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Report: A New Day for the Book of Mormon

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[[Image: LynnRidenhour_with_SterlingAllan_Jan05_150.jpg|right|frame|Lynn Ridenhour with site

founder and director, Sterling D. Allan, Jan. 22, 2005, when they met for the first time, at the Ezekiel Conference held in Salt Lake City.]]

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

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January 21, 2016

This evening, I watched an incredibly-well-done documentary on the Book of Mormon. Here’s the intro from

: Featuring interviews with scholars and historians, this documentary tells the story of the coming forth of this unusual book of scripture and how it is affecting people today—even some people you might not expect.

One of those “people you might not expect” in the documentary, is a Baptist preacher friend of mine, Lynn Ridenhour. I’ve got an extensive index of his writings at He was to GreaterThings then what Andrea Rossi is to PESWiki today. So it was highly satisfying for me to see him featured as he was in this mainstream documentary about the Book of Mormon.

But what spurred me to write this endorsement of that documentary is the way I felt watching that documentary. It was like a rekindling of an old flame in my heart. It concisely presented facts that I learned growing up, with an air of scholarly eruditeness but without the stuffy dryness typical of academia.

Some of you may not know that in the past I spent years writing things about the Book of Mormon that I found in my studies: Chiasms, Parallels, etc.

On the one hand, I would love for all of you to seriously read the Book of Mormon. On the other hand, I don’t feel good about the idea of you joining the Mormon Church. They are not living up to their mandates. Instead of teaching everyone to become a prophet, their mantra is to “follow the prophet” instead of God. That is idolatry.

Instead of standing up for freedom and exposing secret combinations, they stand with the secret combinations, such as when they gave Dick Cheney an honorary doctorate when he spoke at commencement exercises at BYU in 2004. That is treason. Cheney was one of the main insiders in planning, executing, and covering up Directory:9/11 Conspiracy. Never a peep over the pulpit about 9/11 being an inside job. Too cowardly, and too asleep, too complicit. They are as salt that has lost its savor.

But BYU did an excellent job with this Book of Mormon documentary. I hope you watch that and begin reading that book.

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