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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


One of the most interesting research projects that I personally got involved in has been research involving ‘water as fuel’ dynamics. From the time of Jules Verne to the present

‘water as fuel’ has been man’s quest, if not speculative goal, to discern, decipher and to design. We know that water can be dissociated, and separated into its’ two combined components, of hydrogen and oxygen. With the use of electrolysis, water is easily dissociated, giving off its properties, in the form of useful gases, but, in very limited quantities, depending upon the amount of current directly used to accomplish its dissociation. From Brown’s (Rhodes) Gas to 4-Space, water is indeed mysterious, ultimately, remaining the focus of countless experimenters and practitioners. And still it remains elusive just out of the reach of useful usage. Or has it?

Several recent experiments involving a variety of ‘water as fuel’ derivatives has ultimately surfaced, strongly indicating that ‘hydrogen’ based ‘energy’ structuring is fundamentally possible and will ultimately provide a means at accomplishing a very serious alternative to so-called ‘fossil fuel’ technologies. What remains to be seen, is whether the existing superstructure involving the monopolistic cartels of "Global Big Oil" and "International Nuclear Based Companies" will allow any advancement towards ‘market’ restructuring, without their approval and cooperation. Oil is just as easily ‘cracked’ and ‘restructured into ‘hydrogen’ formats. In fact, it is the goal of both of these factions to ultimately build a network of ‘novel’ nuclear reactors capable of providing ‘electricity’ and ‘hydrogen’ production derived from this combination, precluding any attempt to escape from their monopolistic designs of enforcing their ‘control’ paradigm.

The suppression of ‘water as fuel’ technologies invented by small independent inventors, therefore, takes on significance, since this would prevent further monopolistic dominance by the existing cartels, already dominating the existing ‘energy’ field.

Andrija Puharich was granted a U.S. patent # 4,394,230 for a "Method and Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules." This method would reportedly split water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen with a net energy gain, and is essentially a perpetual energy device that many believe violates the first law of thermodynamics. Puharich was a very interesting gentleman, with friends in very high places, and led a very dynamic life, incorporating both, style and access, to some of the most powerful components of the political spectrum internationally. Puharich being a friend of R. J. Reynolds (3rd) found support and protective acceptance, until he fell into disfavor with David Rockefeller, ultimately necessitating him to seek protection from another friend, the [then] Mexican President. Puharich capitulated, acquiescing to Mr. Rockefeller’s demands, promising not to engage in further ‘water as fuel’ research, thereby, stopping all attempts at his sanctioned assassination by the CIA.

I mention Puharich, in my initial introductory statement, because of his direct relationship within the most significant references of power politics.. Puharich was well connected, and respected within the most elite of global society. He was known academically, and internationally among the power elite. He therefore was a significant threat to those special interests involving a direct influence regarding energy sources as fuel derivatives. And his use of ‘water as fuel’ was a direct threat to one of the most powerful families on planet Earth. Puharich had to personally assure the Rockefeller family, that he would no longer engage in further research or usage of ‘water as fuel’ to power combustion engines.


The Water-Powered Car


Ultimately, we have been lied to: and the truth has been deliberately obfuscated, intentionally to mislead and misdirect those individuals who would benefit from this knowledge directly. Currently, all research is either controlled by the cartels, government science labs, or contractors, benefiting from government grants. Such research is suspect, since it is controlled by specific protocols, favoring, structured 'peer review' beneficial to 'vested' interests only. What is ultimately needed, is an ability to understand the 'energy problem' so that we can solve it quickly



For those who don't believe that technologies such as these are not suppressed, let me educate you as to the significant depth the suppressors will go to. A member of the NEC found himself experiencing significant oppression when he attempted to host a COFE at the State Department and then at the Commerce Department. Dr. Antony C. Sutton personally apprised me of this........when he was alive and communicating with me via emails directly.



On September 3rd, 2007, Jeane Manning contacted me via email [and also by phone stating]: "I should have YEARS AGO checked out the reports that Suppressed Inventions and other Discoveries had been taken off the market. It IS on the market, it turns out." Jeane Manning's new website:


The most obvious form of suppression is the prevention of the general public from reading about these inventions, specifically, in books, sold directly to the general public, in bookstores, such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc, where such outlets literally reach millions of readers, giving them exposure to relevant insight, and thus would enable them to ask the right questions, pondering the appropriate answers. This is the most obvious, subtle, form of suppression, where the control paradigm, simply, removes such offending ‘knowledge’ by, orchestrating a planned ‘merger, takeover, or acquisition of an undesired product, competition, or invention and retiring the information.


Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries by Jonathan Eisen

Nikola Tesla was poisoned to death in 1943, because he attempted to reveal something to FDR, something very profound. Tesla had been scheduled to have a meeting with FDR in 1943, but he was found dead in his apartment, of 'natural causes.' Adam Trombly, explains, at the University of Toronto in 1980, after giving a speech, he was met by a retired detective, (who presented his old credentials from 1943) who stated, that (for national security reasons this information was kept from the public), the coroners report showed that Tesla was poisoned. p. 414. Source: Reference:

Adam Trombly - The Truth About ZP Technology (Trombly Speaks Out)

Nikola Tesla

Tom Bearden Explains How and Why Tesla Was Deliberately Suppressed


Lester J. Hendershot,9171,880984,00.html

While attempting to establish a true magnetic north compass, Hendershot found that by cutting the same line of magnetic force north and south, he had an indicator of the true north and that by cutting the magnetic field east and west, he could develop a rotary motion. Based on this principle, he built a magnetic motor that would rotate at a constant speed (1800 rpm). Hendershot changed directions and decided to build a generator on the same principle, deciding that a magnetically-powered motor was not as practical as a magnetically-powered generator. Hendershot discovered that the Earth’s rotating magnetic field could be used to provide power to motors and generators, much like Nikola Tesla’s discovery that the Earth was a huge capacitor, capable of providing significant amounts of electrical power. Simplified Hendershot believed that if one were to cut the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field, one could harness this to provide direct power to generators and motors. Nikola Tesla attempted to do just that, when he built his ‘magnifying transformer at Shoreham, Long Island, NY near his still remarkable laboratory, which still exists today. I have provided the appropriate research links to enable the viewer to read the first hand accounts of Hendershot’s historical encounters.


T. Henry Moray, James Watson, John Bedini and Nikola Tesla [RADIANT ENERGY]


Dr. T. Henry Moray’s most significant ‘discovery’ is the verification of Nikola Tesla’s RADIANT ENERGY, which has been rediscovered by Tom Bearden, John Bedini and demonstrated ultimately by James Watson, who was given an offer he could and would not refuse, due to the fact that he was married with two (2) small children at the time. Jim Watson is currently working privately for private vested interests (privately) under contract, spotted occasionally in passing by former acquaintances. Mr. Watson built an actual motor/generator utilizing RADIANT ENERGY, as was first demonstrated to him by John Bedini.

"He [Bedini] published instructions for an energy device which Jim Watson of Colorado Springs then built—large-scale with a heavy flywheel. Watson demonstrated it at the 1984 Bicentennial symposium celebrating Nikola Tesla's arrival in the USA"

"Jim Watson disappeared from the public new-energy scene a couple of years after the 1984 demonstration, but John Bedini and colleagues are sharing as much information as they believe that they can share." Source:

John Bedini regarding Jim Watson.

"James Watson, one of the more advanced of current experimenters, has built several demonstration machines, each with increasing performance. Each overcomes its own internal friction and recharges its own batteries. As of this writing, he is working on a solid state device. This writer will closely follow his progress and provide all possible encouragement."

Tom Bearden has provided a significant 'account' regarding James Watson located at: He states the following:

Watson's 8 kW Battery-Popper Motor

"Jim Watson successfully replicated Bedini's device (with direct advice from Bedini). Watson made improvements and modifications, and eventually was able to build one and adjust it as he wished. He demonstrated an 8 kW device at the first International Tesla conference in Colorado Springs.

Later Watson was moving toward development and marketing.

Then Watson and his entire family disappeared. Neither Bedini nor I could locate him. Neither could his financial backer, the late R. J. Reynolds III. This was a researcher and friend whom I was in contact with several times a week. Then bingo! Nothing further.

He [Jim Watson] abruptly and completely broke off all communication with everyone. A squirrelly message was left on his answering machine for a few days, saying he had moved (but not in Jim's voice). Then it too was removed. And that was that.

