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At we present both the theory and a design concept allowing for gravity control, in relation to the engineering of a UFO type craft, which was inspired through personal contact with ET and hands on experience with instantaneous transformation.

The information provided is offered freely to any interested parties who might wish to take advantage of our efforts.

One important consideration in respect to gravity is the fact that gravity is not itself a force, so gravity cannot be affected directly as the manipulation of gravity requires the modulation of the underlying energy associated with the system in question. This is a point which is overlooked by most anti-gravity enthusiasts, as they assume it possible to affect gravity as though it were a force.

An understanding of the underlying dynamics of field are essential to anyone attempting to achieve gravity control.

It is important to point out that demonstrations of levitation do not by themselves demonstrate gravity control.

We have recently become aware that Tesla's dynamic theory of gravity is for the most part classified and will probably remain so for some time to come. Therefore, offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the underlying dynamics affecting gravity.

The subject of reverse engineering UFO type craft is a very serious subject if you happen to be talking to someone in the military intelligence community.

And in as much as the reverse engineering of UFO is highly classified, it must be noted that the physics associated with the function of UFO must also be classified, as it would be impossible to keep one secret without the other being classified in a similar manner. If the physics associated with the function of UFO were commonly known a process allowing for gravity control would be academic

If the physics associated with the function of UFO is classified, it is only fair to ask exactly what that physics might look like.

Would E still equal MC2? Or are we talking about something so radical as to render our existing concepts obsolete.

In respect to gravity it is a safe bet to assume that gravity will be viewed in terms of a dynamic response to the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference, as opposed to a force, which would mean that gravity is not only a dynamic response, but one which can be manipulated in a controlled manner.

I would also expect that we would discover that we had missed the boat completely when it came to energy, as the discovery of an underlying force would necessitate redefining the relationship of energy and mass, in terms of the ratio of energy per unit of mass.

It can be expected that such foreign concepts would initially throw us for a loop, as in one clean swoop everything we thought we knew would be over-turned.

For example It would come as a shock to the system to discover that the smaller mass of a similar material had the higher ratio of energy per unit of mass. This would mean that hydrogen had the highest energy potential of any known element, in terms of a ratio of energy per unit mass. WHOA!!

But of course we knew all along that we didn't know exactly what energy was, so maybe it's not all that surprising after all.

It would also be a bit of a surprise to discover that every system of universe shared a non-uniform relationship, which would mean that our plans to build a manned base on the moon just went sideways. But don't tell NASA, as they are very sensitive about the subject of non-uniformity.

Just look at the tests they ran on the lunar samples during the Apollo Missions, which caused accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths in the various plant and animal species exposed to or injected with the lunar material. And as anyone can see NASA now denies the lunar materials caused any structural alterations of ill effects, while standing by the accelerated growth. I call that funny science or fudging the findings, but it was for the good of the space program wasn't it?

Having seen the results of the lunar tests first hand I would not doubt for a second that the physics associated with the function of UFO were not highly classified. After all what would become of us if someone was forced to admit that there were things we just didn't know or didn't understand as yet.

But don't let a little thing like that stand in the way of progress and discovery, keep going and don't give up.

I have a detailed blog linked to [ which is listed as Gravity Control Idealism, its well worth a read. So have a look and let me know what you think.

Should anyone have questions of suggestions they might wish to submit they would be most welcome.

At on our forum under Project Unity we are now posting the Casing Report, which explains the relationship of the casing material retrieved in 1947 from the Roswell crash site.

A laminated material consisting of bismuth, magnesium and zinc.

It would appear from analysis that this material alleged to be from Roswell did in fact come from a UFO type craft, as the material in question is a perfect match for an electromagnetic aerospace drive system, in relation to the casing material required.

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