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Cold Fusion [Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions]

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


"Feischmann Dead at 85 -- End of an Era'''

"Jean-Louis Naudin it is with great interest and admiration that I view your recent Cold Fusion experiments.

Your presentations are truly remarkable and I applaud your honest research. Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc. would have enjoyed following your work.'

He was a firm believer in the efficacy of Cold Fusion. Your tireless efforts are invaluable demonstrations of true science and truthful scientific method demonstrations."

"Viva la France."

All the Best

Leslie R. Pastor

Links To Cold Fusion Items - Ludwik Kowalski

Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed - Charles G. Beaudette - ebook



:'A Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion'


Why doesn't Utah media cover the latest cold fusion developments? (Sterling D. Allan) June 7, 2012

Billionaire Helps Fund MU Energy Research

The Progression of Cold Fusion - Worldwide - Except Within The United States

:'1989 - March 23 - Cold Fusion Press Conference at University of Utah'

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Dr. Mallove’s Letter to Time Magazine - March 31, 1999

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove

P. O. Box 2816

Concord, NH 03302-2816



Cold Fusion Demonstration A Success

Cold Fusion Already Exists In Nature

Biological Transmutations

Police Have Third Suspect In Mallove Killing

To: Frederic Golden, Leon Jaroff, Jeffrey Kluger, Michael D. Lemonick

Dear Sirs:

I do not know which of you were primarily responsible for the vile outrage of designating Drs. Fleischmann and Pons as Cranks in your March 29, 1999 Time-100. To witness them portrayed in infamy on same page (albeit in a different category) as the Nazi villain Josef Mengele, stretches my tolerance for your so-called science reporting to the limit.

Since all of you are signed as authors of this most reckless assertion about Fleischmann and Pons, I am sending to each of you a possible corrective for your intellectual confusion: Issue #24 of Infinite Energy, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the cold fusion announcement. In particular, I draw your attention to our selection of the top 34 referenced technical papers in peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed literature that show clear evidence for the cold fusion class of phenomena. You should also examine the historical facts presented in this issue, which are at variance with the cartoon history that intellectually challenged science journalists such as yourself routinely parrot.

I have scant hope that scientific papers and correct historical facts can influence people who were so thoughtless in this nearly libelous disparagement of these two discoverers. Still, I would welcome a sincere effort on your part to give Time readers the correct story. Had you placed Fleischmann and Pons in the category of unsung heroes on the next pages along with Alfred Wegener, you would have been correct. You chose instead to present a highly misleading cartoon of what really happened to these pioneers and what is going on in the cold fusion field today. This attack on two outstanding scientists and those many hundreds of scientists who continue their work constitutes journalistic sloppiness at its worst.


Dr. Eugene F. Mallove,

Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy

Consortium of Cold Fusion Scientists Organized

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Orthodoxy demands subservience to the dogma of a peer view system tantamount to the rigors of an ‘inquisition,’ for any and all ‘novelty of fact’ technological innovations that attempt to supersede the established "mainstream" SCIENCE status quo.


"If you've been watching the news, you've probably noticed how cold fusion is suddenly OK...20 YEARS LATER?!!!...give me a break. LENR/CANR has over three THOUSAND publications listed on cold fusion - an ongoing field of research, and yet if the media suddenly gives its blessing, it's real. pathetic. Cold fusion units could have been fully developed by this time if the skeptics hadn't won out 20 years ago, so don't think skeptics are doing us favors - more to the contrary...they serve to perpetuate the status quo, which is destroying our civilization and planet's ecosystem. " Todd C. Hathaway (former NEC Member)







The UnCensored - Unfettered Version of "Cold Fusion Is HOT AGAIN"

Image:60-minutes cold fusion opening removed 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Cold Fusion > News: Cold Fusion: 60 Minutes: More Than Junk Science > APS Denies Role Ascribed in 60 Minutes' Cold Fusion Piece - CBS temporarily pulled their very popular Cold Fusion video segment after the American Physical Society published a press release denying that it had recommended any particular scientist to verify the energy output claims [of Energetics LLC]. (PESN April 24, 2009) (Comment at


Dr. Eugene F. Mallove provided a significant alternative to fossil fuels in this interesting video interview:

shortly thereafter he was found murdered. Was he silenced because of this interview?




