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Commenced Oct. 6, 2006.


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Comment posted Jan. 30, 2007

Hi Guys,

My name is Nat Mundy, I'm located in orlando Florida. My Company is FREE, LLC ( We have completed projects with Walt Disney World, Cologna Veneta (near Verona) Italy, The Dept of Energy, Duke Power, etc.. and we are developing a project that should interest you for possible inclusion in your film. We have the exclusive right to Build own and operate Renewable Energy Projects in the 2nd largest city in Puerto Rico, Ponce. The initial project planned is for a Biomass Energy System that will process MSW for the removal of Recyclables and conversion into a Bio-Synthesis gas. this gas can make low cost electricity, de-salienate water, provide distributed generation for hydrophonic green houses and aqua-culture operations. We also have a palm oil derived bio-diesel plant underway. We are also involved in a Renewable Energy Technology Demonstration facility in SC that would be of interest to your viewers. This is leading edge, commercially proven technologies... call me if you are interested.

Good Luck,

Nat Mundy, Owner

FREE Clean Energy

(407) 925-3300

Three problems/opportunities.

march 4, 2007

The Guru 'image' may offend some and lead to a new age feel. Not everyone on the politics or the new energy field see that as harmless. Many in the Christian and Moslem community would be offended and those in anti-materialist Hindu and Buddhist communities may also be greatly offended. I believe a child as the introduction voice would be more powerful and more religiously neutral. It’s also unambiguously forward looking and its universal.

Secondly the script as its currently written does not deal enough with the big five blocking factors. Coal, oil, Nuclear fission, Plasma fusion and the fact that governments don’t know how to tax ‘free’ energy. We need to show the solutions for these problems: coal to plastics and cheap carbon fibre oil to plastics [ already noted in the script], the image of a nuclear reactor in the midst of a civil war [ use scenes from Iraq and post WW2 china. I don’t believe free energy will end war] An image and comment on plasma rocketry in space would show the true future of plasma physics lastly a simple statement that new energy technology could be so cheap that they could bear an energy tax of a few dollars per unit sold once the technology is established. But It must be allowed to get established first.

It should also be noted that while these technologies in some cases contradict scientific theory scientific theory is only words on paper and have been wrong before. A powerful question to ask is “Are there no new discoveries to make? Are our children doomed never to win the Nobel prize for physics for a true discovery. Only at the frontiers of physics do you discover the errors in old ideas.?



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