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Review:Jesse Ventura: Death Ray Conspiracy Theory

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Season 3 Episode 2

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

November 16, 2012

In his second episode for season three of his "Directory:Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series" series, professional wrestler, former Navy SEAL and former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura and his team tackle the Death Ray subject.

This one really hits home because it deals with a weaponized version of both Directory:Nikola Tesla and Directory:John Hutchison technologies. And people who talk about this are dying, including the person who launched this episode.

Image:Jesse-Ventura Fred-Bell 300.jpg

The show begins with an interview with Dr. Fred Bell, who put Jesse onto this topic. In a parking garage, Ventura asks Bell: "How do you know about this," and Bell responded essentially: "I helped develop it." Dr. Bell ended up dead two days after their interview, while yet in town.

: "I was a NASA rocket scientist and when I left that, I became a consultant in the industry and during that time, I helped develop that ray."

: "The secret beam weapon -- a death ray -- can kill. I think it's going to be used for very destructive purposes."

The episode early on features and interview with Dr. Michael Pravica of the Tesla Memorial Society, who talked about how the FBI confiscated Tesla's effects upon his death. Pravica is said to be a leading expert on Tesla.

In the episode, they try to get in to visit with Directory:Tom Bearden, but apparently he didn't want to talk, and called the police.

The show talks about Dr. Bearden's personal experience with death weaponry that is capable of imposing a heart attack at 30 feet, which the coroner would rule "natural causes." He escaped in time to avoid that demise when they tried to remove him that way. [He has told me about that incident as well.]

The show spends time with John Hutchison, whose technology could have been used on September 11, 2001. In his living room, he demonstrates levitation and a laser beam that could be fatal. And he shows them the apparatus on the top of his RV that Jesse calls a "Death Ray Machine hidden in plain view", but John says is a peaceful application of the technology that they've been using to mitigate the pollution from the Deep Horizon spill in the Gulf, [as well as radiation coming from Fukushima]. Hutchison said that he could see the death ray being capable of not just destroying buildings or even cities, but entire continents.

Arielle Louise (sp?), who John considered a "stalker" died from "spontaneous combustion". I remember correspondence from her. She was indeed strange -- seemed a good match for John, in my opinion, but that didn't seem to take.

The episode also touches on Dr. Judy Wood's premise that the World Trade Center wasn't taken down by demolition, but by a directed energy weapon that turned the buildings to dust so they didn't even hit the ground. [Where did the Towers Go? (Purchase)] Ventura, who was a demolitions expert as a Navy Seal, said that what was demonstrated on 9/11 was beyond anything he's ever witnessed or knew about. Dr. Wood's lead research assistant was murdered. [I'm going to be posting a report in the next few days from my interview with Directory:Physics Professor, Steven E. Jones a couple of days ago where I will be pointing to a hybrid explanation that involves both directed energy weaponry and nanothermite with conventional explosives.]

When Ventura saw video footage of the "Hutchison Effect" in which a piece of metal twisted and became deformed, he recognized that shape as being something he saw through a window when doing an episode about 9/11 and was trying to find remains from the World Trade Center. "They [the large beams] looked just like that."

Image:Jesse-Ventura Im-going-to-find-out 2012 300.jpg

In the conclusion of the show, Jesse states:

: "Every once in a while, something happens that shakes me to the core. Dr. Fred Bell dying, two days after our interview, was one of those moments. The coroner says it was 'natural causes' maybe it was. But it sure seems like a lot of people involved with death ray technology wind up dead. Is the death ray being used as a weapon? I have no doubt. Was it used to take down the towers on 9/11? I don't know, but I'll tell you, it's the most logical explanation I've heard so far. I may never know the truth about what happened that day, but I won't stop trying to find out."

Ventura told Alex Jones that he thinks the Death Ray episode was the most significant one he did in this season.

By way of criticism, I would say that the show has way too much repetition and not nearly enough substance. They should have hit more of the evidence, of which there is a voluminous amount. It seemed full of sensationalism without providing adequate substance. I guess that's what you get when addressing a dumbed-down, mainstream audience by a mainstream network. At least they broach the subject. The problem is that with as little evidence as they gave, most people are going to just laugh it off as so much craziness. Maybe that's why they get away with this show: it plays into the ridicule factor, which is a major tool of suppressing the revealing of truth.

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(YouTube November 15, 2012)

As of Nov. 16, it is available at: - full episode. (November 16, 2012)


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