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Site;LRP:Explanation: The Thirty (30) Coil Monopole System

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Explanation: The Thirty (30) Coil Monopole System

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



The Thirty Coil Monopole System is probably the most misunderstood system available in the world today. John C. Bedini, Energenx, and Rick Friedrich allowed me to have it built. After paying a royalty fee (Energenx) and paying Rick Friedrich to build it for me, the Thirty Coil Monopole System was demonstrated at the CDA Conference, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho in 2011. Most viewing the mechanism’s performance at that conference had no idea what it was doing, or even understood how it functioned.

Early on we were told that the laws of thermodynamics precluded the possibility of extracting any additional “energy” while performing “work.” John C. Bedini proved that, that law would be violated via his “School Girl” Motor, a simple mechanical device that used “energy” from a battery that turned a wheel, which energized a secondary battery at the same time, proving that the laws of thermodynamics can be violated.

Having studied an updated version of modern physics with Thomas Eugene Bearden pertaining to the discoveries of Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac and 'Site:LRP:Ilya Prigogine, I understood that Dirac’s “negative” energy was the same as Tesla’s “radiant” energy. Ilya Prigogine proved that there were two forms of “thermodynamics,” each just as viable as the other, but with differing results and outcomes. Dirac’s Monopole and Negative Energy hidden within Quantum Mechanics provided all the proof I needed to verify Tesla, Bearden and Bedini.

All that remained, was to build the mechanism that incorporated all that I had learned during the five (5) years spent learning these theories. Mission accomplished. Now for the explanation: The Thirty Coil Monopole System demonstrates Site:LRP:Broken Symmetry, uses monopoles enabling the extraction of negative/radiant energy from the vacuum via a timed pulsing of magnets as a medium of transference from 4-Space into 3-Space as pulsed energy in the form of static voltage, whose energy can be transformed as direct or alternating current as determined by the kind of circuit utilized.

The Energy extracted at the Quantum level via the device demonstrates the characteristics of precursor engineering, the reversal of the time wave, and incorporates all of the attributes of Dirac’s hidden equation, long since suppressed in 1932, enabling the rejuvenation of batteries, by literally unhappening via the reversal of the ‘time wave’ enabling the process to continue unimpeded indefinitely. In essence, the perfect ‘energy’ system, that can be structured to power a house, business and/or vehicle (car, truck, train, airplane) all without the need for fuel, just as Tesla demonstrated in Buffalo, New York, with his modified (electric engine) Pierce Arrow.

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And those who have difficulty grasping these facts as real observable evidence, let me provide you with the work of Ismael Aviso in the Philippines, who has already discovered similar effects with his self-powering electric car verifying the work of Nikola Tesla, who accurately stated that we would be able to harness to the very “wheelwork of nature.”

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Bedini SSG Health Testimony from November 2010 Renaissance Conference by Colin

'The Bedini SSG, demonstrated very interesting anomalous effects involving Precursor Engineering, involving the Dirac reversal of the timewave. Tom Bearden provided interesting information pertaining to the phenomenology. The technology is fascinating because it portends the reality of immortality, the reversal of entropy and the reversal or suspension of the “Time” factor. Essentially placing the technology literally at the doorstep of the Creator/Creation. Colin refers to the subject-matter as the function of scalar waves.'

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