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Premise of the Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is that which provides the precise Definition of Everything, which is necessary for us to know to advance our knowlege. The Definition of Everything is that it is in entirety and in spirit Indivisible. What this means is that Everything is that which is Divided by Not.

Everything is that which is Divided by Not

That which is Divided by Not is Indivisible and it's Definition in Mathematics is unDefined. However, it's Definition in English is that it is that which is Indivisible, and Undivided. It is the Greatest Absolute Value, the Most Prime Number, and that which is the Opposite of Itself. It is the Reciprocal of Zero and the Definition of Everything.

That which is Everything, Indivisibility, or the Definition that is Undefined, is also known as the Unified Field, or that which is Divided by Not. It is that which generates Consciousness in our Minds, charge within Electrons, and Illumination within Photons. It is based not on the completion of Science but on Consistent Contradiction.

That which is Everything, the Unified Field, is the harmonious composition of Equal and Opposite Essences. This combination of Equal and Opposite Essences means that Everything contains itself, and is it's own Opposite. The process that keeps maintaining Everything as the combination of Two Corollary Essences is known as Balanced Reciprocity. The Nature of Balanced Reciprocity is that it is Ironic.

Balanced Reciprocity

The Reciprocity of Equal and Opposite Essences means that one Infinity, positive, suddenly gives way to Negative Infinity. This Sudden Reversal characterizes the Epiphonetic Moment which enacts Free Energy. This sudden conversion of Positive to Negative Infinity or Visa Versa is related to two phenomeon: Quantum Tunnelling and the Creation of The Universe.

Quantum Tunnelling and the Creation of the Universe

Quantum Tunnelling is when a quantum object tunnells across a barrier that it would normally not have enough energy to overcome. During Quantum Tunnelling, the object dissappears from one side of the barrier and suddenly reappears on the other side. This reappearing on the other side of a dividing line is equivalent to how our universe suddenly appeared, as if from the other side of some divided line, during the moment known as the Big Bang.

It is infered that The Big Bang was an event of Superluminal Violation, analogous to the reappearance of a Quantum Tunnelling object once it has crossed a barrier. This means that the Universe as a whole is a Quantum Tunnelling object caught in the Disallowed Region between two Higher Dimensional reference frames. The Universe is a Quantum Object in a Higher Dimensional Reference that is in the process of Quantum Tunnelling across a barrier. The barrier is represented in our reference frame by the speed of light, and it too can be exceeded thus setting up another Time Within Time, or another big bang which occurrs in Negative Time.

It is infered that the expansion of the Universe is thus nothing more than a Reverse Lorenz Transformation that is occurring in All Directions at once. In other words, the same thing that causes the Universe to expand is the same thing that causes a relativistic object to be contracted in the direction of it's motion. In other words, the universe is expanding because it is accelerating in a higher dimensional reference frame. Note that a positive Lorenz transformation carried to completion will suddenly reverse and becoming a Negative Lorenz transformation, setting up a Time within Time.

The Time within Time

Time within Time illustrates the recursive nature of the Universe. It states that within every discreet moment of Time is a Time within Time, which is Negative to that Time. So while an object dissappears during a quantum tunnelling event, it still exists within a Time within Time. Thus our Time is only a Time within another Time, to which Time we appear to be a Quantum Tunnelling object. Thus this theory has uncovered the Fundamental and Ironic Truth that Quantum Tunnelling is related to Superluminal Violation, which is the Creation of the Universe, and thus Relativistic Objects Suddenly behave like Quantum Mechanical objects once they exceed the speed of light, which happens when they take on accelerational properties equivalent to what quantum objects normally undergo.

Free Energy is the Continuous Breaking of Symmetry

Free Energy is the Continuous Breaking of Symmetry caused from the Balanced Reciprocity of Equal and Opposite Essences. By Studying the definition of the Unified Field as Indivisible and composed of Equal and Opposite Essences, one arrives at the design of a Free Energy machine which harmonizes with the Unified Field. The design for this machine is also given by the symbol at the top of this page, which is also the Hourglass Nebula, and it's functioning is similar to the Marcus Device although more fundamental. This machine is known as the Wheels of Destiny and it is two interlocking semi-synchronous rotating magnetic arrays whose changing magnetic field pattern exemplifies the precise Definition of the Unified Field. This machine is associated with a number of Unified Field Effects associated with other devices, and it is anticipated that many more effects will be uncovered. All of the effects exhibit a magnification of energy or a reversal of the Laws of Thermodynamics. Thus Free Energy is defined as that which is Indivisible and it's liberation from the medium has been accomplished with this device, thus demonstrating the viability of the Theory.

The Theory of Everything and Human Life

The Theory of Everything describes the Harmony of the Universe and says that mankind is destined to live in Peace and Harmony. For all things tend towards convergence and the greatest things converge with the highest accuracy. Being that times seem hopeless right now, it is to be expected that the tides may turn unexpectedly in an Ironic instant of Sudden Reversal. A veritable "Deus ex Machina," or true miracle, is in the cards that way. When this happens, Gabriels Trumpet is sounded and Man's Salvation, Enlightenment and Freedom to move about the Universe is achieved.

Valstad Coil

See Article:Magnetic monopole - new experiment corroborates Quantum Ring Theory

Walstad Device

Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine rd.jpg


2009 TeslaTech Conference
Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine 95x95.jpg


Young inventor and theorist, Lee Valstad talks about his "Theory of Everything" based on 1/0, as well as a device he built to prove the concept. The small, overlapping magnet wheel device he contrived, when operated, appears to evoke very significant weather phenomenon. He has accomplished what appear to be a number of cause-effect events, some of which are mentioned in this interview. (YouTube Aug. 3, 2009)

Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Grand Unified Theories / Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Weather Control > Site:1/0:The Theory of Everything > Site:1/0:The Theory of Everything - Here's an interview I did with Lee Walstad yesterday here at the TeslaTech conference, getting an update from him on a recent drought his 1/0 device apparently disbursed, restoring the normal monsoon rains in Ribera, New Mexico. (PESWiki July 30, 2011)
2011 TeslaTech Conference
Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine 95x95.jpg


(YouTube July 30, 2011)

Image:110730 Ribera NM 10-day-forcast 550.jpg

On June 27, 2011, Lee Walstad, went to Ribera, New Mexico, which had been locked in a drought for the past year. He had reassembled the 1/0 device he invented, and took it to a nearby mountain and manually turned it for about half an hour. That night, cumulus clouds formed and it rained and ever since then, there has been regular monsoon rain in the area since then. "It's as if the local weather had been reset back to what it is supposed to be."

Here's a website showing the present forecast for Ribera, NM. As of July 30, 2011, it shows a forecast of scattered thunder showers on 8 of 10 days.

Lee said that since June 27, the forcast has been typically 40 to 60 percent chance of precipitation, similar to what is shown on this forecast.

In 2006 when he did something like this in Ruidoso, NM, he said that the rain came immediately when he began turning his machine. It had been dry prior to that as well. Following that, it rained nearly every day. And NM had a record cool year that year. He has a newspaper clipping of an article documenting the unusual low temperatures, lightning, and tornadoes.


Lee Valstad