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Super Relativity

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What is a photon?

The Superrelativity Directory


Super Relativity Introduction

Super Relativity is per definition an improvement of Einstein's General Relativity. From Latin, super stands for 'above' and relativity stands for the latest widely accepted "General Relativity". There have been many authors and articles attempting a definition of this super Relativity.

There are currently two fields of thought on the subject. Peter Leifer has proposed a Super-relativity theory. Mark Fiorentino has proposed a theory of Super Relativity. This article discusses the version proposed by Mark Fiorentino.

Super Relativity coalesces the good ideas of the past with those of the present and creates a new ether based theoretical concept. The result of which becomes a physical reality model that employs common sense mechanics to explain the laws of physical reality. It does not contradict Special Relativity or General Relativity it extends both theories by using a physical model that supports field theory as the most sensible explanation for force, (action at a distance). The Theory itself consists of many philosophical arguments that support the theory. Please see the Table of Contents for the list of the sub topics.

Introduction (SR)


The Philosophy behind Super Relativity

The original idea for this new theory was inspired by a great deal of research having to do with the study of Albert Einstein and his quest for the Unified Field Theory. Einstein and physicists and philosophers before and after him have spent a great deal of effort trying to explain how the Universe works. Scientists have spent the last 75 years or so trying to tie together all known phenomena to explain the nature and behavior of all matter and energy in existence.

Since physics has made little progress in discovering the Grand Unification Theory an interesting question arises. Why have the best minds of the past and present failed to discover the truth about our Universe.

Since the time of Isaac Newton who began the era of Classical Mechanics and modern day physics we have all been trying to unlock the secrets of how the Universe works. Many of the greatest intellects of all time have attempted to find a simple explanation for material existence and the central cause of force, action at a distance. The question of why so many great minds could not solve this problem eventually led the author of the theory to come up with a reasonble explanation for our failure to solve this great mystery. It seemed reasonable to assume that perhaps something might be wrong with our approach and that possibly a mistake was made somewhere in the past. The mistake would creat a paradigm shift that would take physics in the wrong direction.

If this idea is correct the only explanation that makes sense is that somewhere along the way we began to attempt to solve an inequality. In other words we switched onto a track that was a dead end, a red herring so to speak. What if for the past hundred years or so we have been trying to prove something, that is not true. What if we have been trying to prove that a=b and in fact ab. If we did not know this fact we could spend centuries trying to prove an incongruity.

This was the idea that led to the development of the Theory of Super Relativity. Research was begun in an effort to find the error in the past and then correct it. After spending several years of research the error was found. The error that was discovered was subtle and it went completely undetected. The mistake occurred about a hundred years ago. It was, in my mind the most important experiment in history. The Michelson-Morley Experiment and this was the experiment that was to determine whether the ether existed or not. Neither the measurements, nor the technique were in error. That part of the experiment was executed to perfection. The experiment has been repeated many times and confirmed. I do not dispute the measurements. The error actually occurred before the experiment. A faulty assumption was made about the ether. The bad assumption was that the ether was a fluid or gas or in some way the ether could flow or move. The faulty assumption led to a design of experiment that was flawed. The experiment was designed to detect a change in the speed of light caused by light passing through an ether wind. What in fact the experiment proved was that there was no ether wind. There was no wind because it is not a gas or fluid and it did not move in any way to have a frame of reference that would be in motion. That is all that the experiment proved. Unfortunately, it was then assumed that since there was no ether wind, therefore, there was no ether. That is the mistake. The ether is a solid therefore there is no wind or resistance in any direction.

In the years following the experiment, the notion of field theory as an explanation of the fundamental mediator of force was all but given up on. The Standard Model and particles interactions have risen into power. Quantum Mechanics and its success with helping to identify and predict the existence of new particles has led us into an even deeper commitment to the belief that particle interactions themselves are the reason and explanation of force. Super Relativity says that all force is generated by the fields that particles are made up of and that the interactions that occur between the particles are caused by the fields emanating from the cores of the particles.

This idea is further bolstered by the fact that the Standard Model cannot be reconciled to the idea of Gravity uniting with the other so called primary forces, the Strong and Weak Nuclear forces and Electromagnetism. This is the error or bad assumption that was spoken about earlier in this section. SR Theory states that Gravity is not physically the same thing as the other so called forces. Gravity, Electrostatic fields, (the Coulomb force) and Magnetism are the true and only forces of nature and they are purely mechanical and require direct contact via space (the ether). The primary forces of nature are not mediated by particles they are mechanical elastic deformations of space. These forces are different types of spatial deformations that manifest themselves as force fields. Since they share the same medium they can be unified.

