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ChemTrails: The Control Paradigm: From The Sky by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor





Flight Radar (24) Hour Sequence ~ Chemtrail Aircraft

'Geo-Engineering - Aerosol Research'

'Chemtrails All The Best Evidence'

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Tom Bearden's Correspondence Regarding Chemtrails

Suffolk County, New York to hear proposal to ban Chemtrails

The Following Youtube Account was deleted, when it revealed What Was Happening:

The World Is Waking Up:

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"Chemtrails Confirmed" (William Thomas)


For those who have studied the HAARP Technology and are cognizant of the HAARP mechanism (US Patents), they are aware, that the uses of Chemtrails and HAARP, together, have been used to manipulate global weather and global Earthquakes by the Illuminati. Weather control and Earthquake control is essentially people control. That control is reflected in weather anomalies, which have brought about catastrophic and potential catastrophic changes upon the Earth.

'Weather Manipulation via Frequency – Explanation on Scalar Squares & HAARP Rings'

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And for those who doubt the reality of HAARP manipulation, then how do you explain, with the appropriate documentation and reference, the following video presentation. wZYMCE3qbrE UKxU6eaPpIs fifFIWcXGlU


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<pesn type= 'A C Griffith Project (Barium Salt) Cloverleaf'" str="'A C Griffith: What Are Scalars?' 'A C Griffith Discusses Tom Bearden and Scalars' [,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=905e9081899b75b1&biw=1440&bih=710"></pesn>

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Recently G. Edward Griffin requested my help in researching a problem that is affecting us all, and it is the kind of subject-matter, that many do not recognize as a problem, because it is, and has been hidden (in plane sight) for all to see, but not easily recognized. That barrier is about to be shattered via research conducted by many, who have determined to analyze this subject-matter, and thus get to the bottom of this mystery. And then share it with the people, and nations of our planet EARTH. The Chemtrail Geoengineering Cover-up

The Reality Zone

Documentary Videos

Freedom Force International

Unfiltered News (G. Edward Griffin)

Unfiltered News (G. Edward Griffin) - Archived


Nanotechnology & Aerosol Crimes


VTRPE Program


'A 707 (ChemTrail) Plane Crashes in Point Mugu in Ventura County, California'

'Take Notice of the Aluminum Lake that surrounds the Crashed Aircraft'

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ChemTrails & Fine Gael


'Chemtrails: What in the world are they Spraying?'

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'Documentation Proving that Global Warming, Chem Trails and Weather Engineering Is Deliberate Intervention'

{When the people fear their government, there is tyranny when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. - Thomas Jefferson)



Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered, Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populous Like Roaches

"A recent report by CBS Atlanta detailed how some local citizens are outraged that such “crimes against humanity” are being carried out right before our eyes in secret. In the report Senator Johnny Isakson was interviewed on the subject of chemtrails saying quote: “That is a theory that some people have, but there is no evidence this is happening. This is not happening.” It looks as if members of the government’s upper echelon and even members of the Senate will go to extreme lengths to suppress this vital information from reaching the American people. Not to mention they signed off on the multi-billion dollar per year budgets in an economic crisis, with little to no transparency to the public."

In regards to aerosol spraying into the earth’s atmosphere, a recent update to data assembled by 'The Carnicom Institute' reveals the chemicals used and their respective levels of concentration. The toxic levels that are being used in these aerosols goes beyond shocking – it would appear that these levels are indeed criminal by EPA Standards.

Source Documentation:

'National Security Study Memorandum 200 -- “Control oil and you control nations control food and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger'

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” – Richard Haass- Club of Rome


Chemtrails: Public GeoEngineering Meeting: DC (Friday, May 20)

Federal Register - May 10, 2011

Toxic Levels of Barium & Aluminum Found In Several Mohave County Arizona Residents


Chemtrails In Hawaii: Investigating Chemtrails And Geoengineering


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Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Reveals "Death Drop" Chem-Trails "Genocide"


Video of an Actual Chemtrail Plane on the Ground

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CHEMTRAILS: Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails [VIDEO] PROJECT CLOVERLEAF, A. C. GRIFFITH

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What In The World Are They Spraying? OPERATION CLOVERLEAF

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Chemtrails Research

How Mad Cow Disease Can Be Spread Through The Air

Chemtrails - Aerosol Attacks

Chemtrails: Death by Increments

Morgellons, Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology, and Chemtrails

The Barium Blues

Bacteria Technology: The Growth of Nanowires

Alien Parasites (Possible Morgellons) Chemtrail Disbursal?

Geo Engineering: Chemtrails: What are they spraying?


Truth in Media (Michael J. Murphy) G. Edward Griffin

Chemtrails: The Facts

Chemtrails: Commercial Spraying: Shows the Mechanism

Chemtrails: Discoveries By Backyard Scientists

Chemtrails: Cell Sized Nanomachines Morgellon Infections and HAARP Influence

News Reports: Effect of Morgellons (from Chemtrail Spraying)

NBC News: Chemtrails Over California

Chemtrails: Germany Recognizes The Problem

Chemtrails: Canadian Chemtrail Documentary

Chemtrails: UK Government Admits Deadly Spraying on Population

Genetic DNA Aerosols: Self Replicating