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PowerPedia:Quantum Ring Theory burnt in a Brazillian university

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When a new theory of Physics defies the prevailing dogmas of current theories, what is the reaction of the physicists?

::Well, they at once try to check the theory. And the first step is looking for fatal errors. These errors can be an internal incoherence of the theory, or incompatibility with some principle of Physics, or predictions in contrast with experimental results.

In the Middle Age they used to burn books that defied the current dogmas of that times, as happened with the Galileo's books.

Would be possible the same to occur in the present days?

Quantum Ring Theory causes furor in a Brazilian university

In the begginning of 2006, I started many discussions with some theorists in Foruns of Physics, in order to discuss the theoretical proposals of my Quantum Ring Theory1.

In general, when I in a talk by the internet I told to a theorist some proposals of QRT, the reaction was the following: he claimed that the theory is wrong, and that would be easy to prove it.

But I have noted an interesting thing. Earlier to know the proposals of QRT, the physicist cries out, claiming that it is easy to debunk the theory, because it is wrong, etc.

But when he reads the theory, he keeps silence. He gives up of debunking the theory, he does not accomplishes his promise of showing the errors of the theory. He just stops the discussion.

Let's see an interesting example, occurred in the Brazilian University Estadual of Rio de Janeiro- UERJ.

::Five months ago I had a discussion in a forum with some physicists of the UERJ university. After telling them some proposals of QRT, they claimed that I am crazy, and the theory is wrong, etc. Many of them claimed that they would debunk easily the theory.

::Then I proposed to send a copy of my book to the library of that university, with the following aim: they would read the book, and then we would start a discussion. By this way they will be able to debunk definitively the QRT, and the controversy will be over. And I will recognize that my theory is wrong.

::OK. I sent the book. However a teacher of the University took the book to himself, and he do not allow the students and pos-graduated physicists to read the book.

::So, the debate would not occur, because I even did not know who was the teacher that caught the book.

::Then I had an idea. I put two papers of mine available in the internet. They are ANOMALOUS MASS OF THE NEUTRON2, and the other one is NEW MODEL OF NEUTRON3 . That was the first time when I put two papers available in the internet (just with the aim of making viable a discussion on some proposals of QRT). So, by placing the two papers in the internet, the other physicists of the university UERJ would be able to read those two papers, and to point out the errors of them.

:::::That was a good chance they prove definitivelly that Quantum Ring Theory is wrong. And so I would recognize that the theory is wrong.

::Surprisingly, when I put the two papers in the internet, immediatelly all the physcists that cried out against QRT closed their mouth. I never hear a word of any of them for so long.

::If the proposals of the theory should be wrong, as they claimed earlier to read any paper of QRT, of course that they would point out the errors, and to destroy the theory definitively. However, no one of them said a word after to read the papers in the internet.

So, it would be difficult to find independent sources on the web, by two reasons:

:1- The physicists that opposers to QRT, after reading it they keep silence. They dont claim that the theory is wrong, however they dont recognize that the theory has intesting ideas, that merit to be tested in the universities. In general these physicists even cannot elogiate the theory, because they are afraid to be threatened by their colleges.

:2- The physicists that dont need to be afraid of retaliations (because they do not belong to academics community), when they read the book they find the ideas very interesting and intriguing, and they state that any serious physicist must read the book.

There is not honesty from the academic physicists that read QRT. That’s why there is so few independent sources supporting my argument.

Review on the book

Naveen, A Reviewer

WHOA!!...we have a breakthrough here!!! Hi I just came across this book 'Quantum Ring Theory' by Wladimir Guglinkski and found it quite exhilarating and thrilling. The thrill is in the way Quantum Theory is being treated in this book which is totally a new approach to physics. The proposed structure of the Neutron in terms of n=p+e, the ZOOM Effect, Helical trajectory, a completely new interpretation of DUALITY are some of the most original works of the author. I don't think I have seen any of the Modern Physicists as original as Wladimir. I must say that any serious physicist must go through this book and I would be glad if some of the universities come out with funds to perform certain experiments to establish Guglinski's Quantum Ring Theory. WLADIMIR.......HATS OFF MAN!!!!!!

Will they burn the book QRT in the UERJ university ?

The book Quantum Ring Theory caused furor when it was delivered to the library of the UERJ university by the postman in the morning of the day 9 August 2007. Students and pos-graduating physicists disputed to get a quick looking to the pages of the book, as told the librarian Miss Maria Luisa Lamy Savastano in the afternoon of that day, in a talk with the physicst Yves Eduardo Chifarelli in his Orkut’s scrapbook.

As said, the professor of Physics requested the book QRT, and after that nobody had access to its reading. That’s why I decided to open the debate with the physicists of the UERJ university by posting the two papers on the new model of neutron in the forum of the community FISICA, and invited my opponents to point out errors in the two papers, in order to bring down my theory as they promissed to to.

As everybody of the university UERJ run away from the dabate that we previously had agreed, then after two weeks along which nobody said a word, finally I decided to consider finished the forum, by posting the following words for the physicists of that university:

“I wonder if the book Quantum Ring Theory will be burnt in a bonfire by the physicists of the UERJ university, as happened with the books written by Copernicus and Galileo 400 years ago?


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