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Antony C. Sutton: Report: Technological Treason


by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009


Antony C. Sutton sent me several books for my personal research and review (in 1999), among them: Cold Fusion: The Secret Energy Revolution The View From 4-Space and a pamphlet he wrote in 1982 called Technological Treason. Back in 1999, I was still absorbed with his earlier work regarding his discovery of anomalies pertaining to the former Soviet Union. Technological Treason actually named names, and provided details regarding the firms that had done business with Russia during and after the 1917 Russian Revolution. These firms according to Dr. Sutton had essentially made of Russia a captive technical colony. His books on Cold Fusion and 4-Space opened up a completely new vista regarding the suppression of phenomena dealing with fourth dimension attributes not normally associated with technology. Back then Cold Fusion was an anomaly, and was essentially laughed, and ridiculed to scorn. Everyone knew, including the pundits, that ‘cold fusion’ was ‘impossible,’ for it would take vast amounts of ‘heat’ energy to break the ‘coulomb barrier.’ Peer Review? The people doing the ‘review’ were the ‘high energy’ physics establishment heavily funded by the US Government. (Seaborg) Peer Review? None truly Existed! Only one person stood within the gap promoting and sustaining ‘cold fusion’ research: Eugene Mallove, the MIT ‘hero’ who personally decided to sustain the argument for ‘cold fusion.’ He became a major thorn in the academic world, for he knew where all the ‘bodies’ were buried, he was an ‘insider’ with academic credentials. He knew things that others merely wanted to forget. His presence alone commanded significant respect halfway around the globe. Antony Sutton respected such men, for he knew the sacrifices that were necessary, to sustain such efforts.

Dr. Sutton provided a catalog of US firms with Soviet Contracts (1917-1982), which was a significant revelation pertaining to a hidden agenda, kept secret from the American people during the First, Second and Viet Nam wars. This was significant, especially, transfers pertaining to economic and military aspects, those vital to US interests. Hence the name ‘Technological Treason.’

"Political and financial assistance came from a number of Wall Street firms during the Revolution itself, including intervention in Washington by prominent bankers and businessmen on behalf of the new Bolshevik regime." (Antony C. Sutton, Technological Treason, p. 1.)

Technological Treason is a catalog of the U.S. firms that were involved in the (former) Soviet trade since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. It is virtually complete for the period 1917-1970. It was the most complete list made available by Antony C. Sutton. Files after 1970 are still suppressed. It was during this period that the U. S. was involved in the Viet Nam war. US firms provided the technology to the Soviet Union which ultimately was used against our military forces in Southeast Asia.


American International Corporation



J. Ogden Armour

G. J. Baldwin (George J. Baldwin) (George Johnson Baldwin),George_Johnson.html

C. A. Coffin

W. E. Corey

Robert Dollar

Pierre S. DuPont

Phillipe A. S. Franklin

J. P. Grace

R. F. Herrick (Robert F. Herrick)

Otto H. Kahn

H. W. Pritchett -- Henry S. Pritchett (1910-1939) Suggested idea to Andrew Carnegie that he support a free, noncontributory pension fund for college faculty (1904). Trustee, The Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching (3-10-1906) President (1905-1929). Approved $1.65 million grant to found the Institute of Economics. President, M.I.T. (1904). Manager, Franklin Fund of Boston (1904). Director, American International Corporation, (1917-1918 Period ?). President, Carnegie Corporation of New York (1921-1923).

Percy A. Rockefeller <pesn type= ["></pesn>

John D. Ryan <pesn type=["></pesn>

William L. Saunders <pesn type= ["></pesn>

J. A. Stillman <pesn type=" str="["></pesn>

C. A. Stone

T. N. Vail

Frank A.Vanderlip]<pesn type=" str="["></pesn>$t1912.htm

E. S. Webster (Edwin Sibley Webster)]<pesn type=" str="[,M1"></pesn>

A. H. Wiggin,9171,738837-1,00.html,M1,M1,M1,2,02harvardtoenronpt6.htm,9171,752977-2,00.html

Beckman Winthrop

William Woodward<pesn type=[,M1"></pesn>,2,02harvardtoenronpt6.htm

Chase National Bank (Chase Manhattan Bank)

J. N. Hill

A. B. Hepburn

S. H. Miller

C. M. Schwab

Henry Bradford Endicott <pesn type=" str="" str="" str="["></pesn>

Newcomb Carlton <pesn type=" str=",9171,738442,00.html" str="["></pesn>

D. C. Jackling <pesn type=,DANIEL.html" str="["></pesn>

E. R. Tinker

Albert H. Wiggin,16641,19310824,00.html]<pesn type=" str=" ["></pesn>

John J. Mitchell <pesn type= ["></pesn>,9171,731207,00.html,9171,747519,00.html

Guy E. Tripp

Equitable Trust Company (37-43 Wall Street)

Charles B. Alexander

Albert B. Boardman

Robert C. Clowry

Howard E. Cole

Henry E. Cooper

Paul D. Cravath

Franklin Wm. Crutcheon

Bertram Cutler

Thomas de Witt Cuyler

Frederick W. Fuller

Robert Goelet

Carl R. Gray

Charles Hayden

Henry E. Huntington

Edward T. Jeffrey

Otto H. Kahn

Alvin W. Krech

James W. Lane

Hunter S. Marston

Charles G. Meyer

George Welwood Murray

Henry W. Pierce

Winslow S. Pierce

Lyman Rhoades

Walter C. Teagle

Henry Rogers Winthrop

Bertram G. Work

Federal Advisory Council (1916) Federal Reserve Board

Daniel G. Wing - Boston - District No. l

J. P. Morgan - New York - District No. 2

Levi L. Rue - Philadelphia - District No. 3

W. S. Row - Cincinnati - District No. 4

J. W. Wood - Greenville SC - District No. 5

C. A. Lyerly - Chattanooga - District No. 6

J. B. Forgan - Chicago - District No. 7 (President)

Frank O. Watts - St. Louis - District No. 8

C. T. Jaffrey - Minneapolis - District No. 9

E. F. Swinney - Kansas City - District No. 10

T. J. Record - Paris - District No. 11

Herbert Fleishhacker - San Francisco - District No. 12

Federal Reserve Bank of New York (120 Broadway)

[Class "A" Directors]

William Woodward - (1917)

Robert H. Treman - (1918)

Franklin D. Locke - (1919)

[Class "B" Directors]

Charles A. Stone - (1920)

William Boyce Thompson - (1918)

Leslie R. Palmer - (1919)

[Class "C" Directors]

Pierre Jay - (1917)

George F. Peabody - (1919)

William Laurence Saunders - (1920)

Federal Reserve Board

William G. Mc’Adoo

Charles S. Hamlin - (1916)

Paul M. Warburg - (1916)

Adolph C. Miller - (1924)

Frederic A. Delano - (1920)

W. P. G. Harding - (1922)

John Skelton Williams

Guaranty Trust Company - (140 Broadway)

Alexander J. Hemphill - (Chairman)

Charles H. Allen

A. C. Bedford

Edward J. Berwind

W. Murray Crane

T. de Witt Cuyler

James B. Duke

Caleb C. Dula

Robert W. Goelet

Daniel Guggenheim

W. Averell Harriman

Albert H. Harris

Walter D. Hines

Augustus D. Julliard

Thomas W. Lamont

William C. Lane

Edgar L. Marston

Grayson M-P Murphy

Charles A. Peabody

William C. Potter

John S. Runnells

Thomas Fortune Ryan

Charles H. Sabin

John W. Spoor

Albert Strauss

Harry P. Whitney

Thomas E. Wilson

London Committee:

Arthur J. Fraser (Chairman)

Cecil F. Parr

Robert Callander

National City Bank

P. A. S. Franklin

J. P. Grace

G. H. Dodge

H. A. C. Taylor

Robert S. Lovett

Frank A. Vanderlip

G. H. Miniken

E. P. Swenson

Frank Trumbull

Edgar Palmer

Percy A. Rockefeller

James Stillman

William Rockefeller

J. O. Armour

J. W. Sterling

James A. Stillman

M. T. Pyne

E. D. Bapst

J. H. Post

W. C. Procteer

National Bank Fur Deutschland - (1914)

Emil Wittenberg

Hjalmar Schacht - (1918)

Martin Schiff

Hans Winterfeldt

Th Marba

Paul Koch

Franz Reintelen

Sinclair Consolidated Oil Company (120 Broadway)

Harry F. Sinclair

H. P. Whitney

William E. Corey

William Boyce Thompson

James N. Wallace

Edward H. Clark

Daniel C. Jackling

Albert H. Wiggin

J. G. White Engineering Corporation

James Brown

Douglas Campbell

G. C. Clark, Jr.

Bayard Dominick, Jr.

A. G. Hodenply

Thomas W. Lamont

Marion McMillan

H. H. Pardee

G. H. Walbridge

E. N. Chilson

C. E. Bailey

J. G. White

Gano Dunn

E. G. Williams

A. S. Crane

H. A. Lardner

G. H. Kinniat

A. F. Kountz

R. B. Marchant

Henry Parsons

A. N. Connett

Companies Doing Business With The Former Soviet Union (1917-1930)

Type I (Pure) Concessions

Allied American Corporation

Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA)

American Asbestos Company

American Industrial Colony

American Industrial Concession

American Model Industrial Corporation

American-Russian Constructor Company (ARK)

Beloukha Company

Caucasian-American Trading & Mining Company

Dyer Concession

Estonian-American Oil Company

Euro-American Cellulose Products Corporation

Far Eastern Prospecting Company (Far Eastern Syndicate)

Farquhar, Percival

Gillette Company

Hammerschmidt, D. A.

Harriman, W. A., Manganese Concession

Haywood Concession

Heller L, & Sons Inc.,

Hillman Clothing Concession

International Barnsdall Corporation

International Harvester Company

International Mica Co., Inc.

Kahn, Montefiore

Russian-American Agricultural Corporation (Prikumskaya)

Russian-American Engineering & Trading Co., (Raito)

Russian-American Industrial Corp (Raico)

Russian-American Mining & Engineering Corp

Russian-American Steel Works

Sinclair Exploration Co.

Singer Sewing Machine

United German-American Corp.

Vint Concession

Westinghouse Air Brake

Type II Mixed Companies

Alamerico (Berlin)

Allied American Corp. (Armand Hammer)

American Foreign Trade Corporation

American Industrial Corporation

Brenner Brothers


Holland-Amerika Line

International Oxygen Corp.

Ocean Travel Bureau

Russian-American Compressed Gas Co. (Ragaz)

Standard Oil of New York

Sutta, Simon

United States Lines

Type III (Technical Assistance) Agreements

Allen J. I., & Company

Allen & Garcia, Inc.,

Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co..

Akron Rubber Reclaiming Co.,

Austin Co.,

Badger, E. B., & Company

Baldwin Locomotive Works

Brandt, Arthur J. Inc.,

Brown Lipe Gear Company Inc.,

Burrell-Mase Co., Inc.

Campbell, Thomas

Caterpillar Tractor Company

Chase, Frank Inc.,

Cooper, Hugh L, Inc.

Davis, Arthur P., Lyman Bishop & Associates

Du Pont, de Nemours, E. I., & Co.,

Electric Autolite Company

Ford Motor Company

Foster-Wheeler Corporation

Freyn Engineering Company Inc.,

General Engineering Company

Harry D. Gibbs

Goodman Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Graver Corp.

Henshien & Company Inc.,

Hercules Motor Company Inc.,

Higgins, John J., Company

International General Electric Company

Irving Air Chute Co., Inc.,

Albert Kahn Inc.,

Koppers Construction Company

Lockwood Green & Company

Longacre Engineering & Construction Company

McCormick Co.

McDonald Engineering Co.,

McKee, Arthur T., & Co., Inc.

Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Multibestos Co.,

Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company

Nitrogen Engineering Corporation

Oglebay, Norton & Co., Inc.

Penick & Ford Inc.

Pierce, Charles & Co.

Radio Corporation of American (RCA)

Radiore Co., Inc.

Roberts and Schaffer Inc.

C. F. Seabrook and Co., Inc.

Seiberling Rubber Co.,

Frank Smith Co., Inc.

Southwestern Engineering Corp.

Sperry Gyroscope Company

Standard Oil Company of New York

Stewart, James & Cooke Inc.

Sullivan Company

Timken Detroit Axle Company

Underwood Typewriter Company

Warren, W. G., Company

Webber & Wells Inc.

Westinghouse Company

Westvaco Chlorine Products Co.,

Wheeler, Archer E., and Associates

J. W. White Engineering Company

Winkler-Koch Engineering Company

W. A. Wood Company


Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution [Antony C. Sutton]

Who Financed Adolf Hitler? [Antony C. Sutton]

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Rockefellers: Funding Fathers of The New World Order

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'''An American Engineer In Stalin's Russia'''

Investment Banks


America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton

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