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PowerPedia:Viktor Schauberger

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Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 Holzschlag (Austria) - 25 September 1958 Linz, (Austria)) was a forester, naturalist and inventor. Walter Schauberger was his son.


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Founder of implosion technology. Schauberger studied the phenomena of the fluidic vortices. He insisted that nature uses the Falling Thermal Gradient for upbuilding, and the Rising Thermal Gradient for deconstructing. He noted that our modern technology only uses the Rising Thermal Gradient for movement, and therefore meets immense resistance, friction. He proved with his suction-turbines and other inventions, that by utilizing the Falling Thermal Gradient, it is possible to create 9x more energy than with a rising thermal gradient, and that the falling thermal gradient is the form of motion to be used to enable suction, instead of facing friction.


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Schauberger sought to develop energy-generating machines which, by the power of shape, form, and motion alone, were able to mimic nature’s processes. Whereas today’s main energy technologies use outward-moving explosion, such as fuel-burning and atom-splitting, his machines operated on the basis of inward-spiralling movements , or Directory:Vortex Technologies. He wrote: ‘If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as “colloidal??, a buildup of energy results, which with immense power, can cause levitation.’ Vortical motion, with rotational velocities of 15-20,000 revolutions per minute, accompanied by rapid cooling[see Viktor Schauberger Klimator Opensource project on PESWiki], created strong There was an error working with the wiki: Code[15] effects inside his machines. Some researchers think that the transmutation of matter into more ethereal states and the production of genuine levitational forces also occurred ed: transmutation -> [].


....Schauberger and his knowledge of engineering in harmony with nature's creative movements. Schauberger pointed out that 20th century technology moves everything the wrong way - exploding, heating, pressuring. His own inventions used nature's quiet cooling, inward-spiraling suction motions instead, and the result rejuvenated instead of destroying.

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Why should you care?

1. 1929: Developed a winding-impeller made out of copper, for electricity production out of a river (better and more sightly than the current dams), patented 1929 by the name of OS:VS-Jet-Turbine. Dynamic Hydropower page of Frank Germano's

2. 1922-1928: Developed a method of building log-flumes that would transport heavier-than-water timber via long distances by maintaining the temperature of the water in the flumes, and by inducing a spiraling motion in the material being transported. Numerous patents exist

3. Developed water-purification -methods using the egg as a model for the shape of the device. Aim was to create spring-quality water. Patent exists.

4. 1948-1950: Conceived and developed copper-based farming tools, which increased the crops, as opposed to the iron/steel-based gardening/farming tools which disrupt the energies of the soil. They are still being hand-crafted and created - development of the Golden Plough has received some minor spurts in the last few years.

5. 1940: Conceived, patented and built, various versions of the repulsine, for spin&suction-based implosion-technology-based technologies for energy-creation and .. levitation

:(from Dale Pond: In the repulsine, air is passed through a narrow corrugated chamber created by two plates with impelling blades along the outer edge, so as to create a suction turbine.)

6. 1953-1958: Spent the last years of his life developing a heimkraftwerk (home power generator), first prototype of which is still in existence, the other two prototypes are apparently still in the United States.

7. 1933: Wrote a book called "Our Senseless Toil"

:Proved that water is cooler after having hit a rock, than before.

8. 1945: Klimator, airconditioning device

:Repulsator, spring-quality water-production device

:Gasoline from water

:Implosion-technology usages: cooling fans, cooling motors, etc.


Viktor Schauberger was born to a long line of Austrian foresters. Creeks and rivers flow fascinated him during his youth. Schauberger went on to develop a basic theory that contains a twofold movement principle for such phenonomena. In 1926, he did research at a timber flotation installation in Neuberg an der Mürz / Styria. In 1929, Schauberger submitted his first applications for patents in the fields of water engineering and turbine construction.
Image:Schauberger jet turbine 117749.gif
Schauberger did research on how to artificially generate centripetal movement in various types of machines. Schauberger proposed a means of utilising hydroelectric power by a [jet turbine 117749 Austrian Patent].

In World War II, Schauberger developed, under duress, his concepts of Directory:Vortex Technologies dynamics at the service of Germany's SS. The SS conducted continuous observation of Schauberger activities. In Augsburg, Schauberger works with Messerschmidt on engine cooling systems. Correspondence with designer Heinkel about aircraft engines. In 1944, Schauberger developed his Repulsine machines at the Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna. Schauberger produced several working prototypes. The Russian and American military confiscated his work at the end of the war. After the war, Schauberger worked on a concept of water-based power generation through vortex action, in a closed cycle. In 1958, Schauberger return to Austria, after negotiations with an American oil company (dodd-gerschheimer corporation), and forced to stop any further research with implosion technology. Viktor Schauberger dies on September 25.

