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Review:Glenn Beck:Live Free or Die

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Live Free or Die

A review by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

January 26, 2010

Glenn Beck, via a Fox News special documentary, Live Free or Die, takes on the history of socialism, Marxism, Nazism and other collectivist movements and warns against iconizing the killers of the past. Communism killed around 100 million people in the 20th century, yet today its most vicious proponents are being idolized.

It takes on the present trend of turning Che Guevara into a global fashion phenomenon, exposing Che as a Marxist terrorist. It also points to modern intellectuals who cite Mao as an inspiration, exposing how brutal he was as a dictator. Then it points out that any government with too much power tends to veer in these same directions.

A return to an understanding of and respect for the Constitution of the United States, with its checks and balances on power, is the remedy suggested for avoiding becoming fully entrapped by the socialist snares all around us today.

All this Directory:Conspiracy talk is relevant to the Clean Energy movement because the very nature of free energy (harnessing inexhaustible, renewable sources of energy from the environment) is liberating, breaking the stranglehold of those who seek more and more control over civilization. Hence, free energy technologies are targeted by this cabal for Directory:Suppression because these solutions provide a physical remedy to the Orwellian, police state powers arising.

The Show

Available from many sources including:

Part 1 of 6

Modern "progressives" try to marginalize "conservatives" by associating them with the "right wing" Nazis, when in truth, there is little difference between the Nazi and Marxist philosophies, whose ultimate objective has been total socialism – the same objective as the progressives.


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

- - - -

Part 2 of 6

Similarities between Nazi and Marxist philosophy and objectives.


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

- - - -

Part 3 of 6

Looking at the rise of the Soviet Union


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

- - - -

Part 4 of 6

Addresses the present iconizing by Hollywood of Che Guevara, a radical Marxists and sadist. 14,000 men and boys were executed in Cuba in the 1960's under his influence. "If a man's loyalty is questioned, kill him" (paraphrasing). He said his dream was to become a killing machine. He was against the free expression of music calling it "imperialist." He was the Caribbean equivalent of the Taliban, pre-empting them by several decades. If you didn't agree with him you would be killed. He said that if he had nuclear weapons he would use them "against the very heart of America, including New York City. The U.S. is a great enemy of mankind. Against those hyenas there is no option but extermination." Che was the vanguard of the revolution. He was going to bring Communism everywhere around the world.


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

- - - -

Part 5 of 6

A look at one family's loss under Che.


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

Marxist Legacy:

Executed thousands of people for their political views.

Soviets killed more than twice as many people as Adolf Hitler

Che called blacks "indolent and fanciful, spending their money on frivolity and drink"

The Soviets intentionally starved 7-10 million of its own people to death in one year.

The Chinese killed 70 million people in peace time.

- - - -

Part 6 of 6

A look at Chairman Mao Tse Tong, who was perhaps the worst manifestation of brutal tyranny – the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century. His "great leap forward" to collectivize the country's agriculture brought the death of tens of millions of people. He then launched the Cultural Revolution to stamp out dissent, killing tens of millions more.


(YouTube January 22, 2010)

Marx defined socialism as a pit stop between capitalism and Marxism.

- - - -

Postlogue Part 1 of 2

Reflecting on the documentary and the interest it has generated.


(YouTube January 25, 2010)

- - - -

Postlogue Part 2 of 2

A look at the Beetle's song that spells it out. If you go from brutal "revolution" to progressive "evolution", then you can gradually boil the frog. Shows the arrogance of recent statements from Obama's administration praising the past brutal dictators.


(YouTube January 25, 2010)

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