Eerily, it seems that if you call the police in the town where Jim Watson lived, they will tell you he still lives there on the same street in the same house. At least that's what they told a friend of mine who checked a few months ago, which is years after Jim and his family originally disappeared. And that check may be the oddest thing of all. The police implied on the phone that Jim and his family never disappeared. Everything fine. AOK. And that's a bald-faced lie. He and his family did disappear. No one could find them, regardless of how they tried. His financial backer couldn't even find him.

The clear implication is, stay away from that one. Somebody "from the dark side" may have made Jim the "offer he could not refuse. " One may never know what really happened, whether or not Jim ever surfaces again — or has already surfaced again and is living there very, very quietly. But Jim's entire overunity motor effort ended abruptly, even though highly successful. And even though the motor was almost ready to be put into production.

Watson has not been seen at an energy conference since that sudden mysterious disappearance. No one has had a phone call from him. I have not found anyone I trust who has seen him again.

You have not seen a Watson overunity power system go to market. You almost certainly never will.

Yet Jim's device was perfected to the point where he could make the things like pretzels, adjust them readily, and they worked every time. They could have been put into mass production very easily. Obviously that made him a grave threat to the Energy Cartels around the world.

At rare intervals, the Energy Cartel does suppress an invention and an inventor by making the inventor "an offer he cannot refuse," in Mafia terms. Presently the going price when that offer is made, is $10 million. You take your $10 million, quit all research, quit your contacts, and you live. But you live very quietly, although you live very well financially.

The engineers who measured Jim's 8 kW machine there in Colorado Springs are still alive. And they know what they measured.

There's one other little thing. At that same International Tesla Conference in Colorado Springs, the folks who were in charge (for the energy barons) of suppressing all successful overunity devices in the Western world were also there when Jim demonstrated his 8 kW device. There is a certain effect which happens in a battery sometimes for a large overunity battery popper unit like that, if the device is "for real." Time-reversal operations and wave transductions can occur, resulting in time-excitation charging inside the battery materials, in a negative time charge sense (remember, the overunity operation is a negentropic operation). After a machine of that type and with that particular internal effects has been used to furnish energy for quite a while, you can make a definitive test on it. Simply hook it to a normal battery charger for that size battery, and start to charge it. You then may find to your surprise that the power will just seem to "disappear" in that battery, without charging the needle one iota, for 16 to 48 hours or longer, and in a rare case for two weeks.

The reason is that wave transduction occurs of your charging spatial energy into time-energy, and so you have to furnish rather enormous energy to get a little bit of that negative-time charge reversed. After you fill that seemingly "bottomless pit", then suddenly the negative time-charge will have been eliminated, and at that point the battery will start to charge up in quite normal fashion.

It is significant that Jim's battery was stolen right out of the machine. Whoever did it, almost certainly knew how to test it to find out if Jim's generator was actually a true overunity device. If so, then they tested it and found that indeed it was genuine.

And there was only one group there who would have known that little tidbit.

Dated: 1999



Jeane Manning, In a recent phone conversation (April 2, 2007) confirmed that she briefly recognized Jim Watson at a conference, but when she tried to engage him in a conversation (several years back), he abruptly left the conference, never to be seen again.

In a recent email dated (April 4, 2007) Jeane Manning states:

"Leslie, I have no argument with the account by Tom [Bearden]. My value as a witness, however, is limited. You make it sound like I have corroborated the full story. Please make it clear that the only part of the history that I am a witness to is that I spoke with Jim briefly at a conference in Colorado – in Denver or maybe Fort Collins – years after he disappeared from view. I had earlier met him, in 1986, so I recognized and approached him."

"I don’t KNOW if he left rather than engage in a longer conversation I didn’t push him, and gave him his space. I can’t speak for his motives for leaving the conference before anyone else recognized him."

Thanks for your interest in accuracy.

Jeane Manning

Top Ten Impossible Inventions That Work by Jeane Manning


Thomas Eugene Bearden

Recently General Electric attempted to 'suppress' the availability of the M.E.G. via an attempted 'buyout' of the manufacturer (Honeywell) of those special PowerLite Cores which were used in previous M.E.G. models, but the European Union (England) prevented GE from doing so, unfortunately, not before they gutted that division of Honeywell, which manufactured those specific cores.

