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Review:Prescription for the Planet

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Page first featured April 25, 2009

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Prescription for the Planet: The Painless Remedy for Our Energy & Environmental Crises:

:"Solving our planet’s most pressing dilemmas requires more than simply setting goals. We need a roadmap to reach them. Technologies that work fine on a small scale cannot necessarily be ramped up to global size. Worldwide environmental and social problems require a bold vision for the future that includes feasible planet-wide solutions with all the details. Prescription for the Planet explains how a trio of little-known yet profoundly revolutionary technologies, coupled with their judicious use in an atmosphere of global cooperation, can be the springboard that carries humanity to an era beyond scarcity. And with competition for previously scarce resources no longer an issue, the main incentives for warfare will be eliminated. Explaining not only the means to solve our most pressing problems but how those solutions can painlessly lead to improving the standard of living of everyone on the planet, the lucid and provocatively written Prescription for the Planet has arrived not a moment too soon. There is something here for everyone, be they a policymaker, environmental activist, or any concerned citizen hoping for a better future." (Tom Blees, author)

Prescription for the Planet - Order through Amazon.

Official Site


Tom Blees Interview -Tom Blees is interviewed on Coast to Coast, discussing energy solutions that might solve the world's environmental woes. (Coast Coast'' Feb. 1, 2009)

Tom Blees Interview - A list of MP3 files of an interview with Tom Blees. (APFN Feb. 3, 2009)


Part 1 Chapters 1-3

Part 2 Chapters 4-5 newclear-energy-and-boron-powered-vehicles

Part 3 Chapters 6-7 renewable-atoms-and-plasma-charged-waste

Part 4:Chapters 8-9 show-me-the-money

Ongoing for all 6 parts.

Download chapter 1

Other Coverage

Tom Blees: Rebuttal to Greenpeace on nuclear -"I have observed is that those most invested in a doctrinaire anti-nuclear position most adamantly persist in refusing to acknowledge the transformative advances represented by IFR technology." (Mark Lynas Jan. 5, 2009)

The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) project: Congress Q&A - Tom Blees answers a set of excellent questions posed by a congressional chief of staff.



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