1885 Viktor Schauberger was born on June 6th in Holzschlag, Mühlviertel region, in Upper Austria.

1914 Shortly after the birth of his son Walter he was called up for military service (First World War 1914-1918.

1919 Junior forest warden, senior forest warden, game keeper

1920 - 24 head warden of the forest and hunting territories in Brunnenthal/Steyerling, district of Kirchdorf/Krems in Upper Austria, under Prince Adolf von Schaumburg-Lippe.

1922 Schauberger designs and builds timber flotation installations in Steyerling, based on his observations of nature. Reduces logging costs to one tenth. Promotion to "Wildmeister".

1924 Imperial adviser on timber flotation installations

1926 Timber flotation installation in Neuberg an der Mürz/Styria

1928 Construction of further flotation installations in Austria, Yugoslavia and Bavaria.

1929 First applications for patents in the fields of water engineering and turbine construction.

1930 Film "Carrying Water" (Tragendes Wasser) about the log flumes in Neuberg.

1931 Experiments with extracting electrical energy directly from water (Water Capillary Research)

1932 Production of Pure Water fuel production from water.

1933 Publication of his first and only book "Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit" ("Our Senseless Toil") in Vienna.

1934 Meeting with Hitler, discussion about fundamental principles of agriculture, forestry and water engineering. Schauberger refuses to work for the German Reich.

1935 Application for two patents: "air turbine" "procedure for lifting liquids and gases".

1936 Article "Viktor Schauberger: Petrol (Gasoline) from Water", published in Spec. Ed. of Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2, 1993

1937 The "warmth-cold machine", constructed for Siemens, melts in an unauthorized test run.

1938 He instructs his son Walter to repeat the Water Capillary Research (Lord Kelvin's Falling Water Experiment): A voltage of up to 20.000 volt is achieved.

1940 Construction of the "Repulsine" in Vienna

1941 An intrigue caused by the Viennese Association of Engineers resulted in Schauberger's enforced confinement in a mental hospital in Mauer-Öhling and in continuous observation by the SS. In Augsburg, Schauberger works with Messerschmidt on engine cooling systems. Correspondence with designer Heinkel about aircraft engines.

1942 Start of the "Repulsine" which shattered to pieces on setting it in motion

1943 Further development of the "Repulsine". The aim is to develop a submarine engine.

1944 Continuous development of the "Repulsine" at a Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna.

1945 Schauberger starts to work on his "Klimator". After the end of the war, observation of his work by the American occupying forces and confiscation of all his devices and materials. Transfer to Leonstein in Upper Austria.

1947 Construction of further "water refining apparatus" in Salzburg.

1948 Co-operation with the company Rosenberger in Salzburg concerning the production of apparatus for soil cultivation ("Golden Plough"). Schauberger invents the "Spiral Plough".

1950 Taking out patent on "Apparatus for soil cultivation made of copper".

1952 Tests with "spiral pipes" at the Technical College in Stuttgart. Schauberger proves his theory that different materials used in pipes influence the friction of the various fluids. Further tests with copper ploughs by the agricultural research institute in Linz.

1954 Development of the "suction spiral", the centrepiece of the so-called Heimkraftwerk ("Home Power Generator") which was demolished during the first test run due to regulatory failure.

1955 Publication of the book "Implosion statt Explosion" ("Implosion instead of Explosion") by Leopold Brandstätter.

1957 Co-operation with the company Swarovski from Tyrol. Construction of more Home Power Generators. Problems regulating the number of revs can't be solved.

1958 An American consortium offers financial means for practical experiments with "Implosion Energy". Visit to Texas with his son Walter. Return to Austria after a heavy dispute. (Schauberger, Viktor) Viktor Schauberger was forced to sign an agreement, forbidding him any further research with Implosion. All documents, models and equipment are left behind in the USA. Five days after his return, Viktor Schauberger dies on September 25th ...Viktor's Children: Walter, Margarete, Huberta


All patents are Austrian.

113487 -- "Construction for Creating Wild Brooks and Flow Regulation"

The construction for creating wild brooks and flow-regulation through the speed of water that is dammed no destruction from course of the waterpath through the damming constructs and, center watercourse in the middle of the stream.

117749 -- "Jet Turbine"

This takes the cake. look into this. This is a way to use meandering/spiraling/vortexing /sucked down water, to turn a specifically designed turbine, that then turns an electric generator. the shape of the turbine is much like this:

Image:Schauberger jet turbine 117749.gif
. Very Easy To Do. Look Into This.

122144 -- "Artificial Channel for Transporting Logs"

Conduits, channels, and other water sluices for the transporting felled trees or logs.

