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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

For those who are scratching their heads, and by now, are questioning my research, let me briefly state my personal opinion regarding all of my research thus far.

The real materialist ‘matter’ world within which we all live is governed by ‘non-matter’ structures which derive their ‘authority’ from the ‘Creator’ of this ‘construct’ in which we ‘play’ important parts of ‘drama’ and ‘activity.’ Most genuine ‘physicists’ have already acknowledged this via their ‘mathematics’ and ‘foundation’ research. Shakespeare stated it succinctly via his immortal: ‘All the World 's A Stage…And Every Man An Actor.’

Coming to the same conclusions regarding ‘physics’ and ‘theology’ especially regarding Nikola Tesla, I too

in similar tones, for Tesla had reached a point in his life, when he realized that mere theory and knowledge regarding electro-gravitics and aether science was reaching its limits.........He wanted much know what really caused 'movement' of the 'wheel works' of nature...........kind of like climbing the mountain of empirical/theoretical physics and finding that the theologians have been waiting there for a very long time.............already.

The answer surprisingly is very simple, and yet ultimately VERY profound. ‘We are created ‘Beings,’ who possess the ability to ‘structure’ matter and thus can ‘alter’ the very ‘reality’ which governs us. We accomplish this by ‘pure’ faith, accepting the consequences of our ‘beliefs’ without question as long as we remain within our ‘weltanschauungen’ and accept our own ‘dogma’ without question. Thus we remain ‘comfortable’ and ‘compliant’ and ‘complacent’ never questioning the basis of our ‘beliefs.’

Masquerading behind ALL of this is a significant ‘warfare’ transpiring and continuing since the beginning of time, involving ‘secret societies,’ ‘metaphysics’ and ‘technologies’ all designed to ‘control’ the very fabric of ‘space-time,’ keeping a significant portion of this planet essentially ‘enslaved’ and in utter poverty since the very Creation itself. It is my belief that there is a significant subtle ‘warfare’ in-place and targeted against all those who sustain a ‘Christian-Based Worldview.’ It also incorporates ALL those who subscribe to a ‘Creationist’ Worldview, and all ‘Theologies’ that subscribe to similar belief structures. The Battle ultimately is between the ‘Creator’ and the ‘Controller.’

We have been but mere actors on a stage, playing our marionette parts without question.

The Answer lies within, and is closer than you think, for we have the ability to change all of this, for all that is necessary is to apply the same principles that were articulated by the ‘Creator’ in the Beginning of the Creation. Sole Fide!

Sterling D. Allan provided an article: The Mystery of Ever-Burning Lamps - Ellen Lloyd that explores the phenomenon of ever-burning lamps that have been discovered in various ancient vaults, some of which have allegedly been burning for 2,000 years. An excellent demonstration of how individuals having "10 Sigma" capabilities, can control 'mind/matter' functions.

Starting with quantum field theory [David Bohm] and making a slight adaptation, there exists a precise physics coupling mechanism for 'mind' and 'body'. Since there is a precise coupling mechanism for mind and its dynamics (over on the time axis) to three-space matter (usually a living body), then obviously coupling can also be established between 'time' and 'matter'. Indeed, relativity deals with 'space-time', not just 'space.'

The normal sciences and those who are practitioners as such, have no cognition as to what the ‘mind’ or ‘4-Space’ is. Normal science immediately discounts and relegates ‘mind’ and 4-Space ‘novelty of fact’ as ‘non’ entities, due to prior ‘cognitive dissonance’ regarding this subject-matter. A significant bell-curve exists which delineates and places such individuals (Ten Sigma Individuals) at the extreme low end of the curve cycle far from the mainstream societal structure of human cognition. These individuals understand clearly that ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ are significantly independent structures, which, can reformulate ‘subject-matter’ and reorganize reality-based structures. Ten Sigma Individuals use their ‘minds’ as tools to ‘define’ resources and thus restructure matter-forms within their disposition and doctrine.

The ‘mind’ is not a ‘meat-computer’ but a ‘living’ entity, which, either structures our milieu of reality facts or ‘creates’ reality, structuring reality based on re-cognition of a desired goal or end. Ten Sigma Individuals use the latter format in processing structured cognitive resources.

These Ten Sigma Individuals are the types of individuals who were coveted and prized by the Emperors and Kings of the 12th, 13th and the 14th Century. They were bestowed with favors and granted privileges due to their perceived necessity as advisers to the Royal courts. Just as such individuals existed in the 12th, 13th and the 14th Century, similarly, these same types of individuals exist TODAY. They are hidden behind personal and professional masks, guarding against encroachment by either the evil entourage or the opportunistic oligarchs of our ‘modern’ age, embedded deep within the bell-curve of ‘normative’ society. It is apparently a common tactic to remain dormant and thus escape the ‘cognition’ of structured societies.

Most individuals have already been structured into ‘control’ paradigms from which they will never escape, due to their cognitive entrapment and structured learning skills. This is most unfortunate, because advancement in the ‘sciences’ and ‘novelty of fact’ technologies can never come from these kinds of individuals. Intelligence and intelligent thought must escape the boundaries of references guarded by the status quo and structured ‘peer review.’ As Jesus of Nazareth, himself, stated, "For one does not acquire ‘new wine’ from ‘old bottles’ neither does one find ‘new wine’ from within ‘old bottles.’" Subsequently, neither does one put ‘new wine’ into ‘old bottles’ for the danger exists that both would perish. "New Wine" from "New Bottles," essentially, a new paradigm dispenses with prior ‘structured thinking.’ A ‘novelty of fact’ is a ‘new’ fact, clearly distinctive, and not representative of prior ‘models’ or ‘references.’

In memory of Doyle Noyes.


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