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Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation

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The Ultimate Control Paradigm: THE CONTROL OF THE HUMAN MIND by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


How does one explain to others that they are being deceived? How does one explain deception? Especially, when all appears to be normal, proper and accepted as factual, even though there are recognizable anomalies, prevalent, all around, providing significant clues and caveats. I'm asking myself these questions, because I realize the difficulty in exposing subject-matter from the past, when many people living today, have no recollection of the past history of the United States. Many are deceived because they fail to grasp the deception, having no basis upon which to compare.

The complexity of the deception is so multiplex, integrated and therefore complex, that I have found it better to present it as documentation [historical reference] rather than revelation. As you can appreciate from reading the above sentence, how difficult this subject-matter is, when I, myself have to explain the subject-matter using words, that necessitate qualifiers (definitions) to support my argument.

One simply cannot simplify complexity, it can't be done. One can only make a 'model,' which closely, resembles the argument. Example: How does one explain and define the Universe? You cannot do it, without showing the Universe, and even then only via a complex 'model'. The interpretation of that 'model' is only as good as the information that is placed upon that model. Therefore the references must depict 'accuracy' in order to maintain the integrity of that 'model.'


We are currently living within an absolute ‘control’ paradigm, unbeknownst to most people living on planet Earth. Significant Illuminati already exist, pulling the strings, espousing an agenda, alien to most individuals, having resources and finances capable of controlling the entire planet. They are the owners of all of the Central Banks, BIS, and Corporations that they have financed through their legalized ‘money’ monopoly. They meet outside of the legitimate restraints and confines of our hallowed institutions, and are recognized as the true movers and shakers of world finance and government. They can accomplish their agenda, because of their ‘control’ paradigm, which most people cannot fathom, understand nor recognize.

If they need resources, they just ‘create’ it out of thin air (print money), they then buy their knowledge, structure their intelligence, and protect their interests via private protective services all paid for out of the fiat money they created. They are able to accomplish their goals, agenda and intent, because of ‘secrecy’ and apathy on the part of those that are being controlled. I have already provided significant documentation substantiating my statements. All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do absolutely nothing. And that is happening right now worldwide. We are currently living within a negative world. It is becoming apparent that we do not understand a fundamental significant fact. We do not understand The Anomalous nature of the Control Paradigm.


Those that have attempted to mitigate, countervail, or reveal their true plans have been dealt with harshly and in brutal fashion with extreme prejudice. The reality of their intent is demonstrated by historical facts and references already achieved. Documentation is already available sustaining my arguments. The Kennedy Assassinations (both JFK and JFK Jr.), the death of Stanley Kubrick, and the mysterious deaths of research investigators involving UFO phenomenology, microbiology and pharmacology. Any research that attempts to reveal the Illuminati agenda is fundamentally controlled, mitigated or obfuscated. Aaron Russo died relatively quickly following his revelations involving the Federal Reserve, the Rockefeller family (Nick Rockefeller). The evidence clearly sustains the argument. View the Documentation:

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm:Notes

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