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Review: The World I Dream Of

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

November 21, 2010

Inasmuch as I am quoted in The World I Dream Of by Curt Butz, I was given a complimentary copy, which I have been enjoying reading. Its brief entries provide great snippets of positive visions of the future by enlightened thinkers around the planet.

There was one entry in particular that stood out and made me want to share this with you, and that was the vision shared by Directory:Nassim Haramein's Resonance Project Foundation, who is highly respected among us free energy pursuers.

I've also included a copy of the vision statement I provided the author.

Visions for the Future

Nassim Haramein

Image:Nassim Haramein holofractal theory.jpg

: The world we live in is about to ascend. It is about to discover and experience the true dynamics of the fundamental forces of nature. These dynamics have been hidden from the human eyes for millennia, veiled by a developing global consciousness in a state of infancy.

: Now, through all of our experience, traumas and struggles we are about to mature into a new world where the primary force of creation – gravity – is understood and utilized so that humanity may ascend and transform its limitations and scarcities into true freedom and abundance.

: All societies in the universe must at one point or another reach this level of understanding and liberate their world from living directly on the unstable and unsustainable surface of their planet, to living in an infinitely abundant universe. This comes as a result of their capacity to travel across vast distances, reaching infinite supplies of resources and allowing the surface of their planet to regain an Edenic state, having developed technologies based on the appropriate understanding and use of the fundamental creative powers of the universe.

: All that's required for this to occur on earth is for humanity to reach a deep understanding of the clues that were left by ancient masters in many of our cultures and to apply them appropriately to science and technology so that we reach profound levels of understanding of the structure of spacetime, its fluid and spin dynamics and literally ascend our world.

: This is the world of Utopia, of an advanced civilization truly freed from its limitations and living in a world of infinite energy and resources. This is the world that awaits us if we collectively transcend our perceived limitations and walk into a future of infinite possibilities. – Nassim Haramein – director of research The Resonance Project Foundation (pp. 90, 91, The World I Dream Of Curt Butz O Books 2010)

See Directory:Nassim Haramein's Resonance Project Foundation

Sterling's remarks about Nassim's statement:

Image:Sterling Allan galactic 200.jpg

Now that I've created this page and have re-read Nassim's statement, I'm not sure what struck me as being so profound about it the first time I read it.

I disagree with Nassim's sentiment that we need to go extraterrestrial to achieve infinite energy sources. It is my belief, as reflected in my quote in the book below, that here on Earth we will discover ways to tap into inexhaustible energy sources that will provide all the energy we need.

I would also think it goes without saying that in going extraterrestrial for obtaining minerals and other resources, that we must do so in a way that does not "rape" the source. We certainly don't like the idea of extraterrestrials coming here and laying waste to our planet in their quest for obtaining certain minerals.

In my view, the greatest riches to be found in entering the inter-planetary, solar, and galactic realms will be in the exchange of information and cultural diversity.

Feel free to post your thoughts below in the comments.

Sterling D. Allan

: The not-too distant future will see a shift to clean, affordable energy that is reliable, portable, not grid-dependent but distributed, without vulnerabilities. Each home will have its own power generator that obtains its energy in such a way that no fuel has to be added. Every vehicle will be able to run without ever stopping for fuel. Each appliance will have its own power source that never has to be recharged. Wireless devices will have wireless power that doesn't have to be recharged.

: We'll be able to pump water to irrigate deserts desalinate water inexpensively grow food cheaply in climate-controlled, local buildings. With this shift to an abundance mentality, there will be no wars over scarce resources.

: Society will no longer be subservient to a central authority but will thrive, as individuals are able to nurture their natural talents. – Sterling D. Allan – founder and chief executive officer PES Network, Inc. and New Energy Congress (p. 13, The World I Dream Of Curt Butz O Books 2010)

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