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Review:The 11th Hour

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The 11th Hour (2007) PG

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary on the global environmental crisis paints a portrait of a planet at risk while also offering some exciting and radical solutions for making life on earth sustainable. Tapping the brains of leading scientists and thinkers the film ultimately delivers a hopeful message: Our planet may be in crisis, but that doesn't mean it's too late change.

Be sure to watch the extras with solutions at the end of the DVD. There's an excellent segment on biomimicry.

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The 11th Hour Trailer - The 11th Hour is a new documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio about the state of humanity and the world. (Google Video July 10, 2009)

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Clean Energy a Fulcrum

While this excellent film provides a very sober view of the deterioration of the planet, it also provides a very positive view about our ability to turn things around, though we have little time. It's a power call for a galvanized, decisive movement for positive change. And one of the core factors is identifying and choosing clean energy solutions. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan April 27, 2008


On ~April 18, 2008, Jim Catano , wrote:

I just viewed the 2007 documentary "The 11th Hour" and am glad I

invested those 90 minutes.

It's not flawless (the video images don't always perfectly fit the

narrative and get thrown at you rather quickly), but the analysis of

the environmental, health, economic and political interconnection is

very timely. This film will be the one item I recommend to those

who've not yet grasped the reality that the global environmental

crisis is real, is caused by human overpopulation and industrialized

society, and is escalating to the point of unavoidable catastrophe.

It doesn't hold back in predicting the demise of Western civilization

IF humanity fails to take aggressive corrective action quickly. On

the upside, it portrays a path out of our dilemma, and the interviews

with several designers, engineers, architects, etc. paints a vision

for a sustainable future.

Leonard DiCaprio produced and narrated "The 11th Hour." He's

certainly NOT one of those Hollywood personalities who's all about

image and self-promotion.

This film is well worth a trip to library and the video store. See

the trailers at:

PS--If you watch the bonus material, be sure to check out "Natures'

Operating Instructions and Solutions" for a fascinating interview

about finding manufacturing methods based on how nature "makes"


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