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Enertia, where to stick it?

Today I read a page where Sterling commends John Q. Public on all his contributions.

One of his pages was about the home energy efficiency/generation options out there. I remembered reading about a solid wood home system years ago and found it again tonight. It is at It seems not to be referenced on your wiki at all.

Although I contribute $ to Wikipedia, I've never actually used a wiki. I'd be happy to learn the system, I'd just like you to point me at the pages where this link should be posted. Or is that totally up to me?

My "free time" is so limited nowadays, I may never get around to it. If you or your crew likes this Enertia site, feel free to beat me to it and post it wherever you want.

Thanks for this great directory.


Howdy BC, it is up to you .... but three articles that come to my mind are ...

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] - There was an error working with the wiki: Code[4] - There was an error working with the wiki: Code[5] (none are started yet) ... goto the Editiing page to learn some code. Also non-formatted information is ok, others can wikify your article. Sincerely, Reddi 12:13, 28 Aug 2006 (EDT)

Joe Cell Validation Terms and Conditions

What are the minimum terms and conditions this device must meet in order to be validated by the NEC?

I am asking at this point to expadite the process in the near future.

Berticus 02:07, 9 Dec 2006 (EST)

Hi all

I'm Maurizio, and I'd like offer my contribute for english to italian PESWiki's translation. -- User:Iso (Dec. 21, 2006)

: Great! I've put in a request to get established so you can begin. Please following the same naming convention we use in the English version. See Help:To Mediawiki-conversant Users -- SilverThunder 13:09, 28 Dec 2006 (EST)

Posting A New Entry


At Nova Institute of Technology we have produced a scientific monograph entitled "Y-Bias and Angularity: Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity." This monograph describes a newly developed model of scalar physics that incorporates all the rules of self-organizing criticality [P. Bak et al] into a simple, elegant framework. Based on the precepts included in this new model, we have successfully developed, tested and independently verified four entirely new materials, including (1) a positively charged ZnO2 thin film, (2) a transparent electrically conductive thin film with virtually no capacitance and ambient resistance of less than 2 ohms per square, regardless of surface area, (3) a semi-conductor-based thermal electric generator that converts heat to electrical power at efficiencies ranging between 38% - 45%, between temperatures ranging from 1C - 240C, and (4) a new material that has been shown to fluoresce, emit and lase across the visible spectrum [tunable] in nano-particle sizes, using direct electrical stimulation rather up or down pumping.

How do we present the Y-Bias model for publication on your web site?

David G. Yurth

Director: Science and Technology

Nova Institute of Technology

: Hi David,

: To publish this at PESWiki, you could cut and paste the content at There was an error working with the wiki: Code[6]. If you wanted, we could then protect the page so that only sysops could make changes to it, helping to preserve its original content. Alternatively, we could publish it at or at The PESWiki is publicly editable, which is ideal for most types of content, but a published monograph, that needs to stay non-changed, might better be situated at one of these other sites mentioned.

: -- Sterling (SilverThunder 01:47, 1 Jan 2007 (EST))

How to report spamming by Utad3

Hi, how do I report spamming by Utad3? This same user has spammed the English Wikipedia using the same username There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] many times with links to its There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] for details. -- Jeff 15:05, 7 Jan 2007 (EST)

:Our guidelines for spam is not created yet. Considering There was an error working with the wiki: Code[7] (eg., Joshuaschroeder) nominated to delete the article, a known pseudo-skeptic and POV pusher in Wikipedia, I find it that it may be worth keeping. I will look @ the user and article histories. Reddi

::Thank you. -- Jeff 15:36, 7 Jan 2007 (EST)

That book appears to be on Free energy (the genre of this site) - sounds to me somebody either does not even consider that there might be a God! You cant just beleive there is no God You have to prove there is no God. start here: go to about radioactive polonium halos disproving the big bang (if you cannot take somebodies word for it go look yourself). go look up what we call the evidence for Creation and consider even test if it is really true.

Power needs for the bulk of humanity

I've been keenly interested in alternate power energy for much of my life (especially since the gas fiasco of the early 70's)) My concern is this. With all the new alternate energy gizmo's coming out every day, much if not most of it is too expensive for most of the poor to purchase. With the price of magnets, copper, aluminum ect. going out of sight there really is not much chance for those on fixed incomes to ever come out of that enslavement of the oil/government/big business powers. What PesWiki needs is to encourage more open source and affordable technologies so that even those on limited incomes can benefit. The price for constructing a fuelless permanent magnet motor approaches over $500 (I have almost $2000 invested in mine and it has not even started, hopefully within the next few weeks (if the weather improves) I can get started on it.

pre-end-use tap

I posed the question,

"How do I convert heat output to electricity?"

directly into my search engine..., I aim to discover how I might use a mains heater for a room [about 500w] and at it's source recreate electricity to run e.g. a desktop pc...

The first results implied 'power chips' are the solution - though I have no insight or knowledge and would like to learn more...

Please advise

Kind regards

22:09, 6 Feb 2007 (EST)

To remove the event from the website02:47, 3 Apr 2007 (EDT)

GOTO for a discription of a overunity device that everybody owns: A refrigerator! AKA Heat pump. read wikipedia about heat pumps: a company can claim that that their pump is 400% efficient: that is with one unit of electricity the heatpump can carry (up to) four units of heat from point A to B. the heat of the compressor is not in the output. because you have 4 times the heat on the output side of the heat pump you can use this to drive steam engines and what not. it may not be hot enough to boil water but you could use a liquid that boils at a lower temperature. further you could use a second heat pump to concentrate the heat further and take it to water's boiling point.

finally i discovered the pressure energy from the compressor is wasted in the expansion valve. i would recommend using a vortex-tube (used in paint spraying) to use the wasted pressure energy. and also the device tesla referred to in his patent for bifilar coils. pictured here: the inventor ran the cooled air past the hot air on the other side of the expansion valve cooling the hot air so when it went through the expansion valve the product was colder!

you cannot really destroy heat. after it comes out of your steam engine suck it back in again. Tip: the less the temperature difference between the 'hot' and 'cold' side the more heat that can be moved.

REPORT your sucess on PESwiki i would like to see your results!

Can you assess my Article?


I have created a new article and the link to it is from it is about the kawai motor.


Could you please delete my entry from the directory? Thank You, James Leslie