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Reviews:Book:The Quantum Key

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The Quantum Key - The Simple Guide to the Quantum World, Unlock Your Infinite Abundance by Aaron Murakami

Foreword by Directory:Peter Lindemann, Author of Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity and maker of Review:Electric Motor Secrets DVD by Peter Lindemann DVD

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The Quantum Key - Information Sheet

Book Announcement

$9.95 USD

Publication Date: December 13, 2007

Audience: Fans of Law of Attraction, Environmental Issues, Free Energy & Consciousness.

Page Count: 128, Illustrations 16, Size 5"X8", Perfect Bound Paperback

E-Book Announcement

The Quantum Key has been revised and is almost double the size of the paperback. I also added an extra chapter dedicated to

"Aetheric Energy Machines!"

I have also created 9 video tutorials that are over an hour and a half long combined, which walk you through all the fundamentals that are proposed in The Quantum Key.

Go here for details: The Quantum Key

And by the way, it is available as an E-book. Just read the entire page to see what you're getting with the package.

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The Quantum Key is the must have, must read book for anyone who was a fan of What the Bleep and The Secret or any consciousness sciences, abundance systems concepts or free energy technologies. Learn a Unified Field Philosophy that walks one through what the quantum potential actually is and how to channel it from a virtual state to an observable state that causes effects in the physical world. Learn how mass and matter are made possible because of quantum potential, and also explore the simplest model of gravity and inertia and much more. The most important part of the book is the clarification of the difference between open and closed thermodynamic systems and how open systems can freely output more than one has to input into the system without violating any physical laws at all. Truly the physics of abundance!

Book Reviews

“I just got through your book. I must say that this is money well spent. Although I knew a lot of things mentioned in the book, there still was a lot of info I did not know. I especially liked the part about gravity, inertia and propulsion, because that matches everything I read about this stuff from other sources. It is short, but loaded with interesting info, therefor it is not boring. The book is inspiring and I think that this book is absolutely a must have for everyone who is just beginning his path in free energy field. Thank you very much!“ - Jetijs, Engineer

“I am an electronic engineer with 37 years of experience in the industry. I have been studying free energy for the past 13 years. Your book 'The Quantum Key' is a great book! It is the best book (and theory) on the subject of the source of free energy that I have seen in my research. It really is a good start at a unified-field theory. I like how you tie in all those little scientific facts. I am going to have to re-read it now several times now so I can blurt out some of these theories and facts to my engineering friends. It is also the right size and easy to read. I read the whole thing in a little over an hour. Thanks for writing it! It takes courage to stand up to academia like that.“ - Jimmy Moore, Rowland Heights, CA, CEO/Explore Electronics Inc.

“I have read The Quantum Key 5 times now since I bought it in Vegas from you. It most definitely awakened/enlightened me to the power of/and truth of our being. We are consciousness. I was empowered with the chapter showing the distinction between open and closed systems. I am forever grateful for your effort and deliberate work to consciously awaken others!?? - Grace Haeusler, Winner of 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals in Karate at The Wide World of Sports 2007

“ seems you hit the nail square on its head with the The Quantum Key book. Well done, spot on.?? - Joel Rault, Director of EcoCircle® Organic Farming Method

“After reading The Quantum Key I finally understand the quantum nature of our universe and our individual lives. Literally a whole new world was opened up to me that affects my understanding and quality of daily living. While the phrase "quantum physics" can be intimidating, and also esoteric in nature, I found this book to be very practical in improving my life. I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book ASAP!" - Kevin Pirolo, Originator of Pre-Paid Phone Cards in the United States


NOTE TO THOSE WITH FREE ENERGY EXPERIENCE: If you are familiar with the concepts from Directory:Tom Bearden, PowerPedia:John Bedini, and Directory:Peter Lindemann, then you probably already know a good portion of this book. Much of it is simply me paraphrasing these concepts and using some of their examples but I believe I have simplified it quite a bit for the average person who has no energy system experience. However, it isn't a how to guide for free energy either.

You will see a seamless walk through from seeing the aether, its interaction with a dipole, how it interacts with matter to have mass, what gravity and inertia are and how they relate to the aether, what time is and why our perception is linked to it, practical applications and a few interesting concepts shared in the back that are absolutely profound.

Much of what inspired me along these lines is from my friendship with John Bedini and Peter Lindemann. This does NOT mean that they necessarily believe the contents of my book. I asked both of them what they would change and they both told me independently that I shouldn't change anything because who is to say what the real answer is anyway.

The Quantum Key is part 1 in a 3 part series. The 2nd book focuses on consciousness, the thinking thing, synchronicity and other concepts of the mind and it relates back to the quantum potential. The 3rd book will be focusing on the physical body and how it relates back directly to the 1st and 2nd book.

Even if you have experience with energy technologies, you may find that the book does present an interesting and creative "unified field philosophy" that seems to show the relationship between the aether/quantum potential and mass on a planetary scale.

The most important part of the book in my opinion is my opportunity to share the concepts of open and closed systems by putting it into some simple analogies that anyone can get. If enough people in the general population understand the difference between open and closed systems and how they apply to not only energy producing systems but investments, organizations, consciousness, farming and just about every other aspect of our daily lives. If the masses can make a paradigm shift in their awareness as to the reality of what an open system consciousness can do for our society, it will be a profound quantum leap in the way we lives our lives and interact with each other.