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Repulsive gravity within the hydrogen atom

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In ZPEnergy( 1 ) Dr. Paul J. Werbos writes:

"But it might even be that another vehicle is simply that of better UNDERSTANDING the next generation of nuclear theory. There is a lot of energy out there in the nuclear patch. Some people think that nuclear physics is a kind of mature, dead end. Yet a decade or two ago.. it was widely agreed that the realm of light and electricity is a dead end in terms of basic physics, and that has turned out to be dead wrong first generation quantum computing brought a lot of new life and deeper insight into what we can do in technology, more than we thought, and there are other aspects... "

So, in order to modify gravity, the researchers must to understand what is gravity: how it is formed, and where it is formed.

Where the gravity is born

In the book Quantum Ring Theory( 2 ) it is shown that gravity has its origin within the sctructure of fundamental particles.

In the paper No. 9 entitlied New Nuclear Model it is proposed the structure of nuclei. They are formed by a central nucleon 2He4, where a strong flux of gravitons is created.

Fig. 1 shows a nucleus 8O16 where a flux of gravitons (called n(o) in QRT) is formed by the central nucleon 2He4.


The elementary particles have two fields: a principal field Sp( ), and a secondary field Sn( ) is induced from the rotation of the principal field.

Fig. 2 shows the formation of the gravitational flux n(o) within a proton.


Fig. 3 shows that there exist three different structures of a proton, depending on the relative motion of the gravitational flux n(o) with regard to the rotation (and spin) of a quark up.


Fig. 4 shows the formation of the gravitational fluxes n(o) within the nucleon 2He4


Fig. 5 shows how the secondary field Sn( ), responsible for the electromagnetic-gravitational interactions of the macroscopic bodies, is spread in the space

Repulsive gravity within the hydrogen atom

The use of gravity modification will be connected with the repulsive gravity responsible for the expansion of the Universe, detected by astronomical observations.

The repulsive gravity also exists within the atom, and it is responsible for many paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics, since the theorists did not know its existence within the atoms, and they had to adopt several theorems and axioms in order to adapt the hydrogen atom of Quantum Mechanics.

In Quantum Ring Theory it’s shown how the repulsive gravity causes the expansion of the aether wihin the hydrogen atom. In order to have an idea, see PowerPedia:Cold fusion, Don Borghi's Experiment, and hydrogen atom