The highly revealing 12-minute video clip from 60 Minutes on the fascinating resurgence of cold fusion has now been removed by CBS. I highly suspect media censorship at work here. A supporter emailed that the embedded video from an article posted on this at was not working. Checking back on the original links to the video revealed that a weak clip of less than two-minutes had replaced the engaging, longer original.

After some careful research, it was discovered that the 12-minute video had moved up to the fourth most popular on the entire CBS website. Following the link on the CBS video page in the "Most Viewed Videos" section at the bottom, it was found that though there were 70 comments posted under the video, it no longer functioned. Someone didn't want us to see that video. What other reason would there be to censor this powerful clip? For more on this, see the informative article posted here.

Please take advantage of the power of the Internet to spread the word, so that we can break through this kind of censorship. I encourage everyone to send CBS a short message using this link to ask why the amazing 60 Minutes video was removed and tell them you want it back. And please let me know if you are successful. Together, we can make a difference. Thanks for caring.

With best wishes,

Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team

Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton



60 Minutes: Cold Fusion Is HOT Again


'Dr. Scott Robinson Chubb, Sr. passed away at the age of 58 on March 25, 2011 after a long illness'

In Memory of Dr. Scott Chubb





Cold Fusion is the most controversial, and fantastic discovery ever made by two of the brightest electrochemists to have graced our planet, whose extraordinary claims are nothing short of a page right out of Jules Verne. The claims made, were so fantastic, that, the reactions from academia were not totally unexpected, or for that matter warranted, considering the source of the claim. B. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are to be commended for their breakthrough ‘novelty of fact,’ for it may quite possibly be one of the most significant answers to our planetary energy requirements. Their discovery is truly a breakthrough ‘novelty of fact’ unprecedented in human history.




Book: Excess HEAT: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed by Charles G. Beaudette (Second Edition)


Book: Cold Fusion And The Future by Jed Rothwell (higher resolution download)



The 16th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


The 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


The 14th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


The 13th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


The 10th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


JET Thermal Products

Directory:JET Thermal Products


Recent Developments Regarding Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Review of Past Developments Regarding Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


How To Produce The Pons/Fleischmann Effect


The Basic CFR Replication by Jean-Louis Naudin


Historical Documentary on Cold Fusion -- Video (The War on Cold Fusion)


DARPA acknowledged Cold Fusion


Cold Fusion - Videos


A Significant Replication of Mizuno's Experiment


In the early 1990s Peter Armbruster, Sigurd Hofmann, Gottfried Münzenberg and co-workers at the GSI laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, used cold-fusion reactions to synthesize elements 107-112. These data were later confirmed by Kosuke Morita and co-workers at the RIKEN laboratory in Tokyo, who also synthesized elements 110 and 111 in cold-fusion reactions. Last year the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) agreed that element 110 should be known as darmstadtium, and that GSI should also be credited with the discovery of element 111. Both the GSI and RIKEN teams now have plans to synthesize element 113 and above.




Richard Milton: Alternative Science

Book: Alternative Science - Challenging The Myths Of The Scientific Establishment by Richard Milton''',M1 (Reveals Fraud On The Part Of MIT Regarding Cold Fusion Experiment Verification)

Voodoo Science - Sloppy Scientific Thinking - The Refutation of Robert Park


Voodoo Science - INDEED [Commentary by Dr. Eugene Mallove on Robert S. Park's, "Voodoo Science"]


Book Review By Steven B. Krivit of Robert Park's Voodoo Science

Steven B. Krivit - New Energy Times


Cold Fusion Info Found In Italy in 1993


Tadahiko Mizuno - In From The Cold


Dr. Peter Hagelstein - MIT - Fallen Martyr


Dr. B. Stanley Pons & Dr. Martin Fleischmann,_France,_1993-SPL.jpg

Research: Dr. B. Stanley Pons & Dr. Martin Fleischmann

Coulomb Barrier Law

The Coulomb Barrier Law is the only barrier to nuclear reactions. Once circumvented or overcome, nuclear fusion ensues and maintains a continuous reaction combining and enhancing fusion reactions continuously. Therefore the negation/circumvention of the Coulomb Barrier was the most important aspect of the Fleischmann/Pons discovery.

