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PowerPedia:Walter Rosenthal

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Walter L. Rosenthal spent most of his working life employed by several defense contractors at Vandenberg AFB as a member of many different missile launch crews, spanning over 35 years.

He has tested at numerous locations an extensive number energy machines, using a collection of test equipment manufactured by Yokogawa, Tektronix and Hewlett Packard.

In Memorium

His work with the Sweet machine

On January 25, 2007, PowerPedia:Tom Bearden wrote:

Walt was a courteous, kind, and very competent test scientist. He also did lots of work on the Sweet machine, and Floyd permitted Walt to see and test his “self-powering? version as well. Walt even built the “control discharge? unit that Floyd used to active his permanent magnets (trigger the barium nuclei into self-oscillation). Since a magnetic pole is actually a magnetic charge, Floyd’s activated magnets thus became a magnetic version of the “negative resonance absorption of the medium? (NRAM) effect presently known and demonstrated in optical physics since 1967. And since the nuclear binding energy is negative energy, it meant that the “gain? achieved did involve negative energy. Hence Sweet’s machine output true negative energy, as could easily be shown by simple tests. Because the “level of self-oscillating magnetic charge? was so small inside the nucleus, the field gain was enormous – being some 1,500,000.

Before Walt built the precision “activation discharge? unit for Sweet, Floyd had great difficulty in activating the magnets, often blasting away for three or four weeks before having real success. And even when activated, the activation often would slowly drain away. However, once he was using the precision discharge unit courtesy of Walt Rosenthal, his activation effort became much easier and much longer lasting.

So not only was Walt very instrumental in accurately measuring the results successfully achieved by Sweet, but he also contributed directly to the success of the fundamental activation process used by Sweet in activating his magnets.

We have lost a very good man and he will be sorely missed.

A knowledgeable courteous scientist

On Jan. 23, New Energy Congress member, Gary Vesperman wrote:

I first met Walter Rosenthal at a new energy conference in Denver in 1996. Later on I worked with Walter when he was involved with testing Earl Davenport's rotating electrical machines. He was also closely involved with Floyd Sweet's vacuum triode amplifier and Scott McKie's electrical power converter.

I remember Walter as a knowledgeable courteous scientist to work with.

Tested Machines from All Over

On Jan. 24, 2006, NEC member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

I also met Walter when testing Earl Davenport's electrical machines (which we were not able to validate as being over unity in 2003). He had also traveled to Australia to test the Lutec claims (which did not check out either). He was an avid supporter of new energy technology research, bringing his mainstream expertise to bear in testing various claims from all over.

Will miss his diligence

On Jan 23, 2007, David Crockett Williams of wrote:

He was well respected and did a great job for us with his test equipment at the briefing for the science advisor to the Dalai Lama at UCSB in June 1997. His work in the new energy field was very important. Many of us will miss his diligence and look for any related news about his findings as they might emerge.


Energy from the Vacuum - DVD includes feature of Walt Rosenthal, along with Tom Bearden and John Bedini.

The Coming Energy Revolution by Jeanne Manning - "After Bearden's paper was read, Walter Rosenthal stood up and startled the audience of skeptical engineers: 'I have personally seen Floyd Sweet's machine operating. It was running . . . those small motors you saw in the video. It was jump-started with a nine-volt battery. There was no other electrical input required. . . . There was no connection to the power line whatsoever." And, no, there were no moving parts.

Google >

Wright Energy Gain - KeelyNet 03/01/03 - "I recently went to Santa Maria and met Walt Rosenthal. I have personally experienced the quality of this man's experience and his reputation for being the final authority on electrical and electronic measurements. With his modern and high-tech equipment, he patiently and meticulously checked every point of data on my version of Bearden's theoretical switching circuit. (See "Current News on Current Gain", New Energy News, Feb. '94, p.15.)"

Space Energy Journal, Back Issues - "L. MARCH 1993 QUARTERLY VOLUME IV Issue I 117. Feature: The Floyd Sweet, V.T.A. unit by Walt Rosenthal 3 pages"

Floyd Sweet's VTA Unit - article by Walt Rosenthal

Unusual Nature of Ætheric - reply to VTA article by Rosenthal, includes comment by Rosenthal.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on New Energy: 2nd ISNE - "Walter L. Rosenthal - Apparatus and Techniques for Energy Machine Waveform Acquisition [pp 403-408]"

Walter L. Rosenthal - Expert Free Energy Device Testing - index page at includes some Rosenthal citations.

Sad News - Walter Rosenthal R.I.P. January 13th, 2007 (ZPEnergy January 24, 2007)


Walt Rosenthal (deceased)

Ph: +1-805-934-2058

Santa Maria, California USA

Gretchen England (Walt's Daughter)