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PowerPedia:Timothy Thrapp

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"Also, Tim Thrapp of Ohio and Walt Parsons of Florida have built the Hendershot device. Thrapp's successfully "produces about 10 watts continuously with no electrical input (self-running)." from here

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Directory:World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries = the PayPal donation email address, responses come from a "John Miller" = responses come from a "John Phil"


Full time job at an age of five (Jeane Manning/Water Fuel Museum Interviews) in rural Alaska, chopping firewood

Buys first house at age 15 outside the city of Anchorage (Jeane Manning Interview)

Is fast-tracked into college classes after school officials test his IQ - majors in Physics and studies Mathematics - with everything in science fascinating him - didn't bother getting a diploma. (JM)

17 - Moves to Florida and reaches his goal of building 17 houses before reaching 17 (WFM interview)

18 - Hard work and successful real-estate deals make Thrapp a multimillionaire by age 18 - uses some money to help build churches - intuitively knows something more can be done for the world (JM)


1988 - Alaska, Timothy Thrapp hears an interview with Bruce DePalma, which gets him started in desiring to crack the Free Energy science and knowledge (JM)

"He(Timothy Thrapp) phoned DePalma and began gathering all the information available at that time" (JM)

Thrapp and his first partner, an electrical engineer with a doctorate from MIT, formed a company to work on alternative energy and pollution remediation technologies. Their team built about 40 prototypes before getting to their first energy device that worked. They had only worked on it six months and put less than a half a million dollars into it, Thrapp recalls. "To me, that was way too easy at first I thought it had to be a mistake. I figured we'd have to work for five years and build thousands (of experimental models)."

What was that first discovery like? His voice reflects the excitement of that time.

"Batteries charged and kept going up. If you didn't load it, it would overcharge and ruin the batteries. Voltage kept going up, you turn it off and check the voltage and, yeah, it's going higher!"

"The first time we got over-unity (more power out of a machine than the apparent input), we took it to the inventors' club 40 miles away." Thrapp says DePalma hadn't warned them of opposition to revolutionary energy technologies. The Alaskan team thought the world would welcome an energy invention with open arms. It didn't.


1990 - At 30 years old, Timothy Thrapp is dying of Lymphatic Cancer, miraculous recovery (JM) (compare with Walter Russell's recovery of the black diphtheria whilst in the Light)

1997 - Thrapp tells Jerry Decker about a 'radical new power generator capable of 50kw but with no details' Thrapp also tells Jerry Decker about a Henry Ford & John Keely collaboration

("His name is Tim Thrapp....he used to live in Alaska and he was the one who told me about Henry Ford working with John Keely to create an arrangement inside early Model Ts so that magnets placed in them would make them self-running....the story goes that Ford was threatened by the oil companies for graft (kickbacks) or something along those he did this magnet trick as one has yet come back with any proof of the claim that SOME Model Ts had these slots in the bell housing where magnets could be placed to make it is the file

When Tim called me several years ago with that story, he said one of the cars had been found and the engine or a copy of it had been demonstrated, and the inventor killed on his drive home with the engine on a trailer...the engine was stolen... Tim also said he had some radical new power generator capable of 50kw but he gave no details about it..this was back in 1997....seeya!" (from a public posting in 2001 on KeelyNET)


Undated claim from 2001 - "Tim Trapp, from Ohio, was put in jail by the federal authorities in Arizona and by the state police in Ohio."

2001 - September - Sterling D. Allan creates -page, which lists, amongst their achievements: " Gravity motor Engines that run on water Radiant Energy devices (solid state or mechanical) Inertial propulsion devices Pollution remediation". Much talk about money. (Around 100 functioning technologies claimed to be for sale.)


2005 - February - Jeane Manning meets Timothy Thrapp

2005 - Jeane Manning interviews Timothy Thrapp for Atlantis Rising issue #52

"Timothy Thrapp wants you to know one of his company's goals in particular — to figure out a simple but powerful gravity motor, for which the company can give away plans. "We have eight (gravity motor) models that work four of them are basically toys that don't produce much horsepower no matter how big you make them. The other four are useful, but they're not simple. To reach the goal, we may have to build maybe 20 or 30 more models. Hopefully someone will make a donation of $100,000 or something like that, to get us to the goal." "It's got to be so the average person with an IQ of 100 or above can build it, and I really believe in my heart that we can do that with gravity motors."

2005 - Jeane Manning interview of Timothy Thrapp result:

"Over the years I've heard more about Thrapp's shocking experiences, from mutual acquaintances and from interviewing him on the phone for hours. Without proof, I was reluctant to write about it, although I did write a brief for a newsletter which never received the email."


2006 - June-July Dr. Trapp calls Gary Vesperman (of PESWiki) three times (June 24, July 1, July 4), and accompanies this contact with emails that provide more details to the activities of the company/ministry, and their suppression history. Full article at []


2007 - September - James A. Robey interviews Timothy Thrapp for WaterFuelMuseum.

WFM interview#1: Timothy Thrapp traveled to New Zealand and has worked with Daniel Dingel

WFM interview#1: Timothy Thrapp has, for 200 or 300 times, visited schools to demonstrate his devices to children


2007 - December - user notices "a googlevideo posted by Timothy Thrapp" - which was later removed - did anyone archive this? please re-post it.

2007 - December - Wits2014 joins YouTube on 30th December 2007. User age 48 (Timothy Thrapp is aged 48)

2007 - December - Wits2014 post 900Watt Self-Runner Motor


2008 - February - Wits2014 post Worlds's Most Efficient Overunity Water Heater

2008 - March - Wits2014 post Self Running 35 Watt Delay Line Generator!

2008 - March 21st - Stefan Hartmann calls Timothy Thrapp to arrange for an interview (


2009 - March - James A. Robey interviews Timothy Thrapp again

2009 - February - Video: 900 Watt Zero Point Energy Generator Demonstrated on X-Journals with quotes from NEC members.

2009 - May - Sterling D. Allan interviews Timothy Thrapp for Free Energy Now!