Interestingly, the recent purchase of Westinghouse by CBS TV, and the subsequent removal of Westinghouse from the CBS link provokes an interesting déjà vu regarding the historical ‘war of the currents,’ Edison (DC) and Tesla (AC), who became rivals, instead of collaborators. J. P. Morgan financed Edison, and continuously sandbagged Tesla from accomplishing his goal of AC electrification, until George Westinghouse intervened and financed Tesla, working with him directly to establish the AC paradigm. As an aside, General Electric recently provided a TV program, which glorified Edison, and DC, with respect to modern solar voltac rooftop solar arrays, converting solar energy directly into DC current for home usage, essentially, sidestepping Tesla, and his ‘radiant energy’ and Tom Bearden’s ‘energy from the vacuum’ systems.

Tom Bearden has an alternative 'system' known as 'energy from the vacuum' which does not require direct shinning of sunlight. He uses the 'RADIANT' energy discovered by Nikola Tesla initially, and then rediscovered by John Bedini and Jim Watson. We can have this 'energy from the vacuum' soon as monies allocated are released from the banks, who are holding it hostage (right now) and using it, instead of passing it through the banking system. They are using a technique known as 'Sweeping the Cash.' The Wall Street Journal has written about it:

These funds need to be released, immediately, so that they can be used to fund 'energy from the vacuum' right now!


Robert Scott Lazar

Bob Lazar recently revealed that the US government is attempting to suppress the private production of Hydrogen. He mentions this at:

He is currently being sued by the US Government for his activities regarding the manufacture of hydrogen on demand to be sold to the general public. I give a detailed account of Bob Lazar’s revelations from his own website:


Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer is an interesting inventor, primarily because he still remains a mystery regarding his ‘water as fuel’ technology. We really don’t know if he was murdered because of his ‘invention,’ I suspect so.

He stated that he was poisoned while eating at a restaurant.

Fortunately we have other inventors with respect to ‘water as fuel,’ such as Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats and his ‘enerex’ device as a secondary proof sustaining ‘water as fuel’ systems. Instead of debunking ‘water as fuel’ technologies, what is needed is to develop the proper ‘protocols’ necessary to fully examine the ‘evidence’ and then ‘apply’ the appropriate ‘due diligence’ to either refute or sustain the ‘evidence.’ We need ANSWERS not debunkers.

My attempt (April 8, 2007) to ascertain the veracity of the Stanley Meyer 'water as fuel' discovery from his brother Steve Meyer, recently, was abruptly stopped when Steve Meyer refused to answer my question (directly) in a recent phone interview. I remain open-minded regarding the 'water as fuel' process. I believe with the proper funding protocol, we can create a true 'water as fuel' economy.


The Suppression of Stanley Meyer and The Control Paradigm

Stanley Meyer discovered how to rapidly dissociate water, ultimately using (dissociated) water in a fuel injector directly into the combustion chamber of a motor vehicle. This revolutionary process enabled him to go from California to New York on a mere 22 gallons of water. It was so revolutionary, that he decided to share this with the US Government. But before he could consummate the deal, he was murdered.

Stanley Meyer Explains From The Grave: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10)

Early on Stanley Meyer discovered how to dissociate water rapidly, immediately, and on demand, proving that he was able to do it, via a significant demonstration.


The following data lends support to documentary evidence of Stanley Meyer's actual invention, witnessed by British Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin: Documentation:


News (Stanley Meyer) - Water Fuel Cell

Water Car Inventor Murdered?

Stanley Meyer - Efficient Electrolysis

Related Information

Stanley Meyer – Electron Extraction Circuit – Water as Fuel [On Line Video]

Stanley Meyer - Water Fuel Injector - Water as Fuel [On Line Video]

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Stanley Meyer - Explains - This is NOT Perpetual Motion [Video]

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Letter From Stanley Meyer

Fuel For Fraud Claims Court


'''Byron New Energy - Car Running On Water - [On Line Video]


Suppressed Inventions - Dated Incidents


Gary Vesperman

Specific Energy Invention Suppression Cases (Gary Vesperman)



The Suppression of Free Energy Video (Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, The War Against Cold Fusion)


Edwin Gray's "Splitting the Positive" Engine


The Suppression and Dr. Paul Brown and His untimely Death


Eric Laithwaite discovered an interesting phenomenon....when a gyroscope is tends to appear to lose its weight.

His discovery of maglev propulsion has been of particular interest to NASA. Curiously, he died shortly after receiving a contract to explore his various 'conceptual theories' regarding his discoveries.

