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Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy

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Conspiracy Theory: The History of Conspiracy Copyright © 2009

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The etymology of the word "conspiracy" is an interesting study. Most people don’t delve further into such references: preferring to rely on accepted practice and norms. But I can assure you that ‘conspiracy’ is a fact of history, and very prevalent in our modern timeframe. It will surprise you to know that the founding of the United States of America, was itself a significant conspiracy, involving, freemasonry, high elected officials and the intrigue of kings and noblemen in the countries of England, France, Poland and Germany. The Founding Fathers of these United States, while they were educated English subjects, were determined to foment a complete separation from English rule. They accomplished this, through contacts in the freemasonry circles to which they belonged. For an excellent account of their ‘conspiracy’ to separate from the Crown of England, I [ recommend, The Secret History of The West, by Nicholas Hagger. The author iterates significant factual links regarding the secrecy behind

world events from the Renaissance to the 20th Century. His analysis regarding the subject-matter of (historical) conspiracy associations sustains a pervasive argument (throughout history) of an ongoing agenda to accomplish 'world' government.


America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton

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Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence

Illuminati Conspiracy Part two:


Early History Of The Master Conspiracy

Real Conspiracies Past & Present


Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

(Subject of the Illuminati) 1958 Lecture Just Before He Died

On-Line Download: Book: Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr


The United Nations Executive Council

(From Conspiracy Theory To Conspiracy Fact)


Proof of a Conspiracy was demonstrated early on by a serious minded research published during the later stage of the American Revolution. and published in 1798 by John Robison. It was revealed that a powerful group known as the Illuminati had infiltrated and absorbed the European Masonic Movement. The early founders (Washington, Jefferson, Adams) knew of and may have even been influenced by it. While Washington was opposed to it, Jefferson embraced it, and became a proponent of the eventual French Revolution of 1789. Franklin while in France collecting funds for armaments and supplies from the king of France, became influenced by its philosophy at the various salons that he attended. The negative effect of the revolutionary movement did not affect the American continent, primarily, due to the fact, separation from the English Crown, did not require a change in philosophy, or a change in worldview, merely separation from the rule of the King, (divine right) in exchange for the 'rule of law,' (US Constitution, which was regarded by the colonialists as the ‘law of the land.’). The American Republic was unique, and directly influenced by the Masonic members who devised it. Nicholas Hagger, author of "The Secret History of the West," demonstrates a substantial ‘guiding hand’ throughout history, behind the scenes promoting and advocating the formation of ‘Republics’ as a political movement opposed to the established ‘Monarchy.’ The Enlightenment and Age of Reason were the progenitors (Rousseau and Locke) of a failed attempt to provide utopian solutions for the ‘common good’ on the European mainland. The French Revolution ultimately digressed, whereas the American Revolution progressed with support coming from freemasonry worldwide.

In France a ‘reign of terror’ was instituted eliminating all vestige of political power based on the nobility of 'divine right.' The proponents of the ‘revolution’ simply eliminated control by the monarch, nobility and the church, and substituted ‘reason’ and the enlightenment of the mob. Without direction, power corrupts, and corrupt individuals (evil entourage) ascend proportionately, increasing the terror factor by the degree of the intent of the direction of those promulgating from behind the scenes.

The formation of the US Government was a distinct Masonic achievement. The system of 'checks and balances' (Montesquieu) and the republican system was distinctly Masonic in fact and in nature. The guiding hand behind American governance is finally revealed as the achievement of universal freemasonry. Most Americans living today have not understood this historical fact, and they refuse to accept anything other than their prior cognitive dissonant conditioning. They do not realize that they have been deceived, by powerful secret forces, acting behind the scenes, whose agenda is merely to promote a 'utopian' world government of collective 'republics' based on secret 'Masonic' intent, which ultimately will be coalesced.

For those who do not understand the 'hidden' factors behind 'history,' the events and correlation of events, such as wars, revolutions, dictatorship, nihilism, and ultimately anarchy become a puzzlement, indeed a burden to those attempting to develop a rationale regarding the confusing cornucopia of disjointed references and lack of cohesiveness. The concept of a 'control' factor never enters the historical criteria.

Why? Because the 'control' is 'secret' and is 'hidden' from the populace by subterfuge and deliberate obfuscation, via misdirection and secrecy.

Secrecy and Secret Societies are 'dangerous' having hidden agendas and goals antithetical to the intent and will of indigenous populations. The American Revolution was the exception to the thesis.

Early on in a paper,Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm, I revealed a 'hidden' agenda formulated by a modern 'secret society,' the Russell Trust, which has 'managed and controlled' the American Institution and the US Government. This revelation was the birth child of Antony C. Sutton, who academically, with precision, demonstrated the unique apparatus of their organization and hierarchy. Dr. Sutton’s revelation is probably the only academic proof of a 'conspiracy,' involving both academics and scholarship affiliation. Obviously, the control of the 'mind' and 'perception' of 'data' is instrumental in affecting desired 'change' and 'control.' Change the way a person thinks, and you change his direction, perspective and ultimately his goals of achievement. Control the way a person thinks, and you control his actions, purpose and intent.