No theory would be complete without a way to prove that it is correct or not. In the section called "The Experimental Verification of SR Theory" there are two experiments that can be performed that will prove if this theory is correct.

The Theory of Super Relativity was created to explain in more detail the concepts explained in this Introduction. The theory of Super Relativity as you can see returns us to a Universal structure that is a compromise between Newtonian Mechanics and Einstein like Relativistic Universe.

The History of the Ether

Super Relativity Theory and the Theory of the Ether are deeply entwined. There are to be sure some significant differences between the original ether theory and SR Theory’s version. Upon deeper examination the differences help form the basis for the mechanical explanation for describing a working mechanical model for the ether. SR Theory provides a complete explanation for the mechanical interpretation of Maxwell’s laws of the electro-magnetic field and it also provides mechanical explanation for the force of gravity. Having accomplishing this major feat it then paves the way for a Unification of the true forces of nature.

There are many individuals that helped form the ether theory of the previous century. I have chosen six of the most influential individuals that were involved in the development of the theory, René Descartes, Isaac Newton, James Clerck Maxwell, Hendrick Antoon Lorentz, and Albert Einstein.. In the book due to be released in late 2009. The theory discusses the work of the scientists stated above. It points out that all of these brilliant individuals very successful theories were achieved on the basis of ether theory. The book also establishes and highlights the critical differences and enhancements to ether theory that SR Theory possesses.

The table below contrasts and compares the older ether theories with the Super Relativity Version.

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Old Ether Theory


Gas, liquid or Solid Gas, liquid or Solid Solid

Particle based

Some say Yes and some say No

Ether Motion

Some people assumed motion – Lorentz said no motion Ether does not move


Most people believe that fields are inseparably bound up with the existence of the ether (space).


No mechanical models of the ether were proposed so this is not determined.

Velocity of Light

Fundamental Constant of the Universe

Universal Constants


Super Relativity



Particle based

Not particle based

Ether Motion

Ether does not move


Ether is the central cause of all forces.


All forces expressed by direct contact via mechanical deformations

Velocity of Light

Determined by ether density and tension

Universal Constants

All Constants vary and are determined by ether density and tension




One of the most profound arguments according to SR Theory for the existence of the ether is the fact that so many great scientific discoveries and advancements were based on a so called incorrect concept. This defies rational explanation. It is incomprehensible that so much good working theory could be based on a fictional concept. There is no analogous event is science to compare to this.

SR Theory reintroduces as the central cause for the material Universe and refocuses on a mechanical explanation to explain force (action at a distance). All forces are a result of mechanical actions within the etheric material. All energy and matter exist as spatial configurations within the ether. Failure to detect the ether is due to a misinterpretation of experiments and alternate incorrect explanations that were given to explain physical phenomena.

In the current paradigm disbelief in the ether was caused by new exciting theories such as Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. In time the older scientists who were engaged in the field of ether theory retired. These scientists were replaced by young scientists that were taught that ether theory was obsolete. In time the concept lost adherents.

The Undiscovered Error

On Michelson-Morley (

The Undiscovered Error - The Michelson Morley Experiment (ezine article) (Mark Michael Fiorentino)

Outer Space

What is Space (

The Spatial Properties

The Spatial Properties (

Explanation of Force

What is Force (

Matter and Energy

Matter and Energy (

The Photon

The Photon (

What is a photon? (M.M. Fiorentino)

Problems with String Theory

Problems with String Theory (


Grand Unification (

The Cosmology of SR Theory

The Cosmology of SR Theory


Other Contents

15 Double Slit Experiment

16 The Photo-Electric Effect

17 Time Theory

18 Gravity and Inertia

19 The Experimental Verification of SR Theory

20 Empirical Evidence and References

21 History and Current Status


This specific encylopedia article is by no means finished yet. For specific articles on Super Relativity, please also visit the site-map


Most recent theoretical breakthroughs

However, this was first aligned to be able to comply with a Theory of Everything by computer scientist and philosopher Mark Michael Fiorentino as recently as 2006. He was a longtime software engineer, and an awarded trouble-shooter at IBM. He has also been a philosopher for more than 20 years. Where in other unsuccessful theories, a fifth dimension of curved space was envisioned, he stated that a dimension of twisted, inverted space does in fact exist. This theory also complies in it's simplicity to Occam's Razor.

Current Status

There is currently a great deal of resources being attributed to the concept, but there is still some work to be done. In particular on finalizing the mathematical analysis and in the experimental field. Although most, if not all, preliminary results do look very promising.

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