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Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association (1856)


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Daniel Coit Gilman The incorporator of the Russell Trust Association (Skull & Bones) at Yale University, was one of the most prolific members of the Russell Trust. He was determined to reorganize, and thus re-establish the American Education System of the United States. He was determined to change the American mindset of 'independent thought' and convert the people of the United States into a 'controlled' society beneficial to the 'STATE.'

Understanding Daniel Coit Gilman is probably the most important factor in deciphering the actual intent of the Order of the Russell Trust Association. Their intent is to ultimately 'comfortably' merge the people of the United States into The New World Order. By far Daniel Coit Gilman was THE most important 'mover' in changing the American tradition of 'life, liberty. And the pursuit of happiness.'

He wanted to create a society subservient to the apparatus of the 'STATE. But the STATE is a fiction, so to whom are we being delivered for absolute control. In order to understand this research, you will need to read: America’s Secret Establishment [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required]

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Daniel Coit Gilman (Historical Background)

Daniel Coit Gilman Incorporator of the Russell Trust Association at Yale University, RTA State Charter (Connecticut).

Daniel Coit Gilman President of Johns Hopkins University

Daniel Coit Gilman President of The University of California

Daniel Coit Gilman: Foundations:

He became the President of The American Bible Society (1903 - 1908). [Interesting how the Order went so far as to control the 'spiritual' information affecting every American citizen during the turn of the century.]

For those who don't fully grasp the significance of Daniel Coit Gilman's [Presidency of the American Bible Society] involvement they should study the history of the original English Bible Revision (King James Version)

"Daniel Coit Gilman, President of Johns Hopkins University, imported Wundt psychological methods from Germany, then welded education and psychology in the U.S., established laboratories, brought these educational laboratories into major Universities and generated 100s of PhDs to teach the new educational conditioning system. One of the first of these Johns Hopkins doctorates was John Dewey. The result we well know. The educational morass of the '80s where most kids - not all - can't spell, read or write, yet can be programmed into mass behaviour channels." (p.37, America's Secret Establishment.)

Daniel Coit Gilman: "The Morrill Land Bill (he subverted funds for the benefit of the Russell Trust and their agenda).

"The Morrill Land Bill was introduced into Congress in 1857, passed in 1859, but vetoed by President Buchanan. It was later signed by President Lincoln. This bill, now known as the Land Grant College Act, donated public lands for State colleges of agriculture and sciences .... and of course Gilman's report on just such a college was ready. The legal procedure was for the Federal government to issue land scrip in proportion to a state's representation, but state legislatures first had to pass legislation accepting the scrip. Not only was Daniel Gilman first on the scene to get Federal land scrip, he was first among all the states and grabbed all of Connecticut's share for Sheffield Scientific School! Gilman had, of course, tailored his report to fit the amount forthcoming for Connecticut. No other institution in Connecticut received even a whisper until 1893, when Storrs Agricultural College received a land grant." (p.60, America's Secret Establishment.)

"Of course it helped that a member of The Order, Augustus Brandegee ('49), was speaker of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1861 when the state bill was moving through, accepting Connecticut's share for Sheffield. Other members of The Order, like Stephen W. Kellogg ('46) and William Russell ('33), were either in the State Legislature or had influence from past service. The Order repeated the same grab for public funds in New York State. All of New York's share of the Land Grant College Act went to Cornell University. Andrew Dickson White, a member of our trio, was the key activist in New York and later became first President of Cornell. Daniel Gilman was rewarded by Yale and became Professor of Physical Geography at Sheffield in 1863. In brief, The Order was able to corner the total state shares for Connecticut and New York, cutting out other scholastic institutions. This is the first example of scores we shall present in this series - how The Order uses public funds for its own objectives." (p.60, America's Secret Establishment.)


Back in the late 1800s there was a "break in" by the Order of 'File and Claw' into the Tomb of Skull & Bones (New Haven, Connecticut). There is a picture on one of the walls of the Tomb, that reveals an interesting revelation: "The picture is accompanied by a card, on which is written, 'From the German Chapter. Presented by Patriarch D.C. Gilman of D. 50'" (pp. 165-170 America’s Secret Establishment).

Daniel Coit Gilman was in Germany at the University of Berlin between 1854 and 55. As the card indicates, Gilman received from his German counterparts authorization to establish (incorporate) Skull & Bones (Russell Trust Association) at Yale University, which eventually came under their full protection and control.



Lest the reader, disparage the paucity of the facts relating to the Russell Trust, let me remind you that it is a SECRET SOCIETY and it does not wish to be known. Had it not been for the generosity of a 'member' of the Russell Trust, Antony C. Sutton received an actual bound copy of the original membership catalog (unsolicited)] we would still be in the dark regarding the Order, and their intentions. It was only because of the tenacity of Dr. Sutton, his unique research skills, and his meticulous accuracy regarding the facts presented, that we have any knowledge of the RTA Inc.



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Maybe now you will realize why America was deliberately "dumbed down." And why many of our children and students can neither read nor write. (Read the online Book] Home-schooling anyone?



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