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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Nikola Tesla

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Nikola Tesla

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



Nikola Tesla Monument Unveiled in Shoreham - Newsday - September 23, 2013

Serbian President Unveils Tesla Statue at Wardenclyffe

Tesla Statue Mounted at Wardenclyffe Unveiled September 23, 2013 (Sterling D. Allan)

Video Recording of the Event


'Photo credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas | With the statue of Nikola Tesla behind him, Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic holds a banner made up both the Serbian and U.S. flags Monday at the dedication of the Tesla monument on the grounds of Wardenrclyffe in Shoreham. Tesla, a Serbian-American, located his laboratory on this site and made many of his discoveries there. (Sept. 23, 2013) COURTESY PHOTO | Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli? speaks on Monday at Wardenclyffe.'


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Class E Modulated Tesla Coil

'Tesla was able to deliver on all of his claims regarding his inventive genius. The following video shows that his Tesla Coil was indeed able to transmit voice, sound, music, information and energy, just as he claimed he could. Pay close attention and you will notice that all of this was done without speakers——the sound emanating from the coil itself.'



Google Earth Location of Nikola Tesla's Last Laboratory at Shoreham (Wardencliffe) NY: 40° 56? 54.25? N, 72° 53? 53.69? W

Site:LRP:Nikola Tesla 1856-1943


History of Shoreham (Long Island) by Mary Lou Abata

Long Island Rail Road - The Forgotten Spur DerekStadlerWordPress

Long Island RR - Wading River Extension

Long Island Rail Road History - Online Museum ARRT's Archives

'Nikola Tesla would travel by train from NYC to the Shoreham Train Station, Long Island, while building the Wardenclyffe Tower. Views from the Top of the Tower showing the Station and 25A.'



Site:LRP:The Westinghouse - Tesla Collaboration

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source Directory:Tom Bearden and Leslie R. Pastor discuss how the present electrical engineering model (and practice) was severely curtailed to exclude overunity (COP>1.0) electrical power systems that take their excess electromagnetic energy directly from their interaction with the active medium (vacuum/spacetime).


My Interview With Tom Bearden (December 13, 2009) Washington DC

Site:LRP:Supporting Documentation:Deliberate Curtailment of Tesla's Primary Energy Source

Site:LRP:The Conspiracy To Destroy/Obfuscate Nikola Tesla

'The early history of the formation of electrification required fundamental knowledge pertaining to mathematics and physics. Charles Proteus Steinmetz provided a key component involving the transmission of electric current.' -- [ Lectures on Electrical Engineering, Volume 1 by Charles Proteus Steinmetz. Electric Discharges, Waves, Impulses and Other Transients by Charles Proteus Steinmetz (Author).

The Legend of Charles Proteus Steinmetz



'He was also hired by others to find novel ways of circumventing Nikola Tesla's original patents on electrical energy transference. Others such as John Ambrose Fleming were also hired to get around those patents, until finally J. P. Morgan realized that it was easier to just get rid of Westinghouse and Edison, creating new companies and merging the holdouts into his domain and control, such as the creation of General Electric.'

:List of Nikola Tesla's Patents

Fleming Helps Marconi Circumvent Tesla's Prior Art & Patents

Tom Bearden Explains

In a recent email, dated: Saturday, June 28th, 2008, Tom Bearden provided the following information regarding Fleming:

Thanks Les!

Here’s a little more insight into John Ambrose Fleming. He was not so "lily white" after all, as witness his advice to Marconi as to how to circumvent Tesla’s prior art and patents.

Hong, Sungook, in his Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion, MIT Press, 2001, p. 72. "In his letter to Marconi on February 19, 1901, Fleming reassured him by saying that Tesla could not do anything, and that ‘if you can receive there [in America], you will establish priority" [Hong, 2001: 72]. Comment: This establishes that Fleming was knowingly connected with suppressing Nikola Tesla by 1901, and in fact was in contact with Marconi to advise him (Marconi) in trying to bypass Tesla’s actual patents and prior art. When Marconi later tried to bring lawsuit against the US Army Signal Corp, he lost. Tesla had already demonstrated priority of art.




Among those Represented:

David Sarnoff, Thomas J. Hayden, Ernst Julius Berg, S. Benedict, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, A. N. Goldsmith, A. Malsin, Irving Langmuir,

Albert W. Hull, E. B. Pillsbury, Saul Dushman, Richard Howland Ranger, George Ashley Campbell

Credit: Franklin Photo Archive