Because the events are seriously overtaking us as we speak and write, I’ve coalesced the past with the present, regarding The Control Paradigm. Hence the appearance of past and present chronology of events within my paper. The Control Paradigm is quickly consolidating its power, using both subterfuge and deception. They are availing themselves of modern influences, such as computers, electronics, and deceptive electoral processes to achieve their goals. The Internet and the World Wide Web has allowed us to follow their achievements with breathtaking pause. We have been given a unique opportunity to witness the subtle maneuverings, hitherto, unbeknownst, to all but insiders. We are witnesses to a significant attempt at world population control, via a series of significant secret engineering and maneuvers.

What appears to remain consistent and absolutely similar throughout, are the goals of the Illuminati, Freemasons and our present day versions, such as the socialists, communists and members of the Russell Trust. The assault and abolition of all religions, the elimination of property, family and the destruction of the middle class. All of which have been ongoing enterprises of these secret societies. I have already provided a paper on this reference called The Control Paradigm (East) showing the brutality of such intent.

It is apparent to me, that many require background materials regarding a subject-matter, most are not aware of , due to the inherent 'secrecy' and tangent 'obfuscation' of pertinent knowledge missing from their history books. I suggest that the following books will enlighten you and clarify this for you.

Nicholas Hagger is my source regarding "hidden history," Upon reading his books, with my prior knowledgebox, gleaned from the past thirty (35) five years of my own personal research, it is apparent to me, that Hagger has demonstrated serious research that sustains my arguments. I highly recommend his scholarship and authorship:

The Secret Founding of America: The Real Story of Freemasons, Puritans & The Battle for The New World ISBN 13:9781842931400 ISBN 10:1842931407

The Secret History of the West: The Influence of Secret Organizations On Western History From The Renaissance To the 20th Century. ISBN-13: 9781905047048

The Syndicate: The Story Of The Coming World Government. ISBN-13: 9781903816851

There is another aspect of conspiracy not normally associated with secrecy, but clearly demonstrated via the qualified work of Richard C. Hoagland, whose works interlocked with many other qualified researchers, has produced a prodigious amount of factual data pertaining to the recent discoveries on Mars, the Moon and in the very halls of NASA. His current book:Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA is compelling. Corroborated by my own personal data regarding such anomalies, I find his research significant and warranted. I’m convinced that the people of this planet have been and are still being kept in the dark regarding space and extraterrestrial activities. Hoagland's website explains

Richard C. Hoagland Interview [ Three (3) Part (Video) Interview ]

Serious Interview: Dark Mission: NASA

Richard C. Hoagland and Tom Bearden have provided an interesting database of information regarding Energy From the Vacuum (Hyperspace). Hoagland acknowledges Bearden on pages 34-36 of his book and reveals hidden aspects of serious curtailment of ‘free energy’ by Heaviside and Gibbs of James Clerk Maxwell’s ‘unified field theory.’ Such curtailment was deliberate in its attempt to simplify, symmetric abbreviations of substantial quaternion equations into vector equations, murdering (free energy) potentials from those abbreviations. While mathematicians and academicians might prefer ‘symmetry,’ nature does not. Hoagland and Bearden show that Hyperspace (Energy from the Vacuum) is capable of providing infinite copious amounts of energy just for the taking.

The Structure of Water: A View From 4-Space

ZPE: Is Not Energy From the Vacuum



One of the most difficult things for humankind to understand is that the mind is not matter, it is separate and distinct from the human anatomy, and affects all that we humans accomplish. The mind is immortal, influencing the totality of human action and can be used for purposes governed by the intent of the user.

The subject-matter of the human "mind" is clearly a topic that is not understood and the 'misuse' of the mind, via 'intent' can have significant and serious effects affecting the totality of the human specie. Intent governs function, form, and action, subscribing the user and subjecting the intended to an Hegelian agenda.

"Managed and Controlled" Conflict is the history of the human condition on Planet Earth. It is the "condition" of the human species, limiting progress on this Planet, hindering its indigenous population from succession and advancement within the galactic whole. Understanding "managed and controlled" environments is critical to attaining the appropriate ’knowledgebase.’

Jesus of Nazareth, the historical identified by Flavius Josephus, summed it up 'succinctly,' in his 'words' and by his 'actions.' Jesus understood the problem clearly and did not deal with it, with His 'MIND.'

He subscribed to "prayer" and "fasting" to accomplish his agenda and goals.

The Beautiful Side of Evil is the most misdiagnosed phenomenon, misunderstood manipulation, and misinterpreted message of our modern age of reason, resignation and refutation. Evil goes undetected because of a lack of knowledge, understanding and deliberate obfuscation, not to mention the deliberate actions of significant members of interacting competing factions and their secret societies. People, indeed whole populations of people, are perishing worldwide due to the beautiful side of evil, imposed upon them from outside influences.


Esoteric Agenda (Video)


For further research on the History of Conspiracy:

Murray N. Rothbard: The Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited

Welcome To Conspiracy World


Thirty-three (33) Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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Why Eliot Spitzer (former Gov. of New York) Was (Politically) Assassinated

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