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Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

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Cognitive Dissonance and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

'Information provided by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor'



This is a subject-matter that I did not want to do initially, due to the fact that most of society, known as polite society, is not aware, nor wishes to become aware of any form of information that would conflict with their perception of reality and structured worldview. Upon hearing about this type of information they immediately dismiss the facts as irrelevant to their purposes going about their lives and maintaining their young families in the manner they deem appropriate to their upbringing and relevant within their particular goals and needs. Cognitive dissonance is the primary reason for many individuals avoiding this subject-matter altogether, refusing to deviate from their education base, including their culture and association. They simply wish to remain within a worldview that sustains them, giving meaning to their personal lives with the least resistance to norms giving them form and comfort within their everyday lives.

But what happens when an anomaly occurs that no longer fits the norm, which creates, fear, confusion leading to general consternation, no longer providing the equilibrium that sustained the harmony of a peaceful life of bucolic bliss and wellbeing. What happens when a family and a community is shattered by the disappearance of children that they nurtured, providing a loving home, working hard to sustain the protective umbrella within the family unit. Everything that you believed previously is irrelevant, and all that matters is the desire to regain normalcy. But what happens if that never occurs, if your children are never found, or worse yet, they are discovered, years later, victims of criminal activity, unspeakable, and totally alien to everything you every believed possible. What if you discovered that your children were trapped in a world unspeakable and you can do nothing about it, because no one wants to acknowledge or discuss a problem that is only relevant to you and your family. Even more disturbing, what if, you discover that no one is interested in your terrifying ordeal at any level of government authority. How does one cope with that knowledge? Who do you turn to? And what do you do about it?


Realizing that the subject-matter of child kidnapping, sexual abuse and trauma based conditioning of small children is disturbing, I’ve elected to provide information already available, having been provided by qualified research from appropriate sources, from individuals already familiar and acquainted with these topics. This is not an easy subject-matter to digest, especially since these types of activity have been going on for thousands of years, but have been hidden and accomplished in total secrecy, and only now are apparent due to the available technology available to us. With cameras, film and data available worldwide, this information is rapidly being disseminated to all those willing to examine the evidence. One of the disturbing discoveries pertaining to this research is that government has been complicit, and at all levels, state, federal and local, as the information provided indicates.

The Documented Evidence

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MK Ultra Chld Abuse

The Satanic Ritual Child Abuse goes all the way back to the Babylonian Mystery Religions. Satanic Rituals involved sacrificing children to Moloch, in which parents would have to throw their children into the fire or place them upon the scolding hot metal arms of the Statue of Moloch. They would also mind control their children and give them multiple personalities via repeated traumatization techniques. After repeated traumas, their children would develop multiple personalities that could be manipulated and used for specific activities, and they would be programmed to self-destruct (suicide themselves) when they reached a certain age) or be terminated when no longer useful to their assigned tasks.

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Video Reference

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