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PowerPedia:Viktor Grebennikov

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Victor S. Grebennikov was a Russian entymologist who discovered an alleged anti-gravity effect called the Cavernous Structures Effect (CSE) in 1988.

Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE)

The Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE) was an alleged anti-gravity effect. Grebennikov claimed he found the anti-gravity effect originating from the chitin shell of certain insects. Grebennikov claimed that the CSE could also be found in other structures found in nature, such as in beehives.


In his book, My World, Grebennikov described making an antigravity flying platform from the insect chitin. The flying platform could allegedly fly at 25 km/min.


Reconstruction (from a photograph) of the bottom of the flying platform built by Grebennikov

Grebennikov died in 2001. According to Jerry Decker of Keelynet, Grebennikov took his anti-gravity secret to his grave. The species and type of insect which manifested the antigravity effects were never revealed, but it is believed that it is a Bathyplectes Anurus which lives in Siberia.