134543 -- "Conduction of Water in Tubes & Channels"

Concentrates water flow within conduits, channels, and tubes Increase passing the amount of flowing medium through the paths.

136214 -- "Installation & Correction of Flow in Draining Channels"

Installation and operation of the conduction and regulation water channels by means of dams.

138296 -- "Water Conduction"

Improvement of the tubes and channels shown in "Conduction of Water in Tubes & Channels" and, flowing water within conduit is led into the middle of the pipe to force it to effect a circular motion.

142032 -- "Construction for Fabricating Tap Water"

Fabrication of mineral water through devices Avoids unhygienic condition in the pipes and, water treatment.

145141 -- "Air-Turbine"

146141 -- "Processes and equipment for the Atomic Transformation of Droppable Liquids or gaseous substances" - Repulsine.

166644 -- "Plow"

Plowing of the soil can be achieved with copper-covered plows instead of using plows made of iron or steel reduce friction between the ground and the corresponding portion of the plow and, slow disintegration.

196680 -- "Tubing for Flowing & Gaseous Media"

Tubing for flowing and gaseous media to prevent the formation of incrustations prevent loss of flow speed and, helically tubes.

-- We recommend checking these patents out at RexResearch (note, not all are there) ( ) There are also patents in we believe germany, austria, switzerland and the czech republic. Much hunting will have to be done to get a proper website with all the patents sorted and with further information.


Good all round introductions are Hidden Nature, Living Water and Living Energies. However, the _very best_ introduction regards PESWiki, would be "A Blueprint For A Better World".

Olof Alexandersson: Living Water (1990) Amazon

Callum Coats: Living Energies (2000) Amazon

Alick Bartholomew: Hidden Nature (2003) Amazon

Jane Cobbald: Viktor Schauberger: A Life of Learning from Nature (2006) Amazon

Brian Desborough: Review:Book:Desborough:Blueprint For A Better World (2002) ISBN 0974201804 - this is the one you want to read to find out about Lloyd Zirbes, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Edwin V. Gray, Thomas Henry Moray, Nathan Stubblefield.. and others. brilliant and lucid description of schauberger's work.

Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats: The Water Wizard (Eco-Technology Volume One) (1998) Amazon

Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats: Nature As Teacher (Eco-Technology Volume Two) (1998) Amazon

Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats: The Fertile Earth (Eco-Technology Volume Three)(2001) Amazon

Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (Eco-Technology Volume Four) (2001) Amazon

External links and references

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There was an error working with the wiki: Code[12] About Schauberger's inventions

Pythagoras-Kepler-System, school that Walter Schauberger started to bring Viktor Schauberger's realizations into widespread consciousness.

Ovesen, Morten , "Life and work". Malmö group.

Germano, Frank, "Who was Viktor Schauberger?". [ ].

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"Viktor Schauberger". Fusion

Naudin, J., "The Schauberger's Flying Saucer".

"Qualitatives Torkado-Modell (Hypothesen und Studien zu freien 3D-Schwingungen)". (German)

"Viktor Schauberger The Water-wizard from Austria". -- "Viktor Schauberger".

''Dale Pond's page on Viktor Schauberger



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See also

OS:Klimator:Main Page (a in-door cooling/heating airconditioner using naturalesque methods, suction, creation of a vortex, and multiple materials.)

OS:Jet-Turbine (rotating conical corkscrew turbine being spun by water, estimated to be 9x more efficient than current water-dams)

Directory:Vortex Technologies


Implosion technology and Viktor Schauberger - very informative!

The Schauberger Vortex Project (since deleted from PESwiki (probably lack of activity)) description: Schauberger's Vortex - rotating cone rises water or grain to top, recaptured in centrifugal vortex process. Cabins and farms were running off it. Patents expired. No commercial realization yet. {To compartmentalize, preface all new pages with "OS:SV:"}

Directory:Viktor Schauberger - Details about the rest of the work

Directory:Matthew G. Whitney - bases his vortex invention work on Schauberger

Discussion group - COMPLETELY UNACTIVE. DO NOT USE. Email forum that accompanies this project. ([ click to subscribe] your request will be approved shortly)

The Viktor Schauberger Research Group - An Active Email forum on Viktor Schauberger. Description: Discussion on all aspects of Viktor Schauberger's amazing inventions and life history. An attempt will be made to duplicate and build some of his inventions, and to implement his environmental technologies into mainsteam use. (click to subscribe ( your request will be approved shortly)

Walter Schauberger's Pythagoras Kepler System school website - in Bad Ischl, Austria, run currently by Jörg Schauberger

- PowerPedia

- Main Page

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