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Review:Jesse Ventura:Area 51 Conspiracy Theory

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by Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

Nov. 3, 2010

In episode 2 of season two of his "Directory:Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series" series, professional wrestler, former Navy SEAL and former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura and his team take a look at Area 51, which many believe to be the center of back-engineering extraterrestrial technology, including energy technologies, by the black-budget military-industrial complex. The structure is said to go down 30 floors. Projects include cloning and hybridizing alien and human species.

Interview with Chuck Clark. They're developing the latest advanced technology that they don't want other people to find out about. CIA has been funding certain projects out there since the 1950s.

Interviews Michael Schratt, Aerospace Engineer, who says what is at Area 51 are super advanced projects. "We have things that are 50 years beyond what you've seen on Star Wars, Star Trek." Daytime stealth, time travel.

June talks to David Corso who leads her to talk to Richard Boyland who is a specialist on abductions.

Randall Fitzgerald talks about the tie between the Phoenix lights and Area 51. He addresses holographic projections and psychological warfare. He said that much of the UFO hype is used as a decoy to help cover-up these projects, "discrediting" any sightings as bogus UFO hysteria.

He speaks with George Knapp, a talk show host (including Coast to Coast AM) and investigative journalist. Area 51 is exempt from environmental laws. Sickened workers have not gotten justice or compensation.

Jesse drives a motorcycle 120 miles from Vegas to Area 51.

: "I had a lot of time to think about what I'd learned. Little green men, alien space craft, or 60 years of government lies… what's scarier?"

In contemplating crossing their imaginary line, the penalty for doing so being death, Jesse comments:

: "There's no way you can ask anyone here a question – typical of our government today. We pay the taxes, we pay the freight, but they don't have to account to anyone. They just set the rules, and we're expected to obey them and not question them – or go to jail, or get shot if you walk past an orange pole out in the middle of the freakin' desert."

He then tried talk to Congressman Dean Heller, who's district includes Area 51, but he couldn't get an appointment.

: "Our government and our military are pulling something over on us. They're spending billions [probably trillions] of my money and your money and they don't have to account for a damned cent. And if they're building all these space age weapons, why are we still sending soldiers off to die?"

And, I would add, why are they still having us ride around in jetliners when we could be riding around in anti-gravity craft that doesn't pollute and takes a small fraction of the time? And why are we still using rocketry to put things in orbit, when we could use their craft to deploy space solar technology at a rate cheaper than fossil fuel power? And why are we still using fossil fuel, when they have energy technologies that harness inexhaustible energy sources cleanly?

"I'm going to stay on their case on this one," concludes Ventura and so should we.

They view us as mere slaves to their technocracy. We are their peons.

Here's a news bullet I created after posting the above story. This news item illustrates how the establishment takes us for fools.

Image:AAI Corp Transformer Design 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > The Unexpected Rebirth of the Flying Car - Of all the far-out visions for the future provided us by popular culture (indeed, by this very magazine above almost all else), perhaps none is so conspicuously absent today as the flying car. (Popular Science Oct. 29, 2010) [Comment: A bone throw and cover-up for the off-budget (with our money) Review:Jesse Ventura:Area 51 Conspiracy Theory who have had far advanced flying technologies for decades.]

Official Website

Playlist - Questions surrounding the military's secret research base in the Nevada desert have been swirling around for years. Jesse faces off against guards at Area 51, to find out why the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the homes of two Area 51 watchdogs and to review alleged evidence that the government has been faking UFO sightings and alien abductions in order to cover up darker secrets at the base.

Part 1 of 6


(YouTube October 29, 2010)

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(YouTube October 29, 2010)

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(YouTube October 29, 2010)

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(YouTube October 30, 2010)

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(YouTube October 30, 2010)

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(YouTube October 30, 2010)


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Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:UFOs > Directory:Reverse Engineering UFO Craft > Review:Jesse Ventura:Area 51 Conspiracy Theory - In this episode, Ventura and his team take a look at Area 51, which many believe to be the center of back-engineering extraterrestrial technology, including energy technologies, by the black-budget military-industrial complex. Why are we still using fossil fuel, when they have energy technologies that harness inexhaustible energy sources cleanly? (PESWiki Nov. 4, 2010)

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Season 2, Episode 2 Discussed Area 51 & Its Connection to the Phoenix Lights – (Associated Content October 29, 2010)

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