Research: The Coulomb Barrier Law - Understanding Nuclear Fusion

On May 18, 2006, Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen stated:

: "The best research paper I know of on the Coulomb barrier issue in solid state phenomena is "The Cold Fusion-Transmutation Connection," by Talbot Chubb, published in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion, edited by Peter Hagelstein and Scott Chubb, World Scientific, Singapore, 2006, pages 753 to 766. It applies Quantum Mechanics wavepacket analysis to the dissolved deuterons and shows the great reduction of the electric field by distributing the charge over a large area of a crystal lattice."

Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Cold Fusion is the generic name for LENR [Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, with its corollary CANR (Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions)]. But it is more precisely termed as, Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.

Research: LENR/CANR [Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions] [Jed Rothwell] [Significant Downloadable Documentation] [Edmund Storms]

Scott Chubb

International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Dr. Eugene Mallove

The Patron-Saint of The Cold Fusion Phenomenon, Dr. Eugene Mallove, is and shall always remain, in the hearts of all those who have benefited from his tireless and unquencing loyalty, defending the actual discovery of the phenomena, in all of its variations. Gene Mallove was one of the most powerful proponents of Cold Fusion that I know of. His name is synonymous with ‘integrity’ and ‘tenacity,’ and who for all time shall be remembered as the most powerful ‘influential’ proponent and advocate of Cold Fusion research. It was largely his dynamic presence, within the CF community, that ultimately kept the ‘movement’ on target, in its continuous, and unrelenting, drive for acceptance within the larger framework of the fusion community of acceptable science. Gene Mallove, despising the ridicule, and accepting the responsibility, as advocate, demonstrated the kind of qualities, necessary, to advance the cause of true ‘novelty of fact’ scientific methodology. He articulated what many within his profession, could not, or more precisely, would not dare to advocate. I consider him to have been, and will always remain, a GIANT in the field of advocacy, especially with regard to his personal defense, of Cold Fusion. When all is said and done, he will have defined "Cold Fusion" as one of the most important discoveries of the human condition. He literally lit up the entire ‘scientific’ community with his presence. He was a most distinguished and prolific force to be reckoned with. He will be remembered for all time, for he will have been the most important cornerstone in advocating the most significant ‘novelty of fact’ discovery since ‘fire’ fell down from the heavens in the form of lightening.


From: Tom Bearden

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2009 1:13 PM

To: Leslie R. Pastor

Cc: Ken Rasmussen Jeane Manning

Subject: Gene Mallove: The mystery deepens

Thanks Les!

And I still deeply mourn the loss of Eugene Mallove.

As I stated, he is the one who gently corrected my own improper confusion of efficiency with coefficient of performance, and steered me to modern nonequilibrium thermodynamics, the permissible violation of the hoary old second law of equilibrium thermodynamics, etc. I deeply appreciated him steering me onto the correct path, and out of that old equilibrium thermodynamics that we engineers get just a single little smidgeon of in the standard curriculum, and that's it. Sadly, today most electrical engineers also are almost hopelessly confused between efficiency of a system and its coefficient of performance.

The big nuclear power complex is and remains a very powerful cartel, both in industry, in our universities, and in physics. I personally suspect that this cartel has been primarily responsible for the vehement suppression of cold fusion, etc. Certainly in any such large and powerful group there is the 9% "evil entourage" that has no ethics, no morals, and would kill their own grandmother to get power, money, and control. In short, to be the "big monkey".

And we know that the overall "High Cabal" (as Winston Churchill called them) has deliberately and ruthlessly suppressed energy-from-the-active-medium systems since the time of Tesla, including murdering dozens of inventors who got too close to success. The exposé you have already published shows clearly that, in 1892 just before the very birth of electrical engineering, the already-curtailed Heaviside vector equations were deliberately and horribly further crippled by Lorentz's symmetrizing the equations. Thus, by deliberately casting out all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems, from its very birth our electrical engineering (and thus our electrical power engineering) has self-enforced the consumption of fuel etc. -- not to power the circuits and our loads, but to continually restore the source dipole in the generator, that our electrical engineering circuits continually destroy faster than they power their loads. So electrical power engineering has been mutilated and crippled so as to always self-enforce COP