Eric Laithwaite (General Information)



Eric Laithwaite (NASA)

Responding to Mechanical AntiGravity (NASA)

Magnetic Levitation Is A Promising Technology (NASA)

Obituary: Mentioned in Sussex

Tom Bearden Remembers Eric Laithwaite


Dogmatism & Models

The Royal Institution IS NOT Amused


In a recent email (April 9th, 2007) Tom Bearden comments: "Also noticed that some of the "debunkers" simply say "it violates the law of (e.g., conservation of momentum)."

"All such laws apply only in a special relativistic situation."

"Also note that these debunkers simply do not know that in a general relativity such laws need not apply e.g., the conservation of energy law itself can be violated. I included a quote from Hilbert, Penrose, etc. to show that modern physics is aware of this, though not very widely." [Tom Bearden]


Paul Pantone

Embattled Scientist on the Edge of Deletion

GEET Releases Technology For Free - Paul Pantone


Specific Energy Suppression Cases by Gary Vesperman


Directory Suppression Cases



Monday, April 20, 2009

Jim Boswell - recent attempts to suppress advanced energy


Jim Boswell has been a target of suppression in recent weeks (March-April 2009 timeframe). Since articles were posted online several weeks ago discussing Jim's advanced energy technologies, Jim has experienced the following:

Jim has received multiple death threats over the phone.

Jim received a hard copy death threat - placed on the windshield of his vehicle.

Unmarked vehicles have been parked outside Jim's house at night on several occasions. Whenever Jim walks outside to confront the person(s), the vehicles quickly drive away.

Two uninvited men interrupted a meeting in Texas between Jim and a prospective investor, one of which claimed he was former NSA, using a fake name to identify himself. After one of the men briefly walked out of the room to make a phone call, this man walked back into the room and mentioned information that could only have been known by someone monitoring Jim's email/phone communications.

The morning after Jim posted a video on youtube demonstrating his technology, a man parked his personal vehicle outside Jim's house, placed a PG&E cone behind the vehicle, and was loitering around Jim's house and accessed Jim's home electrical box outside. Jim walked outside and confronted the man. The man immediately walked to his vehicle. Jim walked inside, grabbed his camcorder and recorded the man leaving. In one of the videos, the man can be seen holding a taser close to his leg. The license plates were recorded on the video. The local police department said the gentleman has a long list of convictions, to include being hired as a hit man. A private investigator identified the owner of the vehicle by name, and an internet search for the name brought up only one name on the Fresno area. This individual's mother was also listed on the registration of the vehicle. She was murdered in 2006 according to online articles. This individual is considered very dangerous, so do not approach or contact him directly. For the videos, see


To download the video demo file, go to

PG&E confirmed that no one was scheduled for an appointment to work on Jim's house electrical box on that day. The phone call is recorded.

Jim received a death threat on paper the night after the above mentioned incident stating:






Jim's phones are apparently monitored by an outside party with covert electronic surveillance capabilities, based on information conveyed in the threatening phone calls and from one of the two men who interrupted Jim's meeting with a prospective investor in TX. Jim can hear a click shortly after he begins a phone call. The measured voltage on his phone line increases from ~24V to ~40 volts when the click occurs, and the voltage returns to ~24V when another click is heard towards the end of his phone calls or when it is determined that he is talking about an unrelated topic that is not of interest to the monitoring party.

00:22, 21 April 2009 (PDT)00:22, 21 April 2009 (PDT)00:22, 21 April 2009 (PDT)00:22, 21 April 2009 (PDT)00:22, 21 April 2009 (PDT)

Based on other advanced energy researchers' experiences of suppression, the next likely event is vehicular assault, where someone will drive into Jim, run him off the road, try to hit him in a parking lot or on the street, etc., in order to stop him from continuing his work and public interactions, to ensure his technology does not make it out to the public. All of the above mentioned information can be confirmed upon request. Simply repost this information somewhere on the internet with a request to be contacted via email (anonymous email OK), and within a few days the search engines can be used to identify keyword phrases from this original post, and a message will be sent to the email posted along with this message. This information is intended to 'go viral', as a means of protecting Jim Boswell from future incidents, as local authorities and the FBI are not positioned to provide the protection necessary to ensure Jim's safety, so we must do it through the Internet - a million watt spotlight on these incidents will minimize the likelihood of future incidents.


Posted by Potomac Sustainable Communities Initiative at 7:17 AM