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A RED ELF is a conductor which can operate on electromagnetic principles as a generator, by converting environmental electrical energy into useful power. RED ELF stands for:

Radiant Energy Device Extremely Low Frequency

Radiant Energy Device Electrostatic Longitudinal Field

Electric potential is generated across a conductor by its interaction with the electrostactic and electromagnetic fields.

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! Extremely low frequency (ELF)


| Frequency: 3 Hz to 30 Hz

Wavelength: 100 000 km to 10 000 km


Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic waves. The term is most commonly used in the fields of radiometry, solar energy, heating and lighting, but is also used less frequently in other fields. Extremely low frequency is the band of electromagnetic frequencies from 3 to 30 cycles per second.

Electrostatic fields are composed of the forces exerted by a "static" (yet changing) electric field upon charged objects. Quantum mechanics states that no electric charge is static outside absolute zero, however, the approximations that electrostatics provides of the phenomena involving charges are invaluable in many areas of science. Longitudinal waves are waves that have vibrations along or parallel to their direction of travel. They include waves in which the motion of the medium (such as a hypothetical aether) is in the same direction as the motion of the wave. Longitudinal waves have been also referred to as compressional waves or pressure waves.

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