basis of, future technology.


'This new dimension (4-space) has its own characteristics (non-observable) and alien to the observable world.'

(1). N-machine, an over unity electrical generator, rotation of cylindrical magnet at 7,000 rpm induces over unity (i.e., more out than in).

In homeopathy, dilution of the substance past Avogadros Limit kicks in the "second curve," which led to the discovery (water has a memory).

In cold fusion deuterium loading past the 80% point kicks in excess heat generation.

In etheric weather engineering Constable uses rotating dimension tubes to "draw" orgone energy.

In remote viewing the Second State is entered by rotating out of the physical body.

'Thus two (2) different sets of laws apply: one set for the observable world another for the non-observable world.'

'James Clerk Maxwell after deciphering Faraday's lectures, in Quaternion algebraic notation via his 20 known (obserable) equations,'

'and his 20 unknown (non-observable) equations defined similar attributes via his partial unified field theory.'


Richard Milton - Forbidden Science - Suppressed Research That Could Change Our World, (Fourth Estate, London, 1994)

Thomas S. Kuhn - Structure of Scientific Revolutions. (University of Chicago, Chicago, 1962).


(2). Michael Faraday, a bookbinders apprentice who never attended a University undertook a remarkable series of experiments in the 1830s and 1840s

which became modern electrical engineering. One has to marvel at Faraday's ability to visualize the potential in simple observations with the barest

of equipment and little prior knowledge. REMINDER: Faraday was a bookbinders apprentice and by modern standards could not even hold an electrician's job.

The genius Nikola Tesla is barely known. His invention of alternating current and hundreds of other devices is buried by the name of his commercially successful competitor, Edison. And yet it is Tesla’s genius and his alternating current that is the predominant commercial paradigm. Thomas Kuhn, in Structure of Scientific Revolutions, touches on this flaw: “Normal science, the puzzle solving activity, is a highly cumulative enterprise eminently successful in its aim the steady extension of the scope and precision of scientific knowledge. Yet one standard product of the scientific enterprise is missing. Normal science does not aim at novelties of fact or theory and when successful finds none. Hence the rigidity of science. Why don’t we experience positive change? The gut truth is that there is profit in smog, profit in pollution, profit in drought, profit in floods, even profit in inefficient systems of energy generation. This is not an argument against profit. But making profit through the political system is wrong and powerful economic interests are using the political process to inhibit free movement of resources into these new technologies.


(3). Michael Faraday, the father of electrical engineering left the idea of a homopolar generator, ignored for 150 years until the late Bruce DePalma at MIT visualized its free energy potential and developed the “N” machine as one of a number of devices that operate over unity. Faraday worked on diamagnetism significant in the New Science as a source of life energy. This work has been entirely overlooked although recorded in the DIARIES. Faraday is the father of the diamagnetic cold suction technology formulated by Victor Schauberger in the 1930s and the 1940s and adapted by Germany for the flying saucer type vehicle in 1944. Which bring us to the nature of 4-Space:



Documentaton & Reference

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The View From 4-Space

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Antony Cyril Sutton - Documentation



:New Book: The VIEW FROM 4-SPACE

:by Antony Sutton, D.Sc.,

:Dauphin Publications

:ISBN: 978-1-939438-37-9



:'"Dr. Sutton apprised me that the paradigm extends even to the field of “Energy.” He sent me his first edition book, “The View from 4-Space,” substantiating that The Control Paradigm extends to the very fabric of the 4th Dimension. With the help of Thomas Eugene Bearden I learned that most inventors are denied funding if their inventions provide significant ‘overunity’ aspects inherent within them. Funding is only provided to favored companies having access within The Control Paradigm. Many do not realize that significant suppression techniques are applied to real Overunity technologies that reach fulfillment protocols.'

:'Overunity is real but it resides within the dimension of 4-Space, necessitating the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, and the physics of Dirac, Prigogine, and an understanding that you are now delving into the realm of the Creator Himself. The work of Bearden and Bedini have interesting side effects known as ‘precursor engineering’ dynamics, in which physical reality itself is affected. Dirac discovering the truth inherent within Quantum Mechanics was immediately suppressed and was told that he could not divulge specific components of his discovery. His discovery of negative energy and the reversal of the timewave, verified the initial completed Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell."'

:'Leslie R. Pastor'

:New Energy Congress